Friday, July 1, 2022

Runway Closure Canceled Due to Weather Concerns

UPDATE 10/12/2012 The scheduled construction will not take place the weekend of 10/12 because of weather concerns.  The construction may be rescheduled for a future date.

As part of DFW’s airfield maintenance program, Taxiway WF is scheduled for repairs from 10:45PM Friday night, October 12th, through 4:00PM Sunday afternoon, October 14th.  This construction will require the short term closure of Runway 18R/36L.

The National Weather Service is currently forecasting a wind shift from south to north flow at mid-morning Sunday the 14th.  If this northern wind shift occurs, the FAA will have to use Runway 31L for jet departures.  These flights will depart over Southlake and Grapevine. Again, Runway 31L will only be utilized causing departures over Southlake if there is a shift to north flow winds this weekend.

Updates on the situation will be posted on the home page. For inquiries and complaints, contact the Noise Complaint Hotline at 972-973-3192 or by email (for quicker response) Be sure to include a name, phone number, and full address with your inquiry/complaint when leaving a voicemail or e-mail message.

Because this situation is based on possible inclement weather, the final decision to utilize the runway for departures over Southlake will be made Thursday afternoon, October 11th along with a public announcement on  Friday, October 12th.

Another Shift in Winds Causes Increase in Airport Noise Over Southlake Due to Construction

Due to the cold front expected to arrive after midnight Friday (9/7) and the northerly winds expected with it, airplanes from DFW will be redirected.   Southlake residents may notice increased departure noise (as planes depart to the north) until the wind changes and the airport returns to normal south-flow operations.  The City would like to emphasize that this is a temporary situation with winds returning to their normal flow early next week.

In August, DFW airport notified the City of Southlake that wind shifts could change departure routes to the north during a temporary runway construction project expected to continue until September 22nd.  While construction takes place on the normal runway, diagonal runways are utilized for take-offs and landings until the construction project commences. Under typical, south-flow wind conditions, the diagonal runways are used for landings only.  The increased noise level is primarily due to the increase in flight departures over Southlake.

According to the airport, south winds are expected Monday early morning (9/10), returning the airport to the normal south-flow operations.  This will decrease the use of the diagonal runways and limit the flight noise experienced by Southlake residents.

Residents with specific questions are asked to call the Airport’s Noise Hotline at 972-973-3192.