Sunday, June 4, 2023

Team Southlake Went All Out for the Fit City Challenge

The Fit City Challenge is officially over, and the results are ready!

Team Southlake might not have taken home the Fit City trophy, but we accomplished some incredible feats over the last 45 days. We showed the entire community that there is nothing we can’t achieve with a little determination, team spirit, and healthy competition!

Here are the final results:

Team Southlake: 752.5 points

Team Keller: 756.2 points

As you can see, it was an extremely close competition. We didn’t win the overall championship, but we overcame obstacles, stepped out of our comfort zones, and claimed personal victories. You can’t quantify that with mere numbers! We are incredibly proud of everyone that participated in the challenge and took their fitness journey to the next level!

For those who love looking at metrics, these incredible stats that demonstrate how hard Team Southlake competed in this challenge are for you.

Total Miles Logged: 15,598.89 (the Proclaimers have nothing on us!)

Total Steps: 82,943,183

Total Points: 473,259

Total Participants: 630 Southlake residents!

The Fit City Challenge was an astonishing competition. We rallied together as a community and dedicated ourselves to getting out and being active! Not only that, but we had fun doing it too!

Here’s what a couple of Team Southlakers had to say about participating in the challenge:

“It’s been awesome being a part of the Fit City Challenge, representing the City of Southlake. My workouts began on February 1, Monday through Saturday. I woke up at 5:00 AM to get to the gym by 5:30 AM, with my target event being the Caveman Triathlon on April 10 in Flower Mound. My goal is to complete 20 triathlons before the close of 2022!” Jenny Vidotto.

“The competition was super close! Win or lose, we got some great engagement and feedback, so that’s a win in my book!” Jake Coldren, Fitness and Performance Supervisor.

The challenge may be over, but it’s no time to lose momentum! Challenge yourself to continue working towards 45 active minutes a day for optimal health and balance. Way to go, Team Southlake!

Get Ready Team Southlake! The First Annual Fit City Challenge Kicks Off Today!

Are you ready for some neighborly city vs. city competition? Are you looking for ways to get active and start crushing your goals?

Join Team Southlake for the first annual Fit City Challenge! We are going head-to-head with the City of Keller to prove we have what it takes to be the Most Fit City 2022! The challenge kicks off today!

Over the next 45 days, we challenge you to be physically active, focus on your well-being, and work with your fellow citizens to move Southlake to the top of the leaderboard! We teamed up with Wellable to be the health and wellness platform for the Fit City Challenge. With Wellable, you will have the opportunity to have fun while getting active, improve your health and well-being, and qualify for prizes!

Join the Challenge Today!
To get started, create a free Wellable account. Once completed, check your inbox for a welcome email containing your Wellable credentials for access to your account. You will also receive instructions for connecting an app or activity tracker to your account—it’s the easiest way to track your activity and earn points!

Registration opened on March 28th, 2022, but you can join at any point throughout the challenge, which runs from April 1st, 2022, through May 15th, 2022.

How the Challenge Works
The goal for this challenge is to achieve 2,022 points. That’s 45 minutes of activity a day over the 45 days of the challenge!

Earning Points for this challenge is super simple! For every minute of intentional activity completed, you will earn yourself and your team 1 point! Please note that some activities listed are recorded based on the distance completed. To distribute points accurately, we have taken the average time it takes to complete each distance and will convert that distance to points.

  • Walking/Running/Hiking: 1 Mile = 15 Points
  • Cycling: 1 Mile = 5 Points
  • All other Active Minutes = 1 Point

*If you prefer to record these activities based upon time, simply select “Other Sports and Activities” listed under the Physical Activity tab and record the time spent being active.

*A daily maximum of 45 points is set to encourage an ongoing active lifestyle.

A random participant will be drawn from each team to win a prize each week! At the end of the challenge, the individual with the most Active Minutes/Points on each team will win an Apple Watch! In the case of a tie, the participants will be put into a drawing, and the winner will be chosen at random.

The team that finishes the challenge with the highest average of points per user will be crowned the Fit City Challenge Champions!

Weekly Prizes

  • Week 1: Champions Club Guest Pass x 2
  • Week 2: Champions Club Swag Bag
  • Week 3: Local Southlake Business Gift Card
  • Week 4: Champions Club Guest Pass x 5
  • Week 5: Complementary Champions Club Personal Training Session
  • Week 6: One Month Champions Club Membership or Facility Credit of Equal Value

Prize for Overall Challenge Winners
At the end of the challenge, the individual from each team with the greatest number of Active Minutes/ Points will be crowned the overall challenge winner for their city and will receive the grand prize– an Apple Watch!

How Teams are Ranked
Teams are ranked by the average number of points for all members. Teammates without any points will lower the score of the entire team! Encouraging your teammates to stay active throughout the challenge is critical to maintaining your average! The leaderboard will default to team rankings, but you can see how you rank as an overall individual or an individual on your team by selecting a new view under the options menu.

Added Bonus!
Members of The Keller Pointe and members of Champions Club will have open access to both facilities for the duration of the challenge! Just show proof of current membership, complete your waiver, and you’re good to go! Now let’s get ready to log some activities!

What do you say, Team Southlake? Are you up for the challenge? Register today!