Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Applications are Now Open for Summer Camp Mania Volunteer Counselors!

The Spring semester is heating up, and summer may feel far away with various competitions, AP tests, and finals left to tackle; however, it’s never too early to solidify your summer plans!

If you are a hard-working high school student looking to gain valuable recreation experience while earning volunteer hours, apply to be a Summer Camp Mania Volunteer Counselor! Summer Camp Mania is Southlake’s premier day camp that provides world-class experiences to our campers in a fun, safe, and structured environment.

We are looking for various Volunteer Counselors to help us administer this year’s camp, run fun games and crafts, and be a helping hand to Camp Staff. Volunteering at Camp Mania is a competitive and prestigious city volunteer opportunity that allows volunteers to earn up to 80 hours of volunteer service! Volunteering at Camp Mania is the ideal way to knock out that 100-hour volunteer requirement while having a great time and helping create life-long memories for our campers.

Ready to solidify your summer plans and join our world-class Programs team? Here are the criteria to become our next Summer Camp Mania Volunteer:

  • Be a part of Volunteer Southlake (Register Here)
  • Submit the Parental Consent Form (under 17) OR
  • Pass a Background Check (17 years old and older)
  • Be at LEAST 15 years old
  • Have prior volunteer experience
  • Commit to working a full week of camp (M-F, 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM)
  • Be a good role model, have high moral values, an outgoing personality, strong leadership ability, and experience working with children
  • Available to attend the mandatory volunteer training dates (Thursday, June 1, from 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM, or Friday, June 2, from 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM)

Don’t wait to apply for this opportunity! Learn more about it here and apply by April 30, 2023!

Questions? Reach out to Programs Supervisor Sabrina Pettrow.

That’s A Wrap on Summer Camp Mania 2022

The kids are back in school, but it wasn’t long ago that they were living their best lives at Summer Camp Mania!

Summer Camp Mania 2022 is officially in the books, but we wanted to take the time to showcase some of the highlights from the summer. With nine weeks of structured programming, Camp Mania returned with a bang this year.

Throughout the summer, we had 873 enthusiastic campers enrolled. These campers enjoyed a fantastic summer filled with incredible field trips, fun guest performances, friendly competitions, and much more!

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s highlights:

  • 9 Field trips including Medieval Times, Hawaiian Falls, Crayola Experience, and Alley Cats Hurst
  • Movie Mondays featuring beloved Disney films
  • Swim days every Friday at Champions Club with pizza and a shaved ice treat!
  • Weekly inflatables
  • Flag Football and Dodgeball competitions
  • Moana Hula performance
  • Petting Zoo!
  • Creature Teacher
  • A magician who made a kid float in mid-air!
  • Craft time to make magic potions, homemade play dough, slime, tie-dye shirts, and dot painting
  • Epic water gun and balloon fights with the staff
  • Over 900 hours of volunteer service from Junior Camp Counselors

Putting together a structured day camp that is both fun, educational, and unique is no easy feat; however, our Programs team rose to the challenge. Take a look at what some satisfied parents had to say:

“Very happy, my kids loved this camp! We’re new to the area so tried several out and they want to do this most of the summer next year. Convenient, reasonably priced and so fun. Thank you!”

“Staff was great and kids had a lot of fun. Much needed time during the day.”

Kids are happy. Variety of activities is nice, and excellent value for the money.”

“Amazing staff and such awesome activities and field trips!!!! I wish I had signed up for more than just one week this year!!!”

“My son had so much fun! Thanks for making his experience amazing!”

“My girls always have a blast!! Fun activities and really cool field trips!”

This summer will be one to remember. Not only did participants make friendships and life-long memories, but our staff developed professionally with each passing week. We can’t wait to go back to the drawing board and start planning an even better summer experience for next year.

If you can’t wait another year to return to Camp Mania, sign up for one of our upcoming Day Break or Holiday Break Camp Mania opportunities!


A Day in the Life at Camp Mania

Summer Camp Mania is the place to be if you’re a kid spending your summer in Southlake!

Camp is well-underway, and the kiddos are having a great time. Since parents don’t get the opportunity to shadow their kiddos during the day, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to share the incredible schedules our campers enjoy! No two days are alike, and every week has a unique theme to set the tone for the activities we do.

A Day in the Life of a Camp Mania Camper:

7:30- 9:00 AM

Campers wake up bright and early to make it on time for the first activity. Structured activities begin at 9:00 AM, but parents can start dropping off their kiddos starting at 8:30 AM. This is a time for free play and socialization!

9:00- 9:30 AM 

Welcome to the Opening Ceremony. This is the perfect time to orient campers and prepare them for the day ahead! It wouldn’t be camp without singing some camp songs, reciting the camp creed, and going over the expectations for the day.

9:30- 10:00 AM

Time for a quick huddle/ ice breaker game! Camp favorites include the Human Knot, Freeze Dance, and Telephone!

10:00- 11:00 AM

Fun in the sun! It’s time for some outdoor playtime! Depending on the day we could be playing games or cooling off with waterslides!

11:00 -12:00 PM

Lunch! Time to take a break from all the activity and enjoy a delicious home-packed lunch! This is also the best time to talk with friends.

12:00- 1:00 PM

Time to hit the gym! This is the time of day to work on team building and friendly competition with crowd-favorites like volleyball and Powerball. On Fridays, we enjoy splashing in the water at the Champions Club Aquatics Center.

1:00- 2:00 PM

Time to get creative! During this hour, Campers break up into their groups to enjoy a fun craft or STEM activity. The highlight is always taking these crafts home to share with mom and dad!

2:00- 2:30 PM

Snack Time! All that playing and creating sure works up an appetite. Snack time is always a welcome break in a day full of fun.

2:30- 4:00 PM

Time for more incredible activities! Each day is different, but there is something for everyone! On Monday’s we watch movies, Tuesdays we have inflatables, Wednesdays are field trip days, Thursdays we have guest performances, and Fridays end the week with delicious Kona Ice!

4:00-4:30 PM 

Camper Choice. After a busy day of scheduled activities, campers get to decide how to spend their final 30 minutes.

4:30- 5:30

Check- Out. Time to say goodbye to our friends and Camp Counselors and get ready to do it all over again!

Every day is an adventure at Camp Mania!

Meet Jason: Programs Coordinator

There’s no shortage of innovative program opportunities in Southlake. Our recreation staff takes pride in providing world-class opportunities for Southlake residents to enjoy from our beloved Camp Mania, Club Metro, to PLAY in the Park!

No one is more prepared for the process of program ideation and execution than our excellent Program Coordinators. Jason Ellison is the newest face to join the Programs Team, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board. Jason has a passion for sports and recreation. He understands that giving back to the community is truly a life-long calling.

Here’s what you should know about our new Programs Coordinator:

What is your professional background?
Hello, my name is Jason Ellison. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, and I moved to Texas in 2018 to study Recreation, Event, and Sports Management at the University of North Texas. I started working as a Site Director for the YMCA in 2019, where I learned I loved working with kids, whether it was in sports, camps, or after-school care.

What do you love most about Programs/ Parks and Recreation?
Honestly, I don’t know what’s not to love! Parks and Recreation is everything to me because I was in foster care when I was one to seven years old. Participating in programs and athletics kept me going. The reach and impact Parks and Recreation professionals have is outstanding. It can be the thing that holds communities together.

What are you most excited about for your new position?
I’m very excited about creating a new and higher standard of excellence for our programs than what was set by my predecessors, which is no small task! Southlake takes pride in delivering the best services possible and providing world-class experiences. I’m excited to help achieve that goal.

What is something people should know about you?
I love connecting with people, learning about them, and creating friendships!

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time, I love watching sports, especially football and track. I also love DJing and Cooking. I’m known as the grill master! I also am a gamer, so add me if anybody has a PS5!

What can participants look forward to for future programs?
I would definitely say to lookout for new and innovative programs. The recreation and sports worlds are changing, and we have to find a way to bridge the gaps so our younger generation can learn and grow.

Welcome to the team, Jason! We know you’ll do an incredible job! Look out for Jason at Summer Camp Mania and say hi!


Apply to be a Camp Mania Volunteer Counselor!

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning for our premier recreational program, Summer Camp Mania!

We are looking for various Volunteer Counselors to help us make this year’s camp the best one ever. Do you know a world-class volunteer looking to enhance their resume, gain real-world experience, and create life-long memories for our Camp Mania participants? We’re currently recruiting responsible, creative, and outgoing volunteers!

This is an incredible opportunity for those who love working with kids to earn between 40-80 hours of volunteer service. Sound like the dream gig? Check our criteria to see if we are a perfect match!

  • Be a part of Volunteer Southlake (Register here)
  • Pass a Background Check (17+) and/or submit the Parental Consent Form (under 17)
  • Complete the  Camp Mania Volunteer Counselor Application by May 15, 2022
  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Have prior volunteer experience
  • Commit to working a full week of camp (M-F, 8:30 am-4:30 pm)
  • Volunteers are limited to two full weeks of service
  • Be a good role model, have high moral values, an outgoing personality, strong leadership ability, and experience working with children
  • Available to attend the mandatory volunteer training (dates TBD)

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Spread the word and help us find the best group of Volunteer Counselors. You can learn more about volunteering for Camp Mania here!

The 2018 Southlake Scene Summer Issue Is Live!

Whether you’re looking for summer athletics, cool new classes or exciting camps for kids, the Southlake Scene is your family’s guide to summer fun.

Grab your calendar and get ready for summer—the 2018 Southlake Scene summer issue is live! In addition to our popular returning camps, programs and events, this issue has some exciting new additions that you won’t want to miss out on. Here are just a few highlights of the cool activities we’re offering to keep you and your family entertained all summer long:

Summer Youth Camp Highlights

  • Summer Camp Mania & Teen Scene
  • Video Game Game Design & Minecraft Camps
  • Robotics, Lego & Hands-On Science Camps
  • Wild About Weather Camp – NEW!
  • Southlake Spy Academy (Southlake Library’s Summer Reading Program)
  • Natural Discovery Camps at Bob Jones Nature Center

Summer Athletics Highlights

  • 3v3 Coast to Coast Basketball League Powered by Under Armour
  • Youth Volleyball & Basketball Leagues (Teams & Individuals)
  • Basketball & Volleyball Camps for All Ages & Skill Levels
  • Soccer Camps & Programs for Ages 3-10
  • Jiu Jitsu (Ages 5-18)

Summer Adult Program Highlights

  • College Financial Planning
  • Mother & Daughter Self-Defense
  • Group Fitness Classes

Free Summer Events

Plus so much more! Be sure to check out the summer issue of the Southlake Scene for more ways to make the most of your summer.

You can register for classes online or in-person at the Community Services Office at 1400 Main Street, Suite 210. For more information, please call 817-748-8019.

Summer Registration for Southlake Parks and Recreation Opens April 3rd!

Summer is almost here! That means it’s time to start registering for all the great things Southlake Parks and Recreation has planned. In preparation for the opening of The Marq Southlake Champions Club in summer of 2018, Parks and Recreation is changing registration software.

The new software, CSI, will go live Monday, April 3 at 8:00am when summer registration opens. Registration will also be available in-person at Southlake Town Hall in Training Room 3C. City staff will be standing by to assist customers in creating an account in CSI and registering for their favorite summer programs. Take a sneak peek at all the exciting summer activities in the Summer 2017 Southlake Scene.

When participants go to register for programs on April 3rd they will notice the website looks a little different. Now, instead of having to search for an activity, you will be able to select a category to begin the search process.

One important transition note to keep in mind: All users will have to create a new account. Account information will NOT carry over from Active Network.

What does this mean for me?

Before actually registering for a program, you will be prompted to create a new account. Because CSI will also be used once Champions Club is fully operational, it will look like you are registering for a membership. Don’t worry, when you are asked to select your membership type, simply select the “Patron” membership and Parks and Recreation as the site. This will allow you to register as you normally would.

You will need to create your new account before you are able to register for summer programs like Camp Mania or Basketball, to name a few. Parents, when you are completing the account registration, be sure to list yourself as the “main member” on the account. Other family members, like spouses and children, will become “sub-members” on the account.

We understand change can sometime be confusing. We’re here to help! You can view the step-by-step instructions to help you set up you new CSI account or you can call us at (817) 748-8019.Southlake Parks and Rec CSI Transition 2016

Summer Camp Mania registration opens April 1

Looking for a fun and active way for your kids to spend the summer? Summer Camp Mania is the place to be! Campers will be encouraged to learn new things, meet new friends and gain new experiences in this safe and friendly environment.

Registration for Summer Camp Mania will open on Friday, April 1. Register online or in person at the Community Services office. Online registration will end the Friday before each camp session at 3:00 PM. In person registration will end at 10:00 AM in Town Hall the first day of camp. No registration will be accepted at the camp location.

For more information on Summer Camp Mania and other programs and events, please contact Southlake Parks and Recreation at (817) 748-8019 or visit