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Miracle League of Southlake: The Game Where Everyone is a Winner

This weekend, a brisk streak of wind may have made its way through Bicentennial Park, but it did not stop the Miracle League of Southlake’s (MLS) athletes from playing a good baseball game.

Parents, teammates, and coaches all gathered at the Texas Rangers Miracle Field on Saturday, April 23, to support their families and friends for an MLS spring season game.

This community event allows parents and players within the area to fan out over their kids with the option to enjoy concessions in a safe environment.

The MLS is an organization that provides physically and mentally challenged kids opportunities to play a baseball game with a focus on learning good sportsmanship, commitment, and teamwork in an accessible environment.

This partnership dates back to 2013, when the City of Southlake, the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation, and the Miracle League of Southlake Organization came together and broke ground for the Texas Rangers Miracle League Field in Bicentennial Park.

Unlike traditional baseball fields, the Texas Rangers Miracle League Field was designed with the needs of individuals with special needs in mind.

Instead of dirt, the field is made of synthetic field turf for durability, safety, and performance. In addition, the playing areas are designed to eliminate barriers for players with special needs.

The organization also opens up the opportunity for kids to mix and mingle with other players, like MLS team member Haley Cruson.  When asked what is her favorite part of the games, she said, “Having fun with my friends.”

For kids like Matthew Clements, it’s all about the game, “The most thing that I loved about Miracle League Baseball is I love hitting baseballs out of the field because it’s a home run,” Clements said.

The MLS program also offers volunteer opportunities for coaches, assistant coaches, game announcers, parent helpers, and hands-on assistance for the MLS’s younger athletes, by assigning them a Buddy.

Buddies accompany younger players on and off the field during a baseball game. They assist them with hitting the ball, traveling to the bases, and quality time if needed.

Their efforts and hard work allow parents more time to cheer from the stands while their kids enjoy a day on the field so that little players like Alex Zubillaga can have fun.

His mother is in full support of the program and looks forward to the games, “It’s an awesome program, the kids love it, the parents love it; we enjoy spending our Saturday mornings out at the ballpark,” Mrs. Zubillaga said.


Image: Alex Zubillaga

Although there are a number of reasons the kids and parents come to play, they are all for a good cause.

To learn more about the Texas Rangers Miracle Field and Miracle League of Southlake, please visit our website.

Although there are a number of reasons the kids and parents come to play, they are all for a good cause.

To learn more about the Texas Rangers Miracle Field and Miracle League of Southlake, please visit our website.

Seven reasons Bicentennial Park was voted 2019’s Best Park in Northeast Tarrant County.

The readers of Living Magazine recently voted Southlake’s Premiere Bicentennial Park, 2019’s Best Park in Northeast Tarrant County. Bicentennial Park is one of Southlake’s largest parks and is home to more than 17 features including The Marq Southlake.

Here are seven reasons why WE think Bicentennial Park is the Best Park in Northeast Tarrant County.

1. Bicentennial Park is home to the Southlake Tennis Center and brand new Club House. The Tennis Center is the largest public tennis facility in Northeast Tarrant County housing 19 lighted hard courts. The award-winning public tennis center will be opening two newly renovated enclosed courts. Be sure to take a break during tournaments in the lounge area, purchase equipment and clothing inside the clubhouse or fill up at the ice machine. The Southlake Tennis Center is open seven days a week and maintains a full schedule year-round with adult league play, a junior program for all ages and levels, private group lessons, and tournaments.

City of Southlake Tennis Center at Bicentennial Park

2. Bicentennial Park is home to our brand new facility The Marq Southlake, including Champions Club and Legends Hall. Legends Hall is home to the incredible Southlake Senior Center and if you’re planning on hosting an event then be sure to book the spectacular ballroom. Champions Club celebrated its grand opening in April 2019. Champions Club is open to the community through memberships providing services such as, fitness and performance classes, an indoor pool, a movie theater, and a variety of programs and athletics. Some of the facilities amenities include an indoor playroom for the kids, family and individual locker rooms and an indoor and outdoor turf facility. So, whether you’re indulging in a late afternoon workout or a movie night with the family The Marq is the place for you.

The Marq Southlake at Bicentennial Park

3. Bicentennial Park is home to the Zen and peaceful Liberty Gardens but also includes some of the greatest landscape in North Texas. Liberty Gardens provide everyone with the opportunity to relax and take a break from their busy schedules. Located on the east side of the park and only accessible by foot don’t miss out on the opportunity to bask in the warm Texas sun.

Liberty Gardens at Bicentennial Park

4. Bicentennial Park is home to the Texas Rangers Miracle League Field. One of the first of its kind, The Miracle League of Southlake was launched in the fall 2015 and served 152 young athletes on 12 teams. The League provides opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in America’s favorite pastime. The field is intended to provide opportunities to a greater number of children. The Miracle League is a unique facility that brings a smile to these incredible players and their families.

The Miracle League Field at Bicentennial Park ©

5. One of the communities favorite features would be the incredible playground located near the south entrance of the park. One unique quality of the park is that it’s completely gated and receives multiple safety checks a year. Bring the kids and sit with ease knowing that they are enjoying fresh air safely inside the gates. Of course, the park contains traditional amenities such as swings, slides and jungle gyms. More importantly, the park is home to the coveted mother dragon. If you haven’t, be sure to indulge in the safe and friendly atmosphere of the city’s premiere playground.

Playground at Bicentennial Park

6. Bicentennial Park has plenty of parking to accommodate those heavy traffic days conveniently located at the center of all of the parks features. The parking at Bicentennial Park gives you access to the park and fields from two directions.

Main Parking Lot at Bicentennial Park

7. Visitors have the opportunity to indulge in nature by taking advantage of the multi-use trails that stretch across Bicentennial Park. The Park covers 1,200 total park acres and six miles of Park Trails. Explore everything we have to offer by strolling past the coveted baseball fields, hear the laughter from the playground or take in the landscape. Whether you want to indulge in the Texas sun or you need to get your steps in, the trails at Bicentennial can help.

The Trails at Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is one of the many great things about Southlake, TX. Bicentennial Park is spectacular and the city is continuously focused on providing world-class experiences. Let Bicentennial Park be the premier destination for lifelong memories. For more information click here to see our city featured in Living Magazine.