Friday, August 12, 2022

Meet Bora Sulollari, One of the Shining Stars of the City Manager’s Office!

The City of Southlake places incredible importance on internships. Throughout the numerous departments, there are many opportunities to explore the City and make a difference. Many times, those interns find their place and stay within the walls of Town Hall.

As Bora Sulollari walked in for her first day as an intern at the City of Southlake, she was greeted with big smiles and new experiences.

“I felt so welcomed from the first moment I stepped into the building,” said Sulollari. “My time as an intern was so important to me, not only because of the valuable things I got to learn and experience but also because of the amazing people I got the chance to work with daily.”

Sulollari began her journey as a Management Intern. After obtaining her Master’s in Public Administration, she worked her way up to a full-time role as a City Manager’s Office Management Assistant. In her role, she assists the CMO with various budgetary, research, strategic management functions, and much more. “I’m forever grateful for all the various insightful projects I have gotten the chance to collaborate on,” she mentioned.

At the City of Southlake, our interns’ talents span many departments and topics. Several other full-time employees got their start just like Bora Sulollari and they continue to service the City through their dedication and commitment to excellence.

March is All About Member Appreciation

Everyone at Champions Club feels so lucky to have so many incredible members, and that’s why we love spoiling you with our monthly Member Appreciation events! March is the perfect month to spring into action, and Champions Club is your one-stop shop to reaching your health and fitness goals!

Check-in Challenge
This month’s fitness challenge is a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired Check-in Challenge to prove just how lucky we feel to have you be a part of our family. Just in case you need a little extra motivation to make it to the gym, we’re giving you a chance to get lucky! Check-in at Champions Club at 17 times this month, and you can win a raffle featuring a fitness gift set worth over $100!

March Madness Shootout
It’s nothing but net during March Madness. Stop by the fitness desk and join our March Madness Shootout Challenge! Every day you’ll have a chance to make up to 3 shots. For each basket you make, you’ll earn an entry into a drawing for a custom, one-of-a-kind Southlake basketball jersey! Better start practicing, because if you miss all 3 shots, you’ll owe the fitness staff 3 burpees!

Member Mondays
Don’t forget that Monday mornings are dedicated just for you! Stop by the Champions Club lobby from 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM for a special, complimentary members-only treat!

Are you up for the challenge, Champions Club members? Join today to take advantage of our member benefits!

The Marq Southlake Wins the 2022 TRAPS Recreation Facility Design Award

Community Services staff learned last Friday that The Marq Southlake won the 2022 Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS) Recreation Facility Design Award at the State level!

The Department submitted The Marq Southlake for consideration in November. According to the TRAPS committee, “The awards committee had many wonderful entries to score, and it was a difficult task. Your nomination stood out above the rest to exemplify commitment and dedication in the field of recreation. We are honored to present this award to you and for your commitment to excellence in all that you do in your daily pursuits.”

The Marq Southlake serves as the City’s premier destination for family recreation, leisure, and communal gatherings. Almost two decades in the making, The Marq is the realization of a multi-year development dream to provide Southlake residents with a recreational oasis from the hustle and bustle of the DFW metroplex. When you enter The Marq, be it from the Legends Hall side or the Champions Club side, you immediately feel a sense of belonging. There is no better place for the community to come together, celebrate life’s most joyous occasions, participate in innovative programs, and make life-long memories.

The Marq’s positive impact on the Southlake community is monumental. The Marq Southlake has become the heart of recreational programming in the City since opening its doors in 2015 for Phase 1. The facility is bustling with activity in the early mornings. Senior Citizens arrive for daily socialization while Champions Club’s early birds hit the treadmill. The Marq transforms in the afternoon as seniors leave and school children arrive for after-school activities. Later in the evening, families and working professionals come to the Marq for social programs, meetings, exercise classes, and fitness. Weekends in Legends Hall consist of beautiful weddings and social events while Champions Club offers exciting programs for the whole family. The Marq is an example of what a modern multigenerational recreation center can be at its best.

Community Services staff is honored to receive this recognition from such esteemed industry partners! The Marq Southlake would not be what it is today without the input and support of various City departments, community partners, and residents.

The City of Southlake Community Services Department will receive this award on Thursday, February 17 at the TRAPS 2022 State Institute and Expo in College Station, TX. Congratulations to everyone that helped make The Marq Southlake the gem it is today!


Q&A with Jeff Paul, Who’s Celebrating 38 Years of Service

Meet Cpl. Jeff Paul. He has served on the police force for the City of Southlake for 38 years. We had to ask, what’s the secret to his success?


1.What have you learned about yourself professionally during your time at Southlake?

I’ve learned that I have the ability to be a true professional with the opportunities that Southlake has given me for career development and other training on ethics in the workplace. I’ve learned that I am quite capable of owning my mistakes and I can move on, learning from the mistakes. None of us are perfect, but I know the end game.


2. What have you learned about the City during your tenure here?

The City has a lot more history to it than most people realize. The City was incorporated in 1956 but the area’s history, what now is Southlake, started decades before that. The City has grown from a rural, farming and ranching community of 2,800 when I started, to this modern city that has attracted large, major corporations to its portfolio of businesses with a population of over 32,000 – having started out as a “General Law” city and eventually becoming a “Home Rule” city with a city charter. Southlake has high standards for development which has contributed to it being the crown jewel among cities in Tarrant County.


3. Why do you like working for Southlake?

The City is run as a well-oiled machine. This makes it a great place to work. With over 500 employees, it still feels like family. Employees work together well with the common goal of taking care of the citizens by providing professional services that are expected in this community. I can say from personal experience, that the Police Department and Human Resources has supported me during very personal times in my life as an employee.


4. If you had advice for new employees what would that be?

Know the City’s core values and understand why they exist. Understand that you work for the citizens of Southlake and it is a privilege to work here. You should come to work each day with that in mind in order for you to be successful. Take advantage of training opportunities, as the City provides ample opportunity for career development at the City’s expense.


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