Saturday, December 2, 2023

Imagine A Day Without Water: Southlake Fire Fighters

Could you imagine a day without water? No water to drink, no water to shower, flush the toilet, do laundry, or even to make a latte with.

Southlake Water Utilities has partnered with The Value of Water Coalition to promote awareness of our most valuable natural resource. The coalition’s sponsored event, Imagine a Day Without Water is on September 15.

As well as causing significant disruption to our daily lives, many of us also could not do our job without a source of clean, reliable water. We recently asked fellow Southlake employees, “How would a day without water affect your ability to provide reliable services to the City of Southlake?”

“At an average structure fire, the Fire Department requires between 500 and 2000 gallons a minute,” according to Kelly Clements, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Southlake. Because the combined tank capacity on all of the fire apparatus is 1800 gallons, without a connection to a fire hydrant the Fire Department would be without water in one to three minutes!

“The importance of water is paramount in achieving the desired results for our fire department, and without it, we would all be high and dry,” says Clements.

Stay tuned for more stories on how the City of Southlake values water.

Share your thoughts! How would a day without water affect you and your family?