Monday, June 21, 2021

NEW Outdoor Warning Siren Increases Warning Coverage Across Southlake

The Southlake Office of Emergency Management recently installed a new Outdoor Warning Siren (OWS) at Southlake DPS North Training Center at 100 East Dove Road to increase emergency warning coverage across Southlake. With a vital location near North Park, one of Southlake’s most frequented community parks, the newly added siren benefits both park visitors and area residents.

As explained in an NBC5 news story, Outdoor Warning Sirens in North Texas alert the public to take shelter indoors and seek additional information about the cause of the warning. In Southlake, sirens are only activated in the following conditions:

  1. A tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service
  2. Tornado or funnel cloud has been reported by trained SKYWARN storm spotters
  3. Sustained winds are in excess of 70 miles per hour
  4. Reports have been given of hail larger than 1.25 inches
  5. Other life-threatening conditions

Outdoor Warning Siren interior photo for MSN

The newly installed Outdoor Warning Siren at DPS North Training Center increases Southlake’s total sirens to six integral locations across the city, including Bob Jones Park, DPS West Facility, Bicentennial Park, DPS Headquarters Facility, and Public Works Facility. The City of Southlake tests all of its Outdoor Warning Sirens on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. If conditions are favorable for severe weather on a test day, the tests are not conducted.

“Having six sirens for coverage of the Southlake area is important, however, the real key is the educational piece. Residents and visitors need to know what to do if they hear the sirens sounding, and that is to immediately go inside and seek more information from a reputable source,” stated Amanda Meneses, the emergency management specialist at the City of Southlake.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the Southlake Office of Emergency Management at or call 817-748-8903.

Stay Informed with Notify Me: New Service on City Website

Notify Me is the City of Southlake’s newest notification service that provides instant information through text messages and e-mails. From emergency alerts to community events, the notification system provides residents, businesses and visitors with critical information quickly and conveniently.

Registration for this free service simply requires entering a phone number or email address on the Notify Me page of the City of Southlake’s website. Registered users have the option to receive up-to-date alerts on the topics of their choice. There are 42 notification subjects including alerts about City Council agendas, severe weather, bid postings for all City departments, news flashes from the police, fire and other departments, updated blog posts, and various City calendars.

Notify Me allows the City to easily and swiftly communicate with community members in a convenient and relevant manner. Service users choose how to receive information and will only receive alerts about the topics that matter to them,” states Pilar Schank, the City of Southlake’s deputy directory of communication. “Staying current about important issues could not be easier. Notify Me literally places information in the palm of your hand.”

In addition to providing information of interest to users, the notification service further enhances the City’s ability to protect the lives and property of Southlake residents and businesses by providing critical information during emergencies. Specifically, “Emergency Alerts” are sent from the Southlake Office of Emergency Management, the City department dedicated to responding to and recovering from hazards and disasters, including severe weather.