Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Town Hall Hand Rails Under Repair

Orange safety netting went up Thursday morning (8/30/2012) marking the beginning the Town Hall Railing Improvement Project.  The railings that were originally installed on both the north and south sides of the building have been rusting and causing stains on the steps into both the north and south entrances of the building.  Staff has been working for quite some time to develop a solution to the problem which is primarily caused by water building up inside of the railing,  rusting over time and then spilling out onto the granite steps.

Staff worked with a contractor to come up with a new design to stop this problem going forward.  The old railings for one half of each entrance were removed and new railings will be replaced next week.  Before the installation of the new railings occurs, the granite steps will be cleaned to remove the rust stains from the steps.  The process will then be repeated for the other half of the railings.  The project is scheduled to be complete in time for the Southlake’s Chamber of Commerce’s Okotoberfest, October 5-7th.