Sunday, April 21, 2024

Southlake Stingrays Summer Swim Team Registrations are Open

Stingrays 2013The City of Southlake Parks and Recreation offers summer swim opportunities through the Southlake Stingrays Swim Team. Cool off in the pool this summer and stay active by joining a swim team! The Southlake Stingrays Swim Team emphasizes fun and good sportsmanship while participating in competitive swimming.

If you are wondering if swimming is the sport for you or one of your family members, consider the following:

1)   It’s Great Aerobic Exercise – Competitive swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning, while building longer, leaner muscles that boost metabolism.  It’s the perfect activity to improve overall health.

2)   Perfect Cross-Training Activity for Athletes – Swimming gives your body a break from higher-impact activities like basketball, football and running.  By creating a balanced workout routine, athletes avoid injury and allow their body time to heal, while not forgoing daily training sessions.

3)   Improved Asthma Symptoms – Swimming, like many other aerobic exercises, increases your lung capacity; it forces your body to work overtime. Since water is more dense than air, your lungs need to work that much harder to supply enough oxygen to your blood, thus giving your lungs a good workout and decreasing asthma symptoms.

If you or someone in your family loves the water and  is ready to do more than splash around in the backyard pool, then the Stingrays Swim Team is tailored made for you.  Below are some important notes about the program:

1)   Practice and meet attendance is encouraged but is NOT mandatory.  So if you have a busy summer planned, do not let that deter you from having your swimmer participate in the program.  It is very flexible and there is no penalty for missed practices or meets.

2)  The Southlake Stingrays welcome all levels of swimmers, from ages 5 to adult. However,  swimmers do have to be able to swim at least 25 yards unassisted of freestyle and 25 yards unassisted of backstroke and should have completed basic learn-to-swim survival swim lessons.

3)      The team coaches have years of experience in competitive swimming and will tailor each practice to fit the needs of each swimmer level.  From the first-time competitive swimmer, to the serious high school swimmer, to the triathlete who wants to improve their strokes, we have the program for you.

The Southlake Stingrays program is perfect for the swimmer who wants to work hard and be successful but still have  fun!  Registration for the summer swim team season is currently underway.  Cost is $185 for first swimmer and $170 for each additional family member (family max: $675).  Practice-Only and Meet-Only registration is also available for ages 13 & Older for a discounted fee.

You can register online or at the Community Services office at 1400 Main St, Suite 210. For more information, about the Southlake Stingrays Program, please contact Lynne Anderson, Stingrays Swim Program Director, at, or visit page 30 of the  Southlake Scene brochure.