Friday, September 18, 2020

Let’s Talk Roundabouts: Single and Dual-Lane

Currently, there are six roundabouts located within Southlake: N. White Chapel/Dove Road, Dove Road/Peytonville, Carroll/Dove, Carroll/Continental, S. White Chapel/Continental and N. White Chapel/Highland. The roundabout located at Zena Rucker Road and Tower Boulevard will be the seventh once construction is complete.

Out of the six roundabouts, four are single-lane and two are dual-lane. The new roundabout that will be located on Zena Rucker Road will also be a single-lane. The driving rules of a single and dual-lane roundabout require the following:

  • Slow down to the posted advisory speed
  • Look to your left to monitor traffic in the roundabout and check crosswalks for pedestrians
  • Yield to pedestrians and vehicles within the roundabout
  • Enter the roundabout and drive in a counterclockwise direction
  • Use your turn signals as you approach the desired exit

When approaching any roundabout, make sure you slow down and yield to traffic that is already in it. If you plan to turn right at the roundabout, use the right turn lane, if one is provided, and yield to vehicles exiting the roundabout. Be sure to watch out for pedestrians in the crosswalk. If you plan to go straight or turn left, watch vehicles to your left and enter only when you see a gap in the traffic. Drive into the roundabout in a counterclockwise direction. Before you approach the desired exit, please signal accordingly.


When navigating a dual-lane roundabout, as seen at the intersection of N. White Chapel Blvd and Highland, additional steps are required. Pay attention to the signs when approaching the roundabout and select the appropriate lane along N White Chapel based on the direction you want to go. Do not pass other vehicles or change lanes within the roundabout. All of the exits out of the roundabout are to the right. If you’re looking to turn right at the roundabout, you must be in the right lane upon approach. If you’re looking to continue straight through the roundabout, the second exit, you can be in either the left or right lane. If you’re looking to turn left at the roundabout, you need to be in the left lane upon entry and take the third exit to the right. If you’re looking to completely turn around, you must be in the left lane upon approach, pass all three exits, and continue in the opposite direction you came. Make sure to use your turn signal to alert other drivers you are exiting the roundabout.

Drivers approaching the roundabout from Highland St are in a single lane and can turn right using the right lane of the roundabout from E Highland St or the dedicated right turn lane from W Highland St. All Highland St traffic that is not turning right must yield to both lanes of traffic in the roundabout and then get into the left lane.


Here’s a quick video on navigating roundabouts.

For more information about roundabouts or Mobility News, follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page or visit

OBA: Upcoming Roadwork on 10 Bar Trail from N. Peytonville to Glen Clove

UPDATE: Contractors from Reynolds Asphalt Co. will be on-site to repair the road surface on 10 Bar Trail from N. Peytonville to Glen Court starting Tuesday September 3, 2019,  from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., weather permitting.

One lane of traffic will remain open during the repairs. Flaggers will be on-site to direct traffic during construction. The expected completion time is two days.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time. Please contact Public Works Operations at (817) 748-8082 with any questions.

City of Southlake’s Truck Routes and Restrictions – What You Need to Know

Although Southlake is a small community, we see our share of traffic! If your truck route leads you on a highway through Southlake, we are here to help make your route an easy ride.

There are only a few designated truck routes (per ordinance) within the City:

  1. SH 114
  2. FM 1709
  3. FM 1938, south of FM 1709
  4. N Carroll Ave, FM 1709 to SH 114


Any roadway that is not listed above is restricted to truck traffic, except for when the destination is along that roadway. Examples of this include trash collection or a moving company collecting a homeowner’s belongings. Other exceptions for trucks to utilize the main roadways are for activities such as construction, emergency response and deliveries (that free 2-day shipping has a cost).

Well, how does one know if a road is an appropriate truck route or not?  Signs are often placed along routes to remind drivers of trucks that the route is not suitable for traveling through the City of Southlake to another jurisdiction.

Our Traffic staff fabricates and maintains these signs and can install them at appropriate locations upon request. If you see an area that may need signage, we are here to help! Recently, the Traffic Management Division installed “No Thru Trucks” signs along Continental Boulevard and on White Chapel Boulevard that originated from a citizen request.

The Police Department enforces this ordinance, with or without installed signage, by periodically checking the origin and destination of trucks along a restricted route.

To ensure the safety of our citizens and commuters, the City promotes the visibility of signage to notify drivers in the area whether or not trucks are permitted.

To learn more about designated truck routes click here. For more information on exceptions to truck restrictions, click here.


Major Traffic Switch Coming with N. White Chapel Widening Project

Thanks to heavy spring rain, the timeline for the N. White Chapel widening project may have shifted, but progress has remained steady. The next major milestone for this project is to shift the Highland road closure to the west side of the intersection.

Crews are anticipating closing W. Highland at N. White Chapel, weather permitting, Monday, June 24 to complete the west side of the roundabout. This traffic switch will happen after the morning rush. As the completion of the east side of the roundabout is wrapped up this week, crews will be shifting attention to the other half. The closure includes the west side of the Highland and N. White Chapel intersection and about 500 feet of Highland leading up to the intersection.

In addition to the change in closures, this move will also result in the removal of the traffic signal at Highland and N. White Chapel. The signal will no longer be needed and will be disabled prior to this next phase. This means north and southbound traffic will flow freely through the intersection. There will be no east and westbound traffic through the intersection until the roundabout opens. Vehicles will not be able to turn west onto Highland from N. White Chapel.

Before the west side of the intersection is closed, the east side of the intersection will be partially reopened. Remember, the traffic flow from E. Highland will be different in preparation for the new roundabout traffic flow; E. Highland traffic will only be able to turn northbound onto N. White Chapel. That traffic will have a stop sign before entering N. White Chapel. North and southbound cross traffic will not stop, so drivers will need to heed extra caution before getting on N. White Chapel.

The work is expected to be completed before the start of the school year.

“This milestone puts us one step closer to a completed roundabout,” notes City Engineer and Deputy Director of Public Works Kyle Hogue. “I’d like to reiterate the importance of drivers proceeding with caution and traveling at or below the posted speed limit as they drive through the intersection. With the signal no longer being needed and disabled, that’s one more reason for drivers to pay extra close attention in this area. Also, remember as crews work toward the next phase to bring the two sections together the temporary transitions or ‘hump’ will remain in the intersection.”

Want to stay updated on this project? Follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook for all the up-to-date mobility news in Southlake. You can also visit the website at

OBA: Right Lane Closure on N. Carroll Ave. for Electrical Rewiring

Starting Monday, Feb. 25 through Wed. Feb 27, the right lane along the southbound of N. Carroll Avenue between Main Street and Southlake Boulevard will be closed between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. due to Oncor performing electrical work near Town Square.

This will also temporarily close the Carroll Avenue driveway for Capital One Bank at 1110 E Southlake Boulevard during work hours. Access to the bank will be available via the second driveway along Southlake Boulevard.

Thank you for your patience as contractors ensure that the lights stay on for Southlake Town Square! For updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit


OBA: Construction Work Scheduled for N. Pearson Lane – Expect Slow Moving Traffic

On Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, Southlake Water Utilities Operations will begin an emergency repair of a break on a 30-inch water supply pipeline at the intersection of Southlake Boulevard/Keller Parkway at N. Pearson Lane.

This supply pipeline delivers drinking water to both the cities of Southlake and Keller.

Construction work will occur between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday through Saturday over the course of the next few weeks, weather permitting.

N. Pearson Lane will remain open to northbound and southbound traffic, but will be slightly shifted onto temporary pavement. Once traffic patterns change, the southbound right-hand turn from N. Pearson Lane onto westbound Keller Parkway will be closed.

Motorists and school traffic are asked to observe traffic control signs and reduced speeds for worker safety. Please expect delays. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

Please contact Southlake Public Works Operations at (817) 748-8082 with any questions.

New Connect Southlake Mobility Website Helps You Stay In-The-Know to Stay On-The-Go

From traffic tips to road construction and sidewalk options, the new Connect Southlake Mobility Page is your one-stop-shop for all things related to mobility in the City of Southlake. Designed as a resource to help keep Southlake residents and visitors moving freely, the page offers various options for learning more about issues that impact mobility.

As Southlake and the surrounding region has grown, traffic congestion has increased. Helping people get where they need to go efficiently and safely is one of the City’s top priorities. The new Connect Southlake Mobility Page will bring us one step closer to helping resolve mobility problems in Southlake.

The Connect Southlake Mobility Page offers the following resource links to combat mobility challenges:

  • Helping You Get Around: Waze, Lyft or Uber, navigating to Southlake and more.
  • The Future: Upcoming innovations that will increase mobility.
  • Sidewalks Where You Live: Where to find sidewalks in Southlake.
  • Bicycles Around Town: Where to find bicycle lanes in Southlake.

View Big Projects for an interactive tour of projects focused on increasing the ease of mobility and traffic flow and stay on top of upcoming and ongoing mobility projects. Click on a project to read the project’s description and see the physical location of the project indicated on a map.

See what’s new in the City regarding road construction, lane closures and more via the Mobility News section. Simply click on a mobility-related story to read the full article on

For live updates, be sure to follow @SouthlakeMobility on Facebook for the latest information on the City’s road construction projects and what is being done to improve mobility in Southlake.

Still have questions about traffic? The City of Southlake’s Traffic Management Division was created to respond to current and future transportation needs. Contact their office at (817) 748 8098.

Office of Traffic Management is on the Move

There is a team of people who are constantly thinking about the City’s number one issue, traffic. Since its inception in 2014, the Office of Traffic Management has been working on ways to improve vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle movement, and safety within the city.

“With so many people on social media these days, we get a real-time picture of the challenges that commuters are facing during road construction and big events,” said Rob Cohen, Director of Public Works. “The feedback and comments have helped us work through the issues and roadblocks that drivers encounter.”

As a result of the recent completion of the roundabout at Dove Road and Peytonville the Office of Traffic Management has pulled together a video showing the best ways to drive the City’s roundabouts safely.

“The roundabout is a proven method to help decrease head-on crashes at high traffic intersections,” said Police Chief James Brandon. “It promotes a continuous traffic flow and helps eliminate the need for drivers to ‘beat the light’.”

Currently the City has nine roundabouts located throughout town. There are plans for at least one more dual-lane roundabout as part of the upcoming White Chapel widening project from Highland to SH 114.

For questions about the City’s roundabouts or the Office of Traffic Management, please call (817) 748-8098.

Southlake Joins WAZE CCP Program

The City of Southlake recently hosted a regional training workshop focused on WAZE Connected Citizen Program (CCP).   The CCP program is a free, two-way data exchange empowering cities to help give drivers a heads up to important information such as road closures, big events and crisis centers.

The training, which was held at Southlake’s DPS North Training Facility, allowed more than 80 participants from at least 40 different government and public safety agencies, transportation and engineering firms, from across the DFW Metroplex to learn about the program.  It also gave participants insight to the mapping and editing tools found within the WAZE mobile application.

“The City of Southlake is pleased to be part of this program,” said Assistant City Manager Ben Thatcher.  “Through our partnership with WAZE and other DFW cities, we intend to get important traffic information to drivers so they can make informed decisions about their daily commute.”

Current City uses for WAZE CCP include communicating planned road construction and road closures within the city, as well as providing daily update on targeted traffic enforcement areas.  Look for more information about WAZE CCP and how the City intends to use the tool in the coming weeks.