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City to Spray After Two Positive West Nile Virus Samples Reported

Two traps in Southlake have tested positive for the West Nile virus.  In order to remain proactive in our response to the West Nile Virus, the City of Southlake will utilize targeted ground spraying within a half-mile of the positive test results which were located in the 900 block of Mission Drive and the 800 block of Shady Lane. The spraying will start on Thursday night August 25, and continue through Saturday night August 27, weather permitting.

This is the seventh time this year, and the third consecutive week in a row, that the city of Southlake will respond to mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus.  Fire Chief Mike Starr says, “We are still seeing a trend with positive West Nile Virus Samples so we are encouraging residents to continue to do their part to help us control the spread of the West Nile Virus.”

Please remember the personal protective measures you can take:

· Drain standing water in artificial containers; this is the primary source of mosquitoes
· Dress in long sleeves
· Wear insect repellent containing DEET

For more information about the West Nile Virus, personal protective measures, or response actions, please visit or
900 Block of Mission Dr. V2Mosquito Site 1

Zika and West Nile – What You Should Know


Texas has had 90 reported cases of Zika virus disease. This count includes three pregnant women, one infant infected before birth, and one person who had sexual contact with a traveler. Of these cases, 40 have occurred in the metro area of Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton counties. Additionally, for the first time ever, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a travel warning for a community in America. The community is in northern Miami and highlights the possibility that a Zika outbreak can occur in any community.

West Nile Virus

The number of mosquito traps testing positive for the West Nile Virus remains high throughout Tarrant County. The map to the right shows the high presence of WNV in the various mosquito traps throughout the region with 236 traps testing positive so far this year. Just this week, the third human case of WNV in Denton County was reported in Trophy Club. WNV is part of our environment, but we do not usually see this level of activity this early in the summer. This is the highest amount of WNV in the environment since 2012.ZikaWNVMap

As we move into August, not only will it be extremely hot, this is also the time of year when Southlake will see the highest amounts of mosquitos in the environment. While the City of Southlake is doing everything it can to help control the mosquito population, we must emphasize that our success is dependent upon our partnership with the Southlake community. Please remember to Fight the Bite:

  • Apply EPA-approved insect repellent.
  • Wear pants and long-sleeve shirts that cover exposed skin.
  • In warmer weather, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that covers exposed skin.
  • Use screens or close windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out of your home.
  • Remove standing water in and around your home. This includes water in cans, toys, tires, plant saucers, and any container that can hold water.
  • Cover trash cans or containers where water can collect.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have concerns.

Remember that these tips not only help control the mosquito that spreads Zika, but these same preparedness measures also affect the mosquito that spreads West Nile Virus. For more information about our mosquito response efforts, please visit

UPDATE – Additional Spraying Area – Two Positive Samples of West Nile Reported

**Update – additional spraying**

File Oct 16, 5 44 49 PM

The City received notification late Friday (10/16/2015) that a mosquito sample in Colleyville tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The samples were taken from traps at the 500 block of Forest Meadow Drive in Colleyville which borders the City of Southlake.

In accordance with our West Nile Virus action plan, the City intends to ground spray a portion of the City of Southlake that is within a half-mile radius of the test location. The affected area will be sprayed for three consecutive nights beginning Saturday (10/17) and continuing through Sunday (10/18) and Monday (10/19), weather permitting.


The City of Southlake was notified Wednesday (10/14/15) that two mosquito samples have tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

The samples were taken from traps at the 800 block of Shady Lane and the 3200 block of Woodland Drive. “These are the first two positive samples of West Nile to be reported in Southlake this year,” says Public Works Director Bob Price. “The City is following its protocol to control the disease spread by mosquitos.”

The City of Southlake plans to ground spray both of these areas beginning tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th. The spraying will occur for three consecutive nights continuing through Saturday (10/17), weather permitting. Director Price says that those residing outside of the half-mile spray radius should remain cautious. He adds, “The City will continue to conduct surveillance in the area following the spraying event. When we see positive samples at these locations everyone in the area needs to be mindful.”

Residents are reminded to look for sources of water in both the expected and unexpected places on a weekly basis and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by draining standing water, covering outdoor containers, and treating undrainable areas with larvacide. Also, always wear insect repellent containing DEET when outdoors—especially at dusk and dawn.

Again, the City intends to ground spray within a half-mile radius of the affected areas (see maps below) beginning tomorrow night through Saturday (10/15 through 10/17).

For more information about the West Nile Virus Action Plan and what Southlake is doing in the area of mosquito surveillance and control, please see

Woodland Drive

Spray Area – .05 Mile Radius of 3200 Block Woodland Drive





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