Saturday, December 2, 2023

Meet Bora Sulollari, One of the Shining Stars of the City Manager’s Office!

The City of Southlake places incredible importance on internships. Throughout the numerous departments, there are many opportunities to explore the City and make a difference. Many times, those interns find their place and stay within the walls of Town Hall.

As Bora Sulollari walked in for her first day as an intern at the City of Southlake, she was greeted with big smiles and new experiences.

“I felt so welcomed from the first moment I stepped into the building,” said Sulollari. “My time as an intern was so important to me, not only because of the valuable things I got to learn and experience but also because of the amazing people I got the chance to work with daily.”

Sulollari began her journey as a Management Intern. After obtaining her Master’s in Public Administration, she worked her way up to a full-time role as a City Manager’s Office Management Assistant. In her role, she assists the CMO with various budgetary, research, strategic management functions, and much more. “I’m forever grateful for all the various insightful projects I have gotten the chance to collaborate on,” she mentioned.

At the City of Southlake, our interns’ talents span many departments and topics. Several other full-time employees got their start just like Bora Sulollari and they continue to service the City through their dedication and commitment to excellence.

City Manager’s Office Intern Named Outstanding MPA Student at UNT

Just weeks before graduation, City Manager’s Office (CMO) Intern Bora Sulollari was named this year’s Outstanding Master of Public Administration (MPA) Student for the University of North Texas (UNT).

The Student of the Year award is given annually by the Department of Public Administration to the outstanding MPA student. The Outstanding Student Award includes a plaque recognizing the student’s achievements. In addition, the recipient of the Outstanding Master of Public Administration Student award receives the E. Ray Griffin Scholarship including a $1,500 award.
“Bora was an excellent student in the MPA program,” said Dr. Hee Soun Jang, associate professor and MPA program Coordinator of UNT adding that Sulollari had an “exceptional academic performance.”

“She managed exceptionally high grade-point average (GPA) during the course work in the rigorous MPA program and her performance was a direct result of her hard work and strong focus,” said Dr. Jang. “She has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face. Her leadership and outstanding performance were evidence by the Outstanding MPA Student Award of 2021.”

Serving as an intern for the City since September 2020, Sulollari has played an integral part in the success of many projects during her time with Southlake.

“We are especially proud of Bora for receiving this award,” said Assistant City Manager Alison Ortowski, who is a former recipient of UNT’s Outstanding MPA Student Award. “She exemplifies excellence in all she does here for the City of Southlake, and there is no doubt that she displayed that same excellence during her academic career.”

The City of Southlake has a long-standing relationship with UNT’s MPA program, often selecting student interns from the school.

“We are fortunate to have student interns like Bora join our staff. It’s a great opportunity for them to get some experience working in a City Manager’s Office and we also benefit from their knowledge and skills to assist our team in accomplishing our City’s goals,” Ortowski said. “With her determination and tenacity, Bora has shown her ample abilities as part of our team. There is no doubt that she has a bright future ahead in public administration.”

Sulollari completed her MPA degree earlier this month with a 3.94 GPA. During her time at UNT, she served as president of the Public Administration Students Association.
Dr. Jang said Sulollari was “such a dedicated leader in Public Administration Student Association (PASA) during the testing time of the pandemic. She had shown a strong commitment to public service and outstanding organizational skills in leading student organization activities.”

In addition, Sulollari served as chair of Pi Alpha Alpha (PAA), the national honor society for public affairs and administration, in 2020-2021; and as a member of PAA, UMANT, ICMA and TCMA. Sulollari earned her bachelor’s degree from UNT in 2019.