Friday, October 7, 2022

The Road Ahead: Southlake’s Mobility Master Plan Goals and Progress

Although the roads are less traveled right now due to the Tarrant County shelter-in-place order, plans to improve mobility in Southlake are still in the works and are a top priority.

The 2030 Mobility Master Plan sets the stage for the future of mobility by strategically planning and implementing the structure of the City’s transportation system.

The plan identifies opportunities to provide a safe and convenient way to reduce traffic congestion while promoting the needs of pedestrians, residents, businesses and visitors.

The Continental Sidewalk, N. White Chapel Widening and Zena Rucker Boulevard Extension Projects are among the many mobility developments that contribute to helping Southlake meet their goals.

As of now, here’s where we are in each development:

Continental Sidewalk Project: The new sidewalk on Continental Boulevard will create a loop connecting Continental Boulevard to FM 1709, S. Kimball Avenue and S. Carroll Avenue.
Status: Modifications to the existing drainage infrastructure along the north side of East Continental Boulevard are near completion. The sidewalk is set to be completed in Spring 2020.
Estimated Total Cost: $317,000

White Chapel Widening Project: This project consists of widening N. White Chapel to a four-lane divided thoroughfare extending from SH 114 to Emerald in conjunction with a dual lane roundabout at the intersection of N. White Chapel and Highland.
Status: The dual lane roundabout is complete and contractors are preparing the base for the public artwork installation “Be the Bridge” by artist Boris Kramer, which is set to be installed Spring 2020. The entire project is estimated to be completed in Spring 2022.
Estimated Total Cost: $17 million

Zena Rucker Boulevard Extension Project: This project extends Matthews Court to Tower Boulevard, improving mobility between Byron Nelson Parkway and Carroll Avenue.
Status: Contractors have cleared the road for paving the extension and are adding the final touches for the utility installation.Contractors are also constructing the base for the public art display, “Mockingbird Tree” by Michael Warrick to be installed at the roundabout located at Zena Rucker and Tower Boulevard.
Estimated Total Cost: $2.1 million

Learn more about the Mobility Master Plan here.

The Story Behind Zena Rucker

Every year the City’s budget includes a five-year capital improvement program that encompasses construction projects that meet the demands of residential and commercial infrastructure.

Zena Rucker Road made the list a few years ago as part of the 2030 and 2035 Master Plans to be constructed in conjunction with future development projects.

It all starts with strategic planning; where resources, concerns, community priorities and citizen’s needs are combined to produce both a plan for the future and a measure for results. Now that Zena Rucker Road is on the list, plans to improve mobility in the area are under way. A traffic management study was conducted, which takes into consideration on how future developments, the flow of traffic and pedestrians will impact the area.

Once the study has been completed, an outside consultant recommends improvements to the intersection and a design concept. Plans include but are not limited to, mobility, safety, analyzing and studying traffic flow and implementing traffic control strategies.

The Zena Rucker Road project includes the design of a roundabout and public art display located in the center at the intersection of Zena Rucker Road and Tower Boulevard along with landscaping design, utility work and the construction of sewer, water and storm drainage extensions. New sidewalks and lighting will also be constructed.

The roundabout will accommodate traffic between the Park Village and The Shops of Southlake retail venues as well as improve mobility along Byron Nelson Parkway and South Carroll Avenue.

Construction for the project began in October 2019 and is expected to end by April 2020, weather permitting.

After both phases of construction are complete, Zena Rucker Road will link Matthews Court and Tower Boulevard with the public artwork display, “Mockingbird Tree” will be installed at the roundabout.

The estimated cost for this project is $2.1 million.

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Future Construction for Zena Rucker Roundabout and Roadway Extension

There’s about to be a lot of activity at the site of the new Zena Rucker extension. Surveyors were on site this week at the Zena Rucker and Tower Boulevard intersection preparing the area for the roundabout extension and utility work for Phase I of the Zena Rucker Road project.

Soon, motorists will be able travel all the way through Zena Rucker Road to access Park Village and the Shops of Southlake. Extending the road will also improve mobility along Byron Nelson Parkway and South Carroll Avenue.

Once Phase I and II are completed, the new roadway will extend between Matthews Court and Tower Boulevard and the public artwork the “Mockingbird Tree” will be installed in the new roundabout. Pedestrians can also look forward to enjoying the new sidewalks to travel on.

Construction for the entire project is estimated to be completed within nine months, weather permitting. For updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit