Monday, June 21, 2021

Southlake Recognizes 2020 Volunteers

In spite of 2020 being a challenging year, our volunteers responded with remarkable dedication under remarkable circumstances. 

Between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, volunteers contributed 9,048 hours to the Southlake community. This equates to a value of $258,229! 

This year’s volunteer service award winners will be recognized during a ceremony May 18.  

Paul Kuriakose – Junior Award Recipient
This award honors the junior volunteer who served the greatest number of hours in the last 12 months. 

Jeffrey Ng – Adult Award Recipient
This award honors the adult volunteer who served the greatest number of hours in the last 12 months. 

President’s Volunteer Service Award Recipients – This award is presented to volunteers who achieve established annual service milestones within their age group. 

  • Olorunifemi Odumosu – Silver Award 
  • Madline Shepherd – Silver Award 
  • Malika Kumbhat – Bronze Award 
  • Pamela Muller – Bronze Award 
  • Jeffrey Ng – Bronze Award 
  • Faaris Shah – Bronze Award 
  • Jim Shirey – Bronze Award 
  • Ken Stewart – Bronze Award 

Milestone Service Award Recipients – This award is presented to volunteers who have reached extraordinary lifetime volunteer service hours. 

  • Pamela Muller – 2500 Award 
  • Karen Mertz – 1500 Award 

Interested in volunteering to help make Southlake happen? Visit 

High School Senior Spends Time Volunteering

Volunteers are an invaluable part of keeping the City of Southlake running smoothly.

Although opportunities to volunteer for the City have declined due to Covid-19, the Southlake Public Library had a few opportunities for volunteers to serve and remain safe.

Sohan Shrestha is a senior at Carroll Senior High School and has been volunteering at the Southlake Public Library since 2019. He has contributed roughly 60 hours in volunteer work at the Library this year alone.

“He’s a great volunteer,” Southlake Public Library Deputy Director Cynthia Pfledderer said. “We are so happy to have him and the rest of our volunteers as part of our team.”

Library volunteers are helping to disinfect and shelve library materials.

“Volunteering for the library has been a great experience,” Shrestha said. “I have been able to serve my community while also gaining experience for the future.”

For more information about volunteering in Southlake, visit

Southlake Volunteers Awarded for Their Service

At the April 16 City Council meeting, the City of Southlake presented service awards to 40 volunteers from Volunteer Southlake for their outstanding service.  Their contributions include working in the library, teen court and at the senior activity center. Volunteers exemplify why Southlake is such an outstanding community.

“Volunteers play a vital role in the City’s success,” stated Volunteer Coordinator Lindy Calzada. “Their presence is felt throughout Southlake.  Many volunteers serving our Department of Public Safety have contributed their time to this important work for many years.  Additionally, the City’s special events such as Stars and Stripes and Home for the Holidays would not be possible without the help of volunteers.”

The City’s Boards and Commissions also rely on the work and support of our volunteers.  The volunteers provide feedback and serve as focus groups to help the City engage with citizens.  The volunteers’ time and effort help make this process a cost-savings solution for the City.

From April 1, 2018, to March of 2019, more than 2,000 volunteers provided 26,157 hours of service to the City which is valued at $665,172. This is equivalent to almost 13 full-time employees.

The awards were presented in three categories: The Junior and Adult Service Awards, the Milestone Service Awards and the Presidential Service Awards.

The Junior Service Award and the Adult Service Award were presented to the junior and adult volunteers who have served the most hours in the last 12 months.

The Milestone Service Award is presented in 500-hour increments to our dedicated volunteers who have contributed so much of their time in service to Southlake.  The Presidential Service Awards are awarded to qualified volunteers who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period. These awards are broken down in three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“Our volunteers work very hard to make Southlake great,” said Calzada, “They are dedicated and committed individuals offering their diverse skills and knowledge to help the City be successful.”

Want to volunteer with the City? Find out how by visiting the Volunteer Southlake or contact Volunteer Coordinator, Lindy Calzada at 817-748-8035 or


Award Recipients 

Junior Service Award Adult Service Award
Sophia Polisetty Ken Stewart

                                                                                                                                                 Milestone Service Awards

Marge Kyle – 1,000 Hours of Service
Gary Davidson – 1,500 Hours of service
Tom Moore – 1,500 Hours of Service
Ken Stewart – 1,500 Hours of Service
Wayne Berryman – 2,000 Hours of Service
Pamela Muller – 2,000 Hours of Service
Presidential Awards Bronze Level
Wayne Berryman
Patricia Brayton
Alaina Dang
Gary Davidson
Marie Doran
Eric Eaton
Ed Grondahl
Hunter Haack
Lauren Olivia Hall
Joan Houle
Marge Kyle
Jamie Lim
Karen Mertz
Tom Moore
Anh Nguyen
Sophia Polisetty
Iris Schmeder
James Shirey
Ken Stone
Nikoletta Shockley
Presidential Awards  Silver Level
Medha Mageswaran
Paityn Main
Amita Manjunath
Leroy McCall
Pamela Muller
Jeffrey Ng
Sophie Pacheco
Reza Saffarian
Likhitha Veerapalli
Presidential Awards Gold Level 
Helen Keller
Andrew Price
Ken Stewart
Caleb Yeager

A Special Thank You to Our Volunteers

What better way to celebrate National Volunteer Week than by recognizing the City of Southlake’s world class volunteers?

At the April 17 City Council meeting, Volunteer Southlake presented service awards to over 30 volunteers in recognition of their service to the City.

The Junior and Adult Service Medals are awarded to the volunteer in their age group who served the most hours during the last 12 months. Emma Blight was the recipient of the 2018 Junior Service medal. Emma served 178 hours, giving her time to Camp Mania, the Senior Activity Center, and Teen Court. She also assisted city staff at the Stars and Stripes 4th of July holiday celebration and the Sweetheart Dance.

The Adult Service award was presented to Marie Doran. Marie also received this award in 2017. Marie is a valued volunteer at the Senior Activity Center where she volunteered 525 hours last year. You can find Marie working in the center’s library, giving tours to visitors and new members, teaching members to knit and greeting visitors at the front desk.

Volunteer Southlake also presented Milestone Service awards to volunteers who reach lifetime service milestones. This year, seven volunteers were recognized for their dedication to the City. Marie Doran, Karen Mertz, Reza Saffarian, Jim Shirey and Ken Stewart were presented with 1,000 hours milestone awards and Leroy McCall and Ken Stone received 1,500 hours milestone awards.

Finally, 38 volunteers received a bronze, silver or gold Presidential Service Award. The Presidential Service Award is presented to volunteers who have achieved a required number of service hours in a 12 month period.

In just this past Volunteer Fiscal Year, 1,542 people volunteered with the City. All of these volunteers contributed a total of 27,819 volunteer service hours. “At the City of Southlake, we are very grateful to have so many wonderful volunteers that help us in different departments, with community events and on numerous boards and commissions”, states Director of Human Resources Stacey Black, “Their total service hours is equivalent to almost 14 full-time employees and has a value of nearly $700,000.”

With a presentation of the service awards wrapping up the Volunteer Fiscal Year, we would like to thank our volunteers for their time and service to the City of Southlake. We at the City of Southlake owe much of our success to each one of them!

Want to volunteer with the City? Find out how by visiting the Volunteer Southlake page or contact Volunteer Coordinator, Lindy Calzada at (817) 748-8035 or


We Love Our Volunteers!

Time is a precious gift that can never be returned once it is given, and the City of Southlake is extremely grateful to all the volunteers who give their time to serve and give back to the community. This past year volunteer efforts accumulated to over 28,000 hours of service which is equivalent to nearly 14 full-time employees with a cost value of $698,850!

On Tuesday, April 18th, Volunteer Southlake recognized over forty volunteers who met the criteria for a Presidential Service Award  as well as our Service Milestone and overall Junior and Adult Volunteer Service Award Medal. The evening began with a light reception in the Town Hall Lobby followed by a special recognition during the Council Meeting.

The evening itself was very special and allowed for volunteers and staff to spend time engaging with each other while also celebrating the service accomplishments of the past year. Many stories were shared, and some volunteers took the time to write what motivates them to volunteer in our memory book:

“I find it an honor to be able to be of service to the citizens of Southlake” – Leroy McCall

“I volunteered at the senior center because I loved to help the elders there. Volunteering helped me grow into a better person. I recommend everyone to volunteer two times a month!” – Nikhil Nandigama

“[Volunteering] really shows the best thing about this City: the people.” – Morgan H. Smith

Council Member Shafi summed up the night perfectly with his testament and recognition of every volunteer who has served the City in some capacity who were not in the room that night:

“[Volunteers] make our community a healthy, vibrant, loving place to live and raise a family. I want to recognize people who are not in the room. There is probably a larger fraction of volunteers all around the City in their own neighborhoods and their own churches, and other organizations who volunteer their time, so we thank those volunteers for making our community such a great place, thank you.”Council Member Shafi

With the conclusion of this “Volunteer Fiscal Year” we thank all the volunteers who contributed their time, and we look forward to another amazing year of service; a year full of memories to be made and new bonds to be formed between the City of Southlake and the incredible people who give their time freely to make Southlake the best place to live, work and play.

Want to volunteer with the City? Find out how by visiting the Volunteer Southlake page!

Southlake Volunteers Honored While Making their Marq

Volunteer Southlake hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation event this past Monday, April 25th at the Marq. The evening highlighted our city volunteers and the “Marq they make in our community.”

The event was a huge success with over 120 people in attendance celebrating their peers and joint dedication to serving this community. Awards presented at the event included the Presidential Service Award pins, the new Mayor & Council Medal, as well as the Lifetime Milestone Awards. To learn more about each award please visit The following includes a list of award recipients from the event:

Presidential Service Award


Wayne Berryman, Michael Binder, Joe Brayton, Patricia Brayton, Campbell Brown, Jacob Brush, Joaquin Cieri, Gary Davidson, Marie Doran, Emily Evans, Adam Floyd, Sarah Friske, Milan Georgia, Gary Harriger, Joan Houle, Remi Houle, Shaheer Khan, Abi Kumar, Marge Kyle, Sarah Logan, Sophia Logan, Myra Mak, Brynn Martin, Pranav Manjunath, Leroy McCall, Sameer Merchant, Karen Mertz, Pamela Muller, Alayna Payne, Rohan Patil, Ivette Gabriela Ramos Levy, Angela Riera, Harin Sabhaya, Nooreen Sandhu, Ashton Selsor, James Shirey, Megan Smith, Ken Stewart, Kenneth Stone, Riley Teague, Ailene Tubbesing, Marissa Vazhappilly, Evelyn Wang, and Maddie Whitsett.


AARP Tax Aide, and Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints-Hurst Stake.

Mayor & City Council Medal

Sarah Logan –Junior

Patricia Brayton-Adult

Lifetime Milestone Service Awards

500 Hours:

Wayne Berryman, Joe Brayton, Patricia Brayton, Gary Davidson, Gary Harriger, Leroy McCall, Karen Mertz, Tom Moore, Pamela Muller, James Shirey, Megan Smith, Janie Stewart, Kenneth Stone,  and Ailene Tubbesing.

1,000 Hours:

Wayne Berryman, Patricia Brayton, Gary Davidson, Leroy McCall, Pamela Muller, Kenneth Stone, and Ailene Tubbesing.

Finally, in honor of the more than 2,000 volunteers who give back to the City of Southlake, Mayor Hill proclaimed with a Proclamation the week of April 24 – 30, 2016 as Volunteer Southlake Week. Thank you again to all of our Volunteer Southlake volunteers, you truly are “re- Marqable.”

If you would like more information about Volunteer Southlake, feel free to visit our website:




Southlake Volunteers Make A Marq in the Community

The City of Southlake is ranked the third most charitable city in North Texas according to the DBJ, with the average family donating over $1,000 annually. Many of those families go a step further and donate their time and talents to our community as well.

Volunteer Southlake consists of over 1600 active volunteers that gave an astounding 50,630 hours last year. These volunteers serve in various capacities that include the Southlake Public Library, Departments of Public Safety, and Boards & Commissions to name a few.

Volunteer Southlake will be hosting their annual Volunteer Appreciation event this month to celebrate the dedicated volunteers giving generously of their time every day. The evening will highlight how volunteers are “Making a Marq in our community”, and will be hosted at our brand new community center, The Marq on April 25th, 2016.

We will celebrate volunteer service with the presentation of the Presidential Service Awards, the inaugural Mayor & Council Medal, and the Lifetime Key Award. We will also unveil the new SAVe card (Southlake Appreciates Volunteers), loyalty program.

All volunteers in attendance will receive an all access pass to tour The Marq during this private event. With the ability to host more volunteers than ever, the City of Southlake will make this a tasting event to remember with heavy hors d’oeuvres showcasing the expertise of Culinary Arts Catering (a preferred vendor of the Marq facility).

The event will begin promptly at 5:30pm with the award ceremony commencing at 6 pm. Private tours of The Marq will be available following the award ceremony. Volunteers qualifying for the SAVe Card will receive their cards at the event so they can begin utilizing this exciting new program right away.

We welcome all volunteers to attend this year’s ”re-Marqable” event and look forward to celebrating the many ways they make Southlake a wonderful place to live. For more information about this event, or to RSVP, please contact Brandi Kaplan in the Volunteer Office at: (817) 748-8035.