Generally, when people think of mobility topics, traffic, sidewalks and pedestrians are the first things that come to mind. However, mobility expands to providing a safe and accessible community for everyone through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Being ADA compliant is not limited to providing sidewalks or curb ramps, it also includes physical access to facilities.

A building such as Town Hall provides several ADA accommodations.

Ramps with handrails are located on the south end of the building and handicap accessible parking is also available on all four sides.  When you enter Town Hall, you will notice double doors and wider hallways for visitors to move along with ease and adequate space. Town Hall also has an elevator to access all floors. All office suites feature braille signage to assist in building navigation.

These features allow for everyone to move independently throughout Town Hall. The Southlake 2030 Mobility Master Plan refers to implementing and promoting a mobility system that addresses safety, design, comfort, aesthetics and functionality, which all play a key role in how everyone navigates throughout our community.

To learn more about Southlake Mobility, please follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page or go to For more information about the City complies with ADA, please click here.

Grab your walking shoes because the Continental Sidewalk will be open soon.

The four-mile sidewalk trail will loop all the way around connecting FM 1709, S. Kimball Avenue and S. Carroll Avenue giving pedestrians easy access to parks, businesses, neighborhoods and multiple schools.

Over the last few weeks, contractors have cleaned up and added the finishing touches to landscaping and culvert crossings. Only a few minor details remain. The handrail installation is almost complete and crossbars are expected to be installed next week.

This sidewalk segment is part of the City’s 2030 Mobility Master Plan, a plan that identifies opportunities to reduce traffic congestion while simultaneously promoting the needs of residents, businesses, visitors and pedestrians.

The Continental Sidewalk Project portion of the plan is estimated to cost $317,000 and funding was made within the General Fund’s City Pathways Program.

For updates on this and other Southlake Mobility projects, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit

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