Club Metro is all about new experiences for our participants, and this summer, the program got a welcomed expansion!

With the popularity of our Club Metro outings during the Fall and Spring seasons, we knew it was time to expand our offerings. This year, the Community Services Department is proud to provide two Club Metro camp weeks for our world-class participants! Club Metro hosted its first week of day camp last week for our teen and adult participants. It was a week jam-packed with exciting outings, fun games, delicious meals, and good times with friends.

Here is a recap of what our participants were up to last week.

Outings Galore
Club Metro is all about having fun with our participants while teaching them necessary soft skills such as communication when out and about. That’s why we picked an exciting location to visit almost every day of camp. Campers enjoyed discovering new experiences, such as getting a strike at Alley Cats, witnessing an equestrian joust at Medieval Times, learning about the ocean at the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine, and getting curious at the Perot Museum in Dallas!

Yummy Eats
It wouldn’t be Club Metro if it didn’t include some delicious mealtimes for our participants to socialize, and Club Metro Camp was no different. Campers enjoyed Joe’s Pizza, Chili’s, and medieval cuisine at Medieval Times!

Crafts, Games, and Activities
We pride ourselves on running well-rounded camps that everyone can enjoy. Club Metro Camp included daily activities such as crafting pipe cleaner trees, field day with Kiddo Kinetics, sand art, bingo, scratch art, soccer, films in the fieldhouse, rock painting, and games!

With such a fun schedule planned for our participants, it’s no wonder this week of camp sold out before it even began. Our first week of camp was so successful that we’re doing it again in August! We look forward to continuing to create life-long memories with our Club Metro participants!


Swing your partner round and round and mosey on over to the Senior Activity Center for Line Dancing!

Line Dancing made a comeback to the Southlake Senior Activity Center this June. Every Monday at 11:00 AM SAC members gather to partake in this fun, low impact, and healthy activity for those that love to dance. Seniors Line Dancing teaches members the different steps of line dancing while guaranteeing a hopping time.

It’s no secret that dancing is a fun pastime for those that feel the rhythm; however, it is also a fantastic exercise for seniors to do. There is a myriad of health benefits to dancing in your golden years.

Not only does dancing get you moving in a low impact way, but it is also a great social activity. We all know that our Southlake Seniors love being social, so we are happy to provide multiple social opportunities for the senior community.

Not only does dancing provide a fun social opportunity, but it also has many health benefits. These include improving mobility, strength, and balance, reducing muscle pain, minimizing stress and anxiety, and maintaining good heart and cardiovascular health.

With all the benefits associated with dancing, no wonder these classes have been filling up quickly! Make sure to keep up with the Senior Center Webpage to stay on top of all the activities available this summer! Register for an activity at the Senior Center here. 

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