Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Finding Esme Author to Visit Southlake Library

Kids can meet author Suzanne Crowley when she visits the Library to talk about her new kids’ book, Finding Esme.

Do you want to meet an excellently fun author? Even better, how about crafting with her and having some yummy snacks? Local Southlake author, Suzanne Crowley, released her latest book, Finding Esme, in August and she’s coming to the Library on October 8 at 2 p.m. to talk about her book and being a writer. Kids who attend will also receive a free copy of Finding Esme. How cool is that?

This program is open for registration for kids ages 8-12 years. You can register online now and be sure to save your seat. Register now.

More about Finding Esme:

After her grandfather died from a heart attack while driving his tractor on Solace Hill, twelve-year-old Esme’s been inextricably drawn to that spot, although her grandmother warns her to stay away. But when she follows her little brother, Bo, and her dog, Old Jack, up the hill while chasing fireflies, she makes an incredible discovery—dinosaur bones peeking out from underneath the abandoned tractor.

The bones must be a message from her grandfather, a connection from beyond the grave. But when word gets out that the farm is hiding something valuable, reporters, researchers, and neighbors arrive in droves. Esme struggles to understand who has her best interests at heart, especially as the memory of her grandfather begins to slip away.