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Carroll ISD Plans Deployment of Secondary Student Devices

In May 2017, a $208 million bond program was approved by voters living in Carroll ISD. The technology portion of the bond included providing a device to students so that each has a chance to explore new learning methods and personalize their educational experience. Carroll ISD’s goal is to encourage students to be innovative and think creatively.

Beginning in August, students in grades 7-12 can pick up their computer at their campus. CISD students in grade 7-12 will receive a Dell 3380 laptop computer. The laptop has been specifically configured to meet the instructional needs of secondary student’s classes and will include internet filtering for use both at school and home. The students will also receive a charging cable and a protective sleeve for storing their laptop.

The Carroll ISD Technology Department will be on your child’s campus holding device pick-up meeting and distributing the student devices. Students in grades 7-10 must have a parent or guardian present to pick up a device. Device Pick-up meetings will be held one day for each grade level at each campus (see table below).

Date Time(s) Location Grade Level
August 13 1-3 or 5-7 pm CSH Seniors
August 14 1-3 or 5-7 pm CSH Juniors
August 15 1-3 or 5-7 pm CHS Sophomores
August 16 1-3 or 5-7 pm CHS Freshmen
August 27 5-7 pm DMS 7th Grade
August 28 5-7 pm DMS 8th Grade
August 30 5-7 pm CMS 8th Grade
September 5 5-7 pm CMS 7th Grade


Before a student can be issued their device the parents and students must sign the Acceptable Use Policy, sign the Student Device Agreement, complete a Parent Orientation and pay the $45 annual device fee (free to those who qualify for free and reduced lunches). These different steps can be completed online through the Annual Student Verification process or completed in person at the student’s campus device pick-up meeting. Those who are able to complete the previously mentioned items online prior to their campus meeting will be able to skip several stations and advance to the device station with a fast pass. Those who have not completed online enrollment should plan for the device deployment process to take a little longer.

The Carroll ISD Technology Department will have staff on hand at each of the campus meetings to assist the students with questions pertaining to their new device. Students will have the opportunity to work with technicians to troubleshoot any issues that may come up.


For more information on the Digital Dragons Program and the device rollout plan, visit

Southlake STEAM Summer Camps

The City of Southlake Parks and Recreation is offering a variety of youth summer camps that focus on the concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. These hands-on, project-based camps are geared to intrigue and fire up the curiosity of kids ages 5-14.

Everything Chocolate (Ages 6-12): In this class, you will become skilled in making and decoration chocolates. You will create and decorate filled chocolates, dipped chocolates and dropped chocolates. You will create edible art pieces, including peanut butter cups, coconut haystacks, peanut drops, chocolate sculptures, flavored chocolates, bon bons, petit fours and much, much more.

Fashion Diva (Ages 6-12): Are you a fashion diva?  Then this is the class for you!  Projects include glitzy flower hair clips, bottle cap necklaces, bead-embellished scarves, tie-dye bandanna and a jewelry box

Adventures in Art Camp (Ages 6-13): In this four day workshop, young artists learn to create eight masterpieces using five different painting mediums; oil pastels, watercolor, heavy acrylic, light acrylic and charcoal. All while learning fine art principles and color theory. Subjects include land and seascapes, still life’s, florals and animals. All supplies furnished. Wear an old t-shirt and bring paper towels and a snack.

Jedi Engineering Using LEGO (Ages 5-7): The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects such as LEGO® X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

JediMaster Engineering with LEGO (Ages 8-12): The Force Awakens in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi! Discover key engineering concepts such as gear trains, worm drives, pneumatics and eccentric motion. Build LEGO XWings, AT-AT walkers, Pod Racers, Star Destroyers, Cloud Cities, Settlements, Fortresses and other complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away.

Minecraft Engineering with LEGO (Ages 5-7): Bring Minecraft to life using tens of thousands of LEGO®! Build engineer-designed projects such as a motorized Creeper, a portal to the Nether and a moving Minecraft! Create your favorite Minecraft objects with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. Whether you are new to Minecraft and LEGO or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be hooked on the endless creative possibilities.

Minecraft Master Engineering with LEGO (Ages 8-12): Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO®! Build a motorized walking Creeper, a terrifying Ghast, and a motorized Minecraft! This project-based camp, designed by Play-Well instructors, combines the basic format of our core engineering-themed programs based on the world of Minecraft. Students will explore real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture while building their favorite Minecraft objects. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO.

Video Game Design (Ages 8-14): Love video games? Learn how to make your very own and play it on your own PC! From designing levels and creating characters to programming movements and control, learn the entire process of making your very own custom game!

Minecraft Architects (Ages 8-14): Spark creative thinking, develop spatial visualization skills and improve math proficiency. Work with a group to create building structures to meet specific guidelines. Defeat the challenges of limited resources, time limits and environmental features. Discover drawing blueprints and then transform the sketch in Minecraft.

Video Game Producer (Ages 6-9): Video Game Producer is an introductory course that lets you design your very own game and then make a video discussing it. Students will learn how to code a premade game while learning level design. Afterward, students make a short video on why others should play their game. Students will take their games with them and can share their video through 8Bit’s YouTube Channel.

Minecraft Redstone Wiring (Ages 8-14): Learn how to create unique creations inside the Minecraft world. Discover how to use Redstone to wire your creation and bring it to life. Students will learn how to make Automated Train Stations, Elevators and more!

Lego Animation (Ages 8-14): In Lego Animation, you create your very own Stop and Go Animation. Build the sets, create the voice overs and edit stills to bring the movie to life. Afterward, view and share your video through 8Bit’s YouTube Channel.

Movie Magic (Ages 8-14): Lights, Camera, Action! Gain valuable tips, pro tricks and interpersonal skills while you make your own short film. Learn a variety of script writing, filming, acting, and directing techniques. Afterward, view and share your video through 8Bit’s YouTube Channel.

Chess Wizards Camp (Ages 5-8): Join us this summer for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games and cool prizes. You’ll improve your chess skills, meet new friends and work out your most powerful muscle – your brain! Our camps include fun team chess play games, recess time, snacks, tournaments and puzzles. Each camper receives a t-shirt, a trophy and puzzle folder.  Unleash your brain power and spend part of your vacation with Chess Wizards!

If you are interested in signing your child up for any of these programs, you can register online or at the Parks and Recreation office located at 1400 Main St, Suite 210.

For more information please contact (817) 748-8019 or visit

Carroll to soar upward in 2014

Carroll ISD Superintendent Dr. David Faltys. Photo credit: Star-Telegram Ian McVea

Southlake — When David Faltys talks about 2014 he exudes confidence.

From where the Carroll Independent School District superintendent is sitting the district is heading in a positive direction.

“It just seems like our team has gotten more cohesive, our goals have gotten more clear and everything that we’ve seen, our needle is pointing up,” he said. “I don’t see any reason not to improve in every area.”

The district is coming off marquee academic success shown by the highest number of national merit scholars the district has ever seen as well as increased participation and scoring in Advanced Placement classes and exams.

To route the expected upward trend, the district will spend most of 2014 developing a strategic plan that will guide the district with a vision to 2020.

Faltys said the district regularly studies issues, but the strategic plan will be one of the most comprehensive and will set the district’s goals and values.

“This will be the most formal approach that we’ve had in several years,” he said.

A committee composed of 60 percent district staff and 40 percent community members will lead the process.

“Were incredibly excited for the opportunity with the strategic plan,” Faltys said. “We want to make sure we are moving in the same direction that our community wants us to move in.”

Faltys talks excitedly about the use of technology in the classroom.

He said the first step was laying the infrastructure with obtaining district’s own fiber network for Internet usage, and putting teaching technology in every class and creating policies for students to be able to use their own devices like tablets and smart phones in the classroom.

He said now that the infrastructure is in place teachers can better engage with their students.

“What was interesting was we had teachers who wanted kids to bring their phones, those innovative teachers were doing cool things with the door closed.”

At the start of this academic year, the district opened enrollment to Southlake residents who lived in Keller Independent School District. Carroll saw a 50-student gain from those transfers and saw an overall improvement in enrollment.

Faltys said enrollment is better than the past three or four years and is slowly increasing. The district has just under 7,800 students and Faltys said the district has the facilities to support roughly that number. He added that the district may do a demographic look in the spring to get more information about expected enrollment.

One of the challenges this upcoming year is the state’s passing of House Bill 5, which would gives the district the opportunity to reshape student assessment.

Faltys calls the bill a game changer, but districts are being tasked with creating plans without state rules in place.

“House Bill 5 is going to be a challenge,” he said “We have to build our own evaluation system by May, June, but the rules have not been set yet.”

Another challenge Faltys sees for the district is financing. As Texas school districts are in a lawsuit with the state over cut funding, the district is looking for ways to deliver quality education with less money in the coffers.

The superintendent says a challenge is establishing the best practices districtwide with less funding, but added that the district will always overcome these challenges.

“It’s just such a phenomenal district and it’s because of not only because of the staff, but the community and our kids,” Faltys said. “The kids that come to us are just amazing.”

Dustin L. Dangli, 817-390-7770 Twitter: @dustindangli