Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dragons Dominate at Academic Competition

Carroll received the UIL District 4-5A Academic Championship on March 22-23.  Each student moves on to the Regional Meet, at Texas Tech University, April 19-20th. The championship was a result of all team scores. Students and coaches listed below:

Current Issues and Events – Coached by Caitlin Frank

First Place Team:

  •  1st – Kevin O’Brien
  • 3rd – Andrew Klopfer
  • 4th – Ray Teer

Computer Science – Coached by Linda Woessner

First Place Team:

  •  1st – Reid Long
  • 2nd – Zach Hein
  • 3rd Erik Andrup
  • 4th – George Farcasio

Editorial Writing – Coached by Linda Rose

First Place Team in Journalism:

  • 5th – Ari Wilson
  • 6th – Lauren Berry 

News Writing – Coached by Linda Rose

  • 4th – Lauren Sullivan
  • 5th – Ari Wilson
  • 6th – Allie McKelvey

Feature Writing – Coached by Linda Rose

  • 2nd – Amber Cline
  • 3rd – Maddie Beck

Headline Writing – coached by Linda Rose

  • 4th – Kara McIntyre

Informative Speaking – Coached by Linda Forbes

First Place Speech Team:

  • 1st – Kevin O’Brien
  • 2nd – Megan Schhippmann
  • 3rd – Nyle Hussain

Persuasive Speaking – Coached by Linda Forbes

  • 1st – Ali Prasla
  • 2nd – Daniella Cohen
  • 4th – Michael Formella

Poetry – Interpretation – Coached by Linda Forbes

  • 4th – Jake Pannell


Prose Interpretation – Coached by Linda Forbes

  • 1st – Davis Samuel 

Lincoln Douglas Debate – Coached by Linda Forbes

  • 1st – Anthony Munson
  • 3rd – Daniella Cohen

Cross-Examination Debate – Coached by Linda Forbes

  • 1st – Duorn Patel and Yashis Singri

Literary Criticism – Coached by Katherine Langford

First Place Team

  • 2nd – Eunice Lee
  • 5th – Susanna Foss

Ready Writing – Coached by Katherine Langford

  • 2nd – Katie Fisher
  • 6th – Adam Roach

Mathematics – Coached by Kathryn Dobrow

  • 6th – Reed Long

Number Sense – Coached by Kathry Dobrow

  • 6th – Ally Abbas

Chemistry – Coached by Robert Nell and Eben Olsen

  • 1st – Jared Neeley and Djorn Patel (tied)

Science – Coached by Robert Nell and Eben Olsen

First Place Team:

  • 1st – Jared Neeley
  • 2nd – Djorn Patel
  • 3rd – Philip Brown
  • 4th – Drew Anderson
  • 5th – Vighnesh Nair
  • 6th – Yashis Singri

Physics – Coached by Robert Nell and Eben Olsen

  • 1st – Jared Neeley

Social Studies – Coached by John Irish

First Place Team:

  • 1st – Anjie Lang
  • 2nd – Will Cook
  • 3rd – Adam Floyed
  • 4th – Cyndi Huant

Dragon Robotics Receives World Championship Invite

The Carroll Robotics team recently won the SW Regional FTC Championship Tournament and earned an invitation to compete at the World Championships.

Saturday, March 16, two teams to competed in Arlington in a field of 24 teams that had already won Area Competitions. In the final rounds, Carroll’s two teams combined forces to form an alliance and win the competition in a very close and exciting match. As captains of the winning alliance, the Green Dragons Team progressed to the world championships. The Black Dragons team also received the Rockwell Collins  Innovation Award for their robot design. The following students participated in last weekend’s event: Zech Hein, George Farcasiu, Erik Andrup, Reid Long, Nick Fisher, Trevor Walter, Vijay Ramesh, Tunc Gocay, Skye Pekerti, Danielle Brown, Abbas Ally, Nikhil Ravi, Stephen Ma, Deepak Chandra, and Reed Emery.

The World Championship is scheduled for next month in St. Louis. The competition includes just 128 teams from around the world.