This list of new Southlake businesses is provided by the Southlake Department of Economic Development and Tourism to help you see what's new and what's coming into the Southlake market! Contact us by Email if are a new business coming into town or if you have any questions about our listings. You may also visit for other business information or follow us on Facebook for the latest business news.

Now Open

  • McIlvain & Associates, LLC - Whether you’re starting a new business venture or own a well-established organization, their talented CPAs and financial experts can help you leverage the right accounting and tax strategies to keep as much of your hard-earned profits as the law allows. Their team members have extensive backgrounds in the fields of taxes and accounting. They’re also proud, active members within the community. McIlvain & Associates recently opened at 1110 N. Kimball Avenue, Suite 100. 817-545-1277
  • The Foundry Gym - The Foundry Gym, owned and established by Joseph Lea, is intended to offer members programming outside the box and allow them to explore functional fitness that serves them best, including programming from SOFlete, Spartan, and HYROX. All three programs are focused on enhancing the athlete’s fitness so that he or she can live the rest of their life even better. The Foundry Gym recently opened at 2120 E. Southlake Boulevard. 817-421-3539
  • Havertys – Shopping for stylish, high-quality furniture in Southlake? Havertys Furniture has everything you need from entire furniture sets to finishing accents and home décor. Tell the story of your home with the extensive selection of styles in our showroom including traditional, rustic, farmhouse, contemporary, mid-century modern and more. Havertys opens on August 21st in Southlake Corners at 250 N. Kimball Avenue, Suite 250. 817-722-3030
  • One Stop Nutrition – At One Stop Nutrition, they have always prided themselves on offering the highest quality products and knowledge to their health-conscious customers. From day one, they have rigorously stayed on the cutting edge of nutritional science and continually listened to their customer’s needs to become today’s premier spot for one stop shopping. One Stop Nutrition recently opened in Wyndham Plaza at 2704 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 101. 817-912-1107
  • Dalpha Capital Management - Dalpha Capital Management is an investment firm specializing in digital asset strategies. They recently opened their newly formed business at 620 N. Carroll Avenue, Suite 150. Dalpha.Capital
  • Graduate Coffee - We’re going to graduate! This is Graduate Coffee, a coffee shop that feels like a summer vacation but works as if it`s finals week. They’re elevating. It`s the start of a new class. Graduate Coffee recently opened at 1901 W. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 100. 817-912-1403
  • Soul Sweat Yoga - Owned by Melinda & Jayson Nag, Soul Sweat Hot Yoga opened its doors in 2016. Formerly known as Sumits Hot Yoga, the Nags created Soul Sweat as a great opportunity to restore and bring D/FW a fresh, upbeat HOT YOGA studio. Since opening in 2016, SSHY has won multiple awards, including Star-Telegram's "Best Yoga Studio 2018" and FWTX "Best Yoga Studio" in 2020. Most recently, Soul Sweat Yoga opened at 1431 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 519. 817- 410-3737
  • Top Fitness Store - Top Fitness Store is your trusted source for fitness equipment. When you buy exercise equipment from them, you will be investing in the best equipment from industry-leading brands. No matter your fitness level or goals, Top Fitness Store provides the tools needed to elevate your fitness lifestyle from the convenience of your home.Top Fitness recently opened in The Shops of Southlake at 1431 E. Southlake Boulevard, Suite 501. 817-251-2569
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