Monday, November 29, 2021

Tarrant County Public Health Department Restaurant Scores

Restaurants in Southlake will be the first in Tarrant County to receive 4”X 5” signs at or near the front door for customers who want to know food inspection scores for that establishment.

This is the result of a new program put in place by the Tarrant County Public Health Department with the goal of promoting food inspection ratings for Tarrant County restaurants.

The signs will display a QR code linked to the Tarrant County Health Department database, and will be installed during regularly scheduled inspections starting in the month of June. Information about new restaurants will be entered on an ongoing basis.

Also available to restaurant patrons is the ability to search for the scores of restaurants in Tarrant County through the Food Inspection Scores Database. After searching for a particular restaurant, clicking “details” will provide information on specific violations at the establishment.

For more information about food inspection scoring and how a particular business receives a demerit, visit the Tarrant County Food Inspection Scoring webpage by clicking here. If you have questions about Tarrant County Public Health, please visit their webpage.