Friday, September 24, 2021

The Bob Jones Nature Center Hosted the Third Annual Monarch Festival

Fall is here, and that means it’s time for one of nature’s most mesmerizing events: the monarch migration!

The Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve celebrated this spectacular natural phenomenon at the Third Annual Monarch Butterfly Festival last Saturday! In Southlake, we are privileged to live along the Monarch’s migration path on their annual epic journey from Canada to Mexico. As good stewards of our natural environment and the monarch butterflies that lay their eggs in Southlake, it’s up to us to help make their journey a success. Staff at the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve loved teaching the community about the importance of this majestic pollinator species. What better way to honor these beautiful insects than with a festival?

Participants marveled at this colorful natural spectacle as we released hundreds of Monarch Butterflies into the wild! Festivalgoers interacted with these insects first-hand and enjoyed multiple butterfly-themed goodies and activities.

This year the event was broken up into three release sessions to ensure an intimate and safe experience. Participants could sign up for a session at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, or 12:00 pm.

“The Monarch Butterfly Festival was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate monarchs and educate the community about them. The festival presented a fun way to spend family time exploring the Preserve, while also learning about how we can help monarchs and other wildlife right here in Southlake! This year, we released 450 monarchs. All our butterflies were tagged with Monarch Watch stickers to track their migration to Mexico. It was an absolute joy to host an event that is for guests and our wildlife,” Hannah Nyquist, Outdoor Experience Coordinator.

We loved celebrating the beginning of Fall and one of nature’s most phenomenal events with you at the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve! Make sure to catch us at our upcoming Open House on Saturday, September 25!


Former Public Works Employee Bill Hollings Named Star of Texas Recipient

Former City of Southlake Public Works employee Bill Hollings was named a Star of Texas recipient by Governor Greg Abbott.

Mr. Hollings, a traffic supervisor, passed away in August of 2020 due to his injuries from a July 2020 traffic accident believed to be caused by a drunk driver. At the time of the accident, he was aiding the Southlake Police Department in keeping an intersection safe after the traffic signals lost power.

Gov. Abbot present Star of Texas Award to Ms. Hollings

Governor Greg Abbot presents the Star of Texas award to Vivian Hollings on behalf of her late husband, Bill Hollings.

The Star of Texas Awards honor all Texas peace officers, firefighters, emergency medical first responders, and federal law enforcement officers who are seriously injured or lost in the line of duty. Private citizens who were seriously injured or passed away while aiding or attempting to aid a peace officer, firefighter, or emergency first responder in the performance of their duties are also eligible to receive a Star of Texas Award. Southlake Police Chief James Brandon nominated Mr. Hollings in the private citizen category.

“The City of Southlake is pleased that Bill could be honored in this way. He was devoted to his beautiful family and his faith. We are lucky to call him one of our own,” said Southlake City Manager Shana Yelverton.

Chief AshleighCasey with Ms. Hollings

Southlake Assistant Police Chief Ashleigh Casey with Vivian Hollings, wife of the late Southlake Public Works employee Bill Hollings who died while assisting the City’s traffic patrol in keeping an intersection safe after the traffic signals lost power.

Forty-six Texans were honored this year. Governor Abbott started the ceremony with remarks telling the families and audience: “We pray with gratitude for you and your families. The service of your loved ones will never be forgotten.”

The entire ceremony can be viewed here- Mr. Hollings’ family is seen accepting his Star of Texas Medal at 2:32:36.

Troop 168 Carries on Tradition of Placing American Flags at Town Square

With dew on the ground, the sun peeking through the horizon, shadows begin to scatter around the front of Town Square, as members and leaders of Boy Scout Troop 168 begin placing American flags around the perimeter of the front lawn one by one, paying homage to the United States of America.

This scene has occurred since 2010 as the Troop sets out and takes down the American flags at Town Square on seven holidays each year.

Scoutmaster Simon McLean said Troop 168 takes pride in honoring America and these special holidays with the placement of the flags.

“We’re proud to do so,” Scoutmaster McLean said. “And participating scouts receive service hours when they fulfill this responsibility.”

The Troop places the flags in Town Square each President’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot’s Day, Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor Day. So, if you ever wondered who ensured a symbol of our City’s pride in the USA was displayed on these holidays, you now know it was an act of service from the Southlake Boy Scout Troop 168.

How Do I Report Lost Animals?

Whether you are walking or driving, once you spot an unattended animal, you have to wonder if they are lost.

The good news is you can help.

The City of Southlake contracts with the City of Keller Regional Animal Adoption Center to care for lost animals and animal adoptions.

Their facility is run by the Human Society of North Texas.

Not only does the City of Keller assist with lost animals, but they can also help address other animal concerns.

The City of Southlake partners with the City of Keller Regional Animal Services to respond to animal-related calls for service, collect stray animals and investigate vicious animal complaints.

For more information, please visit our the City of Southlake’s animal services webpage.


Say Hello to Your SROs!

The new school year has started, and our school resource officers have hit the ground running to make the 2021-2022 school year great! Since the 2013-2014 school year, an SRO has been assigned to every Carroll ISD school.

The City of Southlake Police Department partners with Carroll ISD to promote and ensure student safety. We are committed to providing a safe campus and environment for the community.

Our world class SROs have been recognized by the National Association of School Resource Officers, Texas Association of School Resource Officers and locally through Carroll ISD.

“We want to create meaningful relationships with the community. If you see us while we’re at school, say hello!” Sgt. Preston Logan said.

Along with providing enhanced security, our SROs are dedicated to making a positive impact by educating students about bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as bicycle safety. Our goal is to be a positive role model for your student through coaching and mentorship.

Learn more about our School Resource Officer Program on our website.

Champions Club Members: Don’t Miss out on Backyard Family Game Night!

Aloha, Champions Club Family! Head on over to Champions Club this Saturday for another Backyard Family Game Night!

We take member appreciation seriously at Champions Club. That’s why we go above and beyond to let you know how much it means to us that you’re a part of our Champions Club family! We are all about celebrating members and having fun together—from our Member Monday treats, fun monthly challenges to our Backyard Family Game Nights!

Join us on Saturday, August 14, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm for some traditional and not-so-traditional backyard games at Champions Club! Bring the whole family and enjoy treats, prizes, and other activities to end summer vacation right!

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Backyard Family Game Night is a members-only event, but anyone can participate by purchasing a day pass. Get yours today!

Ready to become a member and take full advantage of member appreciation events and a world-class fitness facility? Join before August 31 and receive 10 Guest Passes and a complimentary Personal Training session!

There’s no better time to join the Champions Club family than today. See you at Backyard Family Game Night!

City of Southlake and Park Village Host Public Art Dedication for Hunter Brown’s “Take Off”

On Wednesday, August 11, the City of Southlake hosted a public art dedication for Hunter Brown’s “Take Off,” and the new fountain at Park Village.

City Council members, Arts Council members, and representatives from ShopCore gathered at Park Village to dedicate Southlake’s latest public art piece and new Park Village fountain. Mayor Pro-Tem Chad Patton opened the ceremony, followed by remarks by Arts Council Chairperson Tamara McMillan and ShopCore Vice President of Property Management Chris Dykstra.

Patton expressed enthusiasm at the prospect of children playing near the fountain as their parents dined in one of Park Village’s many restaurants.

“It’s great to see this beautiful place come to life!” Patton said.

Dykstra thanked the City for their continuous support of Park Village and the installment of public art in this popular Southlake destination.

Tamara McMillan provided an in-depth description of the new piece and the Arts Council’s role in public art procurement in the city. City Council appointed the Arts Council to advise on all matters related to public art in Southlake. The Hotel Occupancy Tax funds all public art initiatives, including sculptures like “Take Off.”

Created by Hunter Brown of Innovated Sculpture Design, “Take Off,” is the newest addition to Southlake’s robust public art collection. It is a modern stainless-steel sculpture standing 15 feet in height and composed of twisting and turning forms that ascend upward, intersecting and jutting through space. Abstract in design, the movement of the forms invoke an aeronautical feel that pays tribute to the airstrip that was once a part of this area.

Next time you are at Park Village, make sure to admire our newest art piece while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful new fountain.

Southlake Senior Activity Center Member, Wally Funk, Honored at Hometown Parade and SAC Luncheon

The Southlake Senior Activity Center is known for having world-class members with infinitely fascinating stories to tell. World-class aviator, Wally Funk, is no exception.

Wally Funk became a professional aviator in her early 20s and became a flight instructor, flight inspector, and air safety investigator, along with other impressive aviation titles and certifications. In the early 1960s, Funk participated in the Women in Space program, a group later dubbed the Mercury 13. During this time, Funk underwent rigorous physical and mental tests. While passing all the tests with flying colors, NASA did not recruit women for spaceflight until 1978. After decades of flying, Wally Funk’s dreams of going to space finally came true.

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, Senior Center Member Wally Funk sealed her stamp on history by becoming the oldest person in space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin New Shepard space tourism rocket. After a lifetime of trailblazing for women in aviation and space flight, Wally Funk finally soared to astronomical heights.

In honor of her impressive aviation career and her historic flight onboard the Blue Origin New Shepard, the City of Grapevine held a Parade and Community Celebration along Grapevine’s Historic Main Street on Saturday, August 7, at noon. The parade included a presentation by aviation leaders, peers, Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate, and the Grapevine City Council. Wally Funk was also available to answer questions.

The Southlake Senior Activity Center also welcomed Ms. Wally Funk at yesterday’s Metroport Meals On Wheels luncheon. The weekly congregated lunch was filled with more excitement and joy than ever as everyone cheered Wally for achieving her long-awaited dream of going to space. Senior members lined up to take photos and congratulate her, and Wally did not disappoint.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of speaking with Wally Funk knows that she is a world-class aviator with a lifetime of unique stories to tell. We love hearing all about her out-of-this-world career at the Senior Center, and are super proud of all her achievements!

Keep reaching new heights, Wally!

Life-Long Learning at the Senior Activity Center

Albert Einstein once said that “wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Members of the Southlake Senior Activity Center would agree that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Summer has flown by, and this month Southlake Dragons are not the only ones hitting the books. The Senior Activity Center is hosting two educational seminars in August for our senior members. It’s never too late to learn something new or rediscover a favorite topic.

American History Seminar
History aficionados are in for a special treat on Thursday, August 12. Educators from Tarrant County College will be at the Senior Center from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm to present a condensed version of their American History lecture. Senior Center members will have the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.

Technology 101 by Dragons for Seniors
Nothing is better than inter-generational collaboration. Dragons for Seniors students arrive at the Senior Activity Center to answer technology questions on Friday, August 13 from 10:00 am- 12:00 pm. Seniors are encouraged to register for a 30-minute slot and bring any device they would like to learn how to use.

Learn Then Lunch: Legal Seminar
If Law is more your style, then make sure to register for the Seniors Legal Seminar on August 17. Members of the McGee Law Firm will join our Seniors to present the 8 Costly Mistakes Families Make In Their Estate Plans from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm. This seminar will give you a complete picture of estate planning if you are interested in brushing up your knowledge of wills, trusts, probate, and more.

Learning never stops just because you are no longer in school. Senior Activity Center members know just how important it is to keep broadening their horizons, and the SAC is happy to provide our members with educational opportunities to continue their lifelong learning journey.

Save your spot for our educational seminars here.