Sunday, December 3, 2023

Registration Is Open for Mother & Daughter Self-Defense

Participants will learn simple and effective strategies for personal safety while increasing their situational awareness.

Southlake Parks and Recreation is proud to offer this unique class designed especially for young women ages 14 and up to train in self-defense with their mothers.

Instructors will begin by discussing situational awareness and demonstrating the four levels of awareness: white (tuned out), yellow (relaxed awareness), orange (focused awareness) and red (high alert). Students will then learn and practice proven self-defense techniques from jiu jitsu, a martial art that levels the playing field for smaller opponents by emphasizing strategy, leverage and ground fighting.

Participants of all ages will leave class confident in their ability to maintain active awareness and defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Summer 2018 Mother & Daughter Self-Defense Class Schedule

All classes are held on Monday evenings from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.

August Session: August 6–27
Cost: $40 per person
Click here to register

For more information, please contact Southlake Parks and Recreation at 817-748-8019.

Southlake Recreation Kicking Off the New Year With New Adult Programs

The kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun. Southlake offers a wide range of programs for adults (18+) so everybody can get in on the action!

Wanting to learn to play the guitar? Beginner Guitar class is the perfect fit for you. Learn to play the guitar at a beginning level and learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist.

Learn the fun, fast and easy way to dance with our variety of dance classes. Ballroom Dance, Country Western Dance and Line Dancing are all classes offered to you! Learn how to two-step and West Coast Swing in a fun-filled atmosphere, learn how to line dance to the most popular dances, and learn how to Waltz, Rumba and Swing.

Get your groove on with the Bollywood Dance program, where you can learn the dance moves of your favorite movie stars and have a little fun while getting some amazing exercise.

Speaking of exercise don’t forget to sign-up for The Southlake LiveFit Pass which will give you unlimited access to all City of Southlake group fitness classes on an unlimited basis for an entire month.

And don’t forget about the Women’s Self Defense Class. This class empowers women to fight back and survive an attack from an assailant.

These programs and more can be found here in The Southlake Scene.

For more information on these programs go to or call (817) 748-8019

Women’s Self Defense Class Offered by Southlake Recreation

Southlake Recreation is hosting Women’s Self Defense classes this fall. The next class is set to begin on November 1.

Womens Self Defense Southlake 2016Taught by George Weidenhof, the class empowers women to fight back by teaching techniques on how to survive an attack from an assailant. The class will also cover escapes from non-threatening annoyance attacks, defenses from chokes and strangles, defenses against attacks from the front and rear, what to do if you are tackles and brought to the ground and much more.

To register visit or call 817-748-8019.