May 16, 2024

TexShare: Empowering Texans with Access to a Vast Library Network 

Fostering collaboration among public and academic libraries, TexShare is enhancing access to resources for Texans like never before.

TexShare enables libraries to pool their resources, ensuring that patrons have access to a wealth of materials. Whether you’re seeking scholarly articles, books, or multimedia resources, TexShare has you covered. At the heart of this program lies the TexShare Card, which is offered at a select number of libraries. With it, you can borrow physical materials from over 500 participating libraries. Imagine having a vast network of knowledge at your fingertips! In this digital age, select libraries within the TexShare network go beyond physical materials by extending their offerings to include digital catalogs, allowing patrons to access an abundance of e-books, audiobooks, and other digital resources.  

Eligibility and Guidelines 

Before embarking on your library journey, visit the Southlake Public Library website or contact us at 817-748-8243 to confirm eligibility. Patron must be 18 years of age or older. Patron must have had a Southlake Library card for at least three (3) months. Patron must not have any overdue materials or fines. One user per card - no additional users may be added. 

If you are bringing a Texshare card to us 

The patron must show a TexShare card and then complete a Southlake Library application via our paper application or on the computer.  

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