Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Police Advisory: Suspicious Man and Vehicle

The Southlake Police department was notified Friday, January 8thabout an incident involving school children that occurred the previous day. Officers responded to the 100 block of Belmont Place Circle to gather information from a Southlake parent.

The parent reported that a man in a car approached several school children near the cul-de-sac as they exited their school bus Thursday afternoon around 3:00 p.m. The children told the parent that the man said something about “My Little Pony” toys. One child began to walk towards the vehicle but was quickly stopped by her brother.

The children began to walk in the opposite direction when the male reportedly said, “You better watch out” and then drove away.

The driver is described as an older, thin male with white hair and a beard. The vehicle is described as a blue passenger car or SUV, possibly a Ford.

Southlake Police Officers continue to monitor the area. Residents are urged to call police if this suspicious man and vehicle are seen in our community. They can call *911 or the non-emergency number (817) 743-4522.

UPDATED: Southlake Police Alert – Police looking into report of suspicious male

UPDATE 2/28 10:40 a.m.
Southlake police officers continue to patrol the area where a student says he was approached by a man in white Ford pickup truck while on his way to Durham Intermediate School Wednesday morning. The student reported that the man asked him to get into his truck. The student said, “No,” immediately leaving the area and reporting it to the School Resource Officer and CISD.

Officers began patrolling all area schools early this morning as the investigation continues into the incident. Our staff police forensic artist met with the student to develop a composite sketch of the man driving the truck. The driver is described as a white male in his mid-50’s, glasses, a light blue ball cap and a grey zip-up jacket. There is no height/weight description to add as the driver was seated in his vehicle.

If you recognize this individual please contact the Southlake Police Department’s CID at 817-748-8341 or Tarrant County Crimestoppers at 817-469 TIPS (8477).



City of Southlake Police are looking into a report from a Durham Intermediate student who was approached by an unknown male as the student was riding his bike to school this morning. The incident occurred in the area of Durham Intermediate School.  The student reported the incident to the School Resource Officer and police began an immediate investigation.

The vehicle is described as a white Ford pickup truck with tinted windows and no other distinguishing marks. The driver is described as a male in his mid-50’s, glasses, a light-blue ball cap and a grey zip-up jacket. The driver asked the student if he wanted to get into his pickup. The student said, “No,” and continued on to school.

Again, police are investigating and will provide updates as necessary.