Friday, September 22, 2023

City to Engage in Kirkwood Branch Watershed Study

In late September 2018, North White Chapel Boulevard was overtopped by floodwaters causing severe damage to the storm culverts and the road surface. This resulted in a major road closure harshly impacting mobility in the northern part of Southlake. While the massive amount of rainfall that happened in a short amount of time did not help, the Kirkwood Branch watershed has shown significant drainage issues in recent years. With the signing of an engineering agreement at the August 6 City Council meeting, the City is taking steps to help resolve any future issues in that area.

“Mother Nature has changed the landscape of the Kirkwood Branch watershed enough in the past years that it’s highly likely that area of N. White Chapel will likely be overtopped again,” notes Public Works Director Rob Cohen. “Its elevation and location relative to Grapevine Lake are also big factors in that assessment.”

Halff Associates, Inc. will be conducting the Kirkwood Branch Watershed Study project. The study will include data collection and fieldwork, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, flood assessment, a final drainage report and alternative analysis and recommendations for road crossing from Peytonville to N White Chapel at Kirkwood Branch. The limits of the study will also include the tributaries of South Kirkwood and Higgins Branches. Other deliverables include a conceptual alternative solution that will reduce or eliminate documented flooding problems along the North Peytonville and Shady Oaks corridors based on fully developed conditions.

“City staff will work with the design team to evaluate alternatives and bring a proposal forward to Council for consideration prior to entering into a contract for design, bid and construction services,” notes Cohen. “This study will put us one step closer to finding a better solution for flooding in those areas.”

For more information about stormwater and drainage in the City of Southlake, visit our website.