Sunday, September 26, 2021

Southlake Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results Released

The City of Southlake shared the results of the 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey at the City Council meeting held on February 18th. Assistant City Manager Alison Ortowski presented the findings to the Council during work session.

Ortowski told the Council that residents ranked several City services, such as managing trash and recycling collection and preparing the City for emergencies, at least 80% or higher for citizen satisfaction. Ortowski added that of the 39 services listed in the survey, responses indicated no decreases in levels of service satisfaction, with many showing significant increases.

The survey results also identified gap issues that provide opportunities for the City to improve. Residents indicated managing traffic congestion, providing bicycle friendly streets and trails, and the management growth and development as areas for improvement.

Ortowski added that improving resident satisfaction on the gap issues will be a primary focus for the City until the next survey which is scheduled for 2015, noting “Results from the survey are used as a blueprint for the City’s business plans and work plans.”

More than 800 residents participated in the 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey conducted by Decision Analyst, Inc.

The City of Southlake’s presentation of the survey results can be viewed below. To read the report in its entirety or in sections, please visit


2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Available This October

The City of Southlake is proud to offer to its residents the 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

Since 2007, the survey has been a vital tool in helping the City develop the highest satisfaction standards for its residents and businesses. In the past several years, the City has been focusing its strategy on several key areas including: enhancing infrastructure, improving emergency management, managing growth and development, and more.

“For more than five years, the City has made considerable investments into the areas that residents have said are important,” said City Manager Shana Yelverton. “We take the survey results very seriously. This year we hope to learn more about how people think we are progressing and use this to create areas of new opportunity.”

The survey will be available online throughout October. This year participants will have the ability to save the survey and come back later to complete it.

“We received feedback in 2011 that a save feature would be a great addition,” said Assistant to the City Manager Caroline Eckel. “The 2013 survey will allow people to take their time and think about their answers. We think it’s a great improvement.” 

Eckel says each survey is an important benchmark for the City Departments. “Each department has set goals designed to better serve our customers, we feel the survey is a great touch point for departments to help assess their plans and make improvements.”

Results from this year’s survey are expected to be available in late winter. Once the survey closes a survey report will be produced by the City’s survey vendor, Decision Analyst. City staff will then review the results with the City Council and then make them available online.

The City has been conducting citizen surveys since 1997 and has made it a biannual commitment since 2007. Results from previous years are kept on the City’s main website, for public review.

To participate in this year’s survey click here. For more information about the survey, please visit