Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pressure Regulating Valve Antenna Update

Top Row:  River Oaks Dr and Durham Elementary; Center: Southridge Lakes; Bottom Row:  Dove/Shady Oaks and Shady Oaks/Highland

Top Row: Fm 1709/River Oaks Dr (left), Durham Elementary (right); Center: Southridge Lakes; Bottom Row: Dove/Shady Oaks (left), Shady Oaks/Highland (right)

In late 2014, new Pressure Regulating Valves (PRVs)  were installed at five (5) locations around the City as part of the Southlake 2030 Water Master Plan.

This Tier 1 Southlake 2030 project aims to improve City water flow during firefighting emergencies by automatically detecting the changes in pressure between the high pressure and low pressure planes and electronically adjust the water flow to supplement the availability of water during a critical need situation.

Over the last few months, the Public Works Department has worked to complete this project and install five antennas at the PRV locations. The antennas allow for City staff to remotely monitor the PRVs  and adjust water flow needs in the event of an emergency.

After several months of working with contractors to design and build antennas that fit into the Southlake area, the antennas are now installed at their designated locations (see image). The final phase of this project is to connect the antenna to the City’s monitoring (SCADA) system.

For questions about this project, please contact Public Works engineer, Alex Ayala at 817-748-8274.