Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Former NFL Player Visits Dragon Intermediate Students

Tim Green, author of about 25 books, an attorney and former Atlanta Falcons defensive end, recently spoke at CISD intermediate schools.

After writing more than a dozen books for adults, Green began a series of best-selling novels for kids. The books are set in the world of sports and are based on Green’s experiences as an athlete and a coach.

Eubanks and Durham intermediate school students embraced Green’s message about the value of teamwork and treating your teammates like they are special. Green also encouraged students to be kind, tolerant, generous and forgiving. He used his own child as an example. Green told a story about his son, Troy, reaching out to his classmate who would sit alone at lunch every day.

He also spoke about reading and how reading takes you to special places. Green told his audiences it’s important to read for at least 20 minutes a day to help improve performance in all subject areas.

Green read to the students from his new book, Unstoppable.  His book delivers an extremely powerful message of courage and survival to the reader. Approximately 130 students won their own autographed copy of Unstoppable. On both campuses, librarians asked students to read one of Green’s books and share a paragraph about what they enjoyed about the book.

Green’s message made a tremendous impact on Carroll’s fifth and sixth graders.  Many of the students said his books are “awesome!”

Green hopes his message gets students to rethink their life priorities because of his talk. He enjoys getting the opportunity to travel around the country and talk to students about his books.