Sunday, December 3, 2023

Are You “Doo”ing the Right Thing When it Comes to Your Pet’s Waste

We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately, waste that is not picked up can end up in our rivers, lakes and streams. As a result, our community and our pets can come into contact with that waste, exposing us to harmful bacteria and parasites.

Doo the Right Thing is a campaign created by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) that serves to encourage and promote pet owners to dispose of pet waste accordingly. The campaign educates pet owners on why waste in our community is a problem and provides helpful ways to eliminate it.

Pet waste in Southlake is estimated to be around 2,625 Ibs per day. That amount of waste being produced each day is why taking the proper steps to eliminate it is so important! Not only does waste hold harmful bacteria and parasites, but it can also lead to long term damage like algae blooms and fish kills if carried into waterways after rain or sprinkler events. Lastly, waste is smelly and doesn’t add to curb appeal.

Every year, the NCTCOG puts on a calendar contest to promote Doo the Right Thing. The contest runs from May 1 – June 30 and all pet owners are encouraged to participate! All you have to do is take the pledge, submit your pet photo and Doo the Right Thing!

Although picking up pet waste may not be exciting, it is a quick fix to helping the environment. There are several ways to remove waste from your yard and community areas. One of the most convenient ways is to always keep doggie bags handy. If you find yourself in a pinch and don’t have doggie bags available, you can use produce, sandwich and grocery bags as an alternative. Once picked up, make sure the bag makes its way into the trash! In order to maintain a safe clean yard, a good rule to go by is to pick up your pet’s waste at least once a week and always before rain events. If you’re not in the business of picking up waste, some other good ideas are in-ground digesters or hiring a company that specializes in waste disposal in your area.

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