Sunday, July 3, 2022

Streetlights – How to Report Issues

Daylight savings time will end on Sunday, November 4.  As we approach the end of our long sunny days filled with extended outdoor activities and running errands, an extra hour of sleep is something to look forward to. The good thing is we only have to flip the clocks back one hour.

As we adjust our days and bodies to the one hour gain, so will the timing of the streetlights. Streetlights not only help us navigate at night, but they also serve as a guide for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to highlighting important traffic control devices, pavement markings and signs. A broken streetlight can have a big impact when you’re driving by or just out walking the dog.

So how do you report an outage or low lighting? Depending upon the location, you report the issue to the appropriate utility provider.

The majority of the streetlights in town are powered and maintained by one of these two providers, Oncor or Tri-County Electric. The lights along Kirkwood Avenue, near TD Ameritrade and Sabre are overseen by the City of Southlake Traffic Management Division.

If you notice an issue with the lights on Kirkwood Avenue, please contact us with the online “Come Fix It!” form or on the Southlake Mobility Facebook page.

If you need to report an outage with Oncor please visit and click on the light having the issue or call 1-888-313-4747.

Tri-County Electric includes most of the northwestern part of the City. You can report an outage to Tri-County by visiting or call 817-431-1541.