Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pothole Repair Underway

Work to fix the cracks on E. Continental will continue

Work to fix the cracks on E. Continental will continue

Public Works Streets crews are hard at work to fix the damage to the roads caused by the last several months of extreme weather.

The first half of the year saw some major weather events in Southlake and the surrounding areas – four major ice storms, heavy down pours in the month of May, and high temperatures in the summer months.  These weather events, combined with the usual heavy traffic, make for a perfect combination for damaging of City streets.

In order to address the damages, the Public Works Street Division put together a comprehensive plan that identifies major thoroughfares in the City where potholes and/or cracking have begun to form on the roadways due to the weather conditions and heavy traffic volumes. This week the Public Works Streets Division kicked off the implementation of that plan, dubbed the “Pothole Repair Plan.”

The type of repairs made is based on the significance of the damage. For example, minor damage will be spot repaired. Areas with greater amounts of cracking and potholing will be stabilized and/or milled and overlayed in entire segments. The first area being repaired is Continental Boulevard, East of the Carroll roundabout. This section will be completed mid-next week.

Work will occur over the course of the next 3 months; with no work being performed near schools the first week of school (August 24). Future locations include: Pearson Lane, Shady Oaks, N. White Chapel, N. Carroll Avenue, and Royal Oaks.

This work is critical to maintain mobility and pavement integrity, as well as continuing to ensure the safety of the traveling public.

For questions, please contact Public Works Operations at 817-748-8079.