Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Carroll Medical Academy Seeks Clinical Internships

The Carroll Medical Academy is in the market for a select few medical professionals to provide internship opportunities for CMA senior students for the spring semester.

These internships are an integral component of the required BioTechnology class, and the internship is an incredible opportunity for students to observe and learn in a professional medical environment. Students are HIPPA certified, TB tested and typically on-site for approximately 2 to 3 hours per week. Schedule modifications are possible with some students.

If you are a medical professional and are interested in sponsoring one or more of our Carroll Medical Academy seniors for an internship, please contact our Internship Chair Dawn Schindler at dawnschind@msn.com or Mrs. Sherry Martin, our CMA Director at sherry.martin@southlakecarroll.edu for more details on program dates, requirements and specifics. Past internships have been widely varied and have included office visits for many specialties (from pediatric to veterinarian), surgical viewings, and paramedic ride-alongs.

The Carroll Medical Academy is an academic program that provides exceptional students who have an interest in entering a medical, dental, veterinary or research-based field with a challenging Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum beginning the freshman year of high school. Click here to visit the CMA website and learn more about the program, internships and how to get involved.

Unity Project Coming to Carroll ISD

Mark your calendar for several upcoming events in Carroll ISD scheduled for the week of November 18-21.

The first event is a general meeting open to the community to discuss The Unity Project- a student-directed and run club in CISD in which the students work together to identify and make changes in their school. Meeting attendees will also have the opportunity to meet Dr. John Woodall, creator of the Unity Project. This meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Carroll High School lecture hall. This event is open to all community members, parents, teachers and students.

On Tuesday, Nov. 19 Dr. Woodall will host meetings at Carroll Senior High School and Carroll Middle School. The CHS meeting from 10- 11 a.m. includes members of Teen Leadership class. An afternoon meeting at CMS from 4-4:45 is open to all Carroll Middle and Dawson Middle School students to talk about the Unity Project and how they can be a part of this effort.

Students at Carroll High School who are interested in getting involved in the Unity Project will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Woodall on Wednesday, Nov. 20. There will be a discussion from 11:34 a.m.- 1:39 p.m. in the CHS Lecture Hall to talk about stress and the specifics of the Unity Project. Eubanks Intermediate and Dawson Middle School students are invited to attend an afternoon session with Dr. Woodall from 4- 4:45 p.m. in the EIS cafeteria.

Parents are invited to a morning meeting with Dr. Woodall at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 21 in the Carroll High School Lecture Hall. Parents interested in being on the Unity Board for each school, including EIS, DIS, CMS, DMS, CHS and CSHS are encouraged to attend. Coffee will be provided. Later in the afternoon, Dr. Woodall will host a series of additional Unity Project meetings at CSHS library starting at 1 p.m. for Executive Council students, at the DIS cafeteria from 4-4:45 p.m. for DIS students who want to learn about the Unity Project. A core group of interested CHS and CSHS students who are interested about getting started with the Unity Project are invited to attend an evening meeting from 6-7 p.m. in the CHS Lecture Hall.

For more information about The Unity Project, visit their Facebook page or click here to view/ download the flyer.



Carroll ISD PTO Announces Scholarship Winners

(L-R) Jennifer Hall, Jenna Lehto

The Carroll High School and Senior High School PTO recently awarded their annual faculty and student scholarships.

The $1000 faculty scholarship winners were announced Wednesday, May 8 at the PTO teacher luncheon.  The winners were Mr. Paul Pinson and Ms. Nicole Gilley. Students Jennifer Hall and Jenna Lehto were announced as the 2013 PTO Student Scholarship winners at the Senior Awards on Tuesday, May 21. In the fall,  Ms. Hall will attend The University of Texas at Austin and Ms. Lehto will attend the University of Arkansas.

"Dragons Read" Posters to be Exhibited Next School Year

Carroll ISD’s academic theme for the 2012-13 school year “Once Upon a Dragon”, has prompted plenty of fun and unique literacy projects. Students at Carroll Senior High School also embraced the theme, coming up with a creative way to foster reading among all Dragons.

CSHS students in digital interactive media classes, under the direction of instructor, Sharolyn Overby, and librarian, Sarah Chase, recently produced posters as part of the Dragons Read program. The posters were created to encourage reading and to continue to highlight the role of books in our technological society.

The posters captured both student and adult role models reading their favorite books. The class utilized digital photography and editing to design the posters. Initially, the posters were hung in the classroom, but will be exhibited throughout the school next fall.

For more stories about CISD’s “Once Upon a Dragon” theme, visit the Library Services webpage on www.SouthlakeCarroll.edu, or click here.

Below is a photo slideshow of the posters and the students who made them.

Once Upon A Time, Carroll Students Found Some New Books…

Exciting changes have been taking place around Carroll ISD neighborhoods this year. Students are begging for later bedtimes, smuggling flashlights into their rooms at night, and asking to hang out at Town Square more often.  The impetus for these behaviors is different than you may think.  Bedtimes have been postponed due to kids begging to be able to read to the end of their chapter, flashlights have been traveling into bedrooms to enable sneaky children to read their books under the covers after the lights go out, and hanging out at Town Square is actually a way to shop for books at the Southlake Public Library or Barnes and Noble on the weekends.

A focus on literacy has been the theme for Carroll ISD this year with the “Once Upon A Dragon” program that has led to numerous literacy-promoting initiatives throughout the district.  These new reading behaviors have become much more prevalent in our town as the result of differences taking place in English Language Arts classrooms and around all of the school buildings in the district.

For several years, Carroll teachers in grades K-4 have been creating rich learning environments for reading and writing workshop instruction with their students.  During the past two years, students in grades 5-12 have started experiencing similar forms of workshop instruction as well. Teachers are keeping the strong aspects of the curriculum that have been a part of their successful ELA classrooms in the past and adding in programs that teach students not only to be able to read, but to LOVE to read.

Strong reading skills are critical for student success beyond their years in Carroll ISD.  Regardless of which career path students choose, being a fluent, comprehending reader can help to ensure success.  In order for fluency and reading skills to develop, students must spend significant time practicing the activity. For this reason, many secondary ELA classrooms are encouraging (and in some cases requiring) much more “choice” reading by students outside of the class day. It is important for Carroll graduates to see reading as a viable, desirable form of entertainment. Teachers have been describing numerous examples of students who have reported avoiding all reading in recent years, but due to the renewed focus on reading for pleasure in their English Language Arts classrooms, they are returning to reading and are pleasantly surprised by how much they are enjoying the new hobby.

The benefits of reading extend beyond success in ELA classrooms.  Research has shown strong links between the number of pages students read and their vocabulary development.  Students with well developed vocabularies and reading skills perform more successfully on the SAT, ACT, AP, and STAAR tests. These skills also translate into other content area classrooms.  Carroll social studies, science, and mathematics teachers are also seeing the benefits of the “cool” culture of reading that students are starting to create.  Historical fiction, biographies, and non-fiction texts provide students with insights and background knowledge that can help them succeed in all subjects.

The Once Upon A Dragon theme has spawned countless ideas and connections to literacy across the district.  Some of these include:

  • 40 book challenge initiatives for reading in some ELA classrooms
  • A “friendly” competition for number of books read between the freshman and sophomore classes at CHS
  • Dr. Faltys encouraging reading with our community’s pre-schoolers at the Southlake Public Library
  • The participation of hundreds of district employees in a book donation drive coinciding with Convocation last August
  • Teachers attending professional development and joining “book clubs” to learn new ways to encourage both a love of reading and strong reading skills
  • Librarians creating “speed dating with books” activities and other innovative ways to connect students to books
  • Teachers providing daily/weekly blocks of time for all class members to read any book of their choice
  • The recent addition of “What I’m Reading Now…” signs outside of classrooms and offices around the district

The effects have been significant.  Libraries have seen circulation numbers increase by as much as 60% over last year. Students can be seen tucked away in nooks of campuses reading books during down time. Teachers and administrators are observing a fresh enthusiasm for reading and writing across their campuses. So, the next time your child asks where the flashlight is, please smile and hand it to them.  In fact, grab a book and snuggle up with them.  You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.