Saturday, December 2, 2023

Imagine A Day Without Water: Southlake Public Library

Could you imagine a day without water? No water to drink, no water to shower, flush the toilet, do laundry or even to make a latte.

Southlake Water Utilities has partnered with The Value of Water Coalition to promote awareness of our most valuable natural resource. The coalition’s sponsored event Imagine a Day Without Water occurred on September 15, but Southlake Water Utilties wants to take it one step further and extend the campaign throughout the whole month.

Not having a source of clean, reliable water would cause a significant disruption in our daily lives, and many of us also would not be able to do our jobs. We recently asked fellow Southlake employees: How would a day without water affect your ability to provide reliable services to the City of Southlake?

The Library uses water to create a comfortable atmosphere.

“You may not think that water and books go together, and it’s true that water is not a friend to books but it’s a great friend to librarians and readers,” says Cynthia Pfledderer, City Librarian. For a comfortable and welcoming feel each morning, the Library staff comes in before the Library opens and one of the first things they do is start to make fresh coffee and hot water for Southlake readers. Pfledderer says, “the scent of fresh coffee is one of our favorite parts of the Library.”

The Library also uses water in many other ways, like cleaning many things, so the library stays fresh and tidy for the community. The library also uses water in programs for kids. Can you imagine painting a picture without water? How would you wash out your paint brush or wash your hands?

“Water helps us to keep the Library a cozy and fun place to be – we don’t ever want to find out what we would have to do without it,” says Pfledderer.

Share your thoughts! How would a day without water affect you and your family?