Wednesday, February 8, 2023

April 2018 FM 1938 Road Construction Updates

The City has some updated information about road construction on FM 1938.

First, the relocation of utilities along the Myer’s Meadow subdivision is scheduled to start this week which will allow the construction of the screening wall located on the east side of FM 1938 to commence. Lane closures are expected for the duration of the screening wall construction.

TxDOT’s contractor is approximately 30% complete with the underground drainage structure north of Beam Drive. The structure is being constructed to provide flood protection for the properties downstream of FM 1938.

This northern portion of the project is expected to be complete by next winter.

Also, the City and TxDOT are working on a way to ease congestion at the intersection of Southlake Boulevard and FM 1938. A recent Facebook post asked about right-turn-only lane at northbound FM 1938 at Southlake Boulevard. The recently modified TxDOT signal at this intersection was not designed to accommodate a northbound, right turn only lane as was the case before the modifications. The staff has received a number of questions and observed significant back-ups due to the current configuration. After discussions with TxDOT, staff engaged a consultant to study the intersection and provide recommendations for modifications to the traffic signal to make it operate more efficiently. Reinstatement of the FM 1938 northbound right-turn-only lane is certainly one of the options being explored. There is no timeline for the signal modifications at this point however our consultant is currently working on deliverables for TxDOT. We will keep you updated.

Keep in mind that while all of this work is being completed, the entire corridor is considered a construction zone and the construction speed limit of 30 mph will remain in place until the project is complete.

FM 1938 Construction Update – Lane Closures and Driveway Openings

Traffic plan for FM 1938 for February 25 through February 27, 2016

Traffic plan for FM 1938 for February 25 through February 27, 2016

TxDOT has closed the southbound right lane at the Southlake Boulevard intersection as of 9:00 am to pave at the northwest corner of the intersection. This closure is expected to last until approximately 3:30 pm, Saturday, February 27, 2016.

In addition, the Chase Bank/Sprouts driveway has been closed for demolition. Motorists need to use the Carpe Diem driveway further north (see map).

Please plan accordingly if traveling in the area and expect delays if you’re traveling southbound at the Souhtlake Boulevard intersection.
For questions regarding the FM 1938 project, please contract TxDOT Mobility Coordinator Stephen Ranft at