Monday, May 23, 2022

OBA – New "Yield to U-Turn" Signs coming to Southlake Boulevard

Right on Red Yield to U-Turn

Example of new signs to be placed along Southlake Boulevard.

Beginning  January 9, 2015, the Public Works Department will be installing “Right on Red Yields to U-Turn Signs” at the north and south side of Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709).   The installation of these signs at Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard  will kick-off an anticipated 30-day process to install similar signs at approximately 32 locations along Southlake Boulevard.

Concerns of potential accidents between those making legal u-turns and those turning right on red have been communicated clearly to the City – “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit while I’m making a legal u-turn (with a green arrow) – by a car turning right on a red. And they get mad at me!” or ” I have had to speed up or slow down on my u-turn as other driver’s making right turns on red would be turning into my turning area.” The signs are meant to help drivers and clear up confusion.

Affected lanes will close temporarily so crews can install the signs.  Closures are not expected to exceed an hour weather permitting. Additionally, the installations will take place during off-peak times in order to lessen the impact on traffic in and around the intersection.  Motorists should be aware of this work and exercise caution when traveling through the intersection.

The safety of motorists and non-motorists is a top priority for the City of Southlake, which is why the Office of Traffic Management (OTM) is moving quickly to resolve this issue. This effort is just part of the OTM’s mission to support better mobility within City limits.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Traffic Management at  817-748-8130. If you have concerns or want to comment on traffic and mobility in Southlake, visit the Office of Traffic Management website and submit your questions/concerns here .


Other intersections (north and south) along Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) where these signs will be placed include:

Nolen Drive

Byron Nelson Parkway

FM 1938

Kimball Avenue

White Chapel Boulevard

Brock Drive

Home Goods driveway

Timber Lakes Drive

Watermere Drive

Village Center

Southridge Lakes Parkway

Opening west of Watermere Drive

Carroll Avenue

Peytonville Avenue

Pearson Lane

Tower Boulevard

Player’s Circle/Meadowlark