Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Spring Time & Severe Weather Debris Reminders

tree limb cropped

Need a special bulk pick up? Contact Republic Services at (817) 317-2424.

Spring time and last weekend’s storm has a lot of homeowners focusing on their trees.  The City would like to remind homeowners that Republic Services provides curbside collection of bulky waste during the regular residential collection at a rate of up to two (2) cubic yards per resident per collection.

Bundled brush in lengths of no more than four feet and no more than 50 pounds in weight can be picked up during the regular residential collection without additional charges.

In addition, Republic will collect up to twelve (12) cubic yards of un-bundled brush, rubbish, or limbs, per year for each residential customer on an on-call basis for no additional cost.

If you have more than 12 cubic yards of brush there are special requirements, please visit our FAQ section (scroll to Recycling & Trash) for more information.

For more information about the City’s trash and recycling programs, please visit www.CityofSouthlake.com/GarbageandRecycling.

Severe Weather Alert Warning Systems

southlake severe weatherWith severe weather season here, the Southlake Emergency Management team wanted to take a moment to remind citizens about the warning systems that are in place in the City of Southlake.

First of all, there are five outdoor warning sirens placed strategically throughout the City of Southlake. Sirens are tested at 1:00p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month, but only when the weather is calm and the skies are clear. Sirens are designed to notify anyone outside that inclement weather is upon us and that you should seek shelter and seek information immediately!

New to weather warnings this year is ‘Wireless Emergency Alerts.’ You may have received similar alerts for Amber Alerts, but they now include notifications for tornado and flood warnings. This federal program provides alerts based on information from the National Weather Service. Emergency Management Coordinator Ben Williamson says, “This is an excellent program that provides targeted warnings to you based on your current location according to your smart phone.” For more information on Wireless Emergency Alerts, please visit:  http://www.fema.gov/wireless-emergency-alerts

Connect CTY is the City’s reverse notification system. This system is capable of reaching all residents and businesses in the City if needed to provide warnings and instructions on what to do during and after an emergency. Please listen carefully when you receive a message from Connect CTY.

While all of these warning systems are designed to get you information and warnings as quickly as possible, we cannot stress enough the importance of personal preparedness. Make a plan for you and your loved ones that include contact information, meeting places, evacuation routes, etc. Then make a kit that has water, nonperishable food, and maps, contact lists, etc. For more information, the City’s Emergency Preparedness page on www.CityofSouthlake.com.

If you have any questions about emergency management please email or phone (817-748-8624) our Emergency Management Coordinator Ben Williamson and he will be happy to assist you.