Friday, June 2, 2023

Get Outside for National Take a Walk in the Park Day!

We’re all about a fun holiday in the Community Services Department, especially when it has to do with our parks!

Today is National Take a Walk in the Park Day, and we are so excited to get outside and enjoy the beautiful parks and trails in Southlake. Our residents are lucky to have many community and neighborhood parks to explore. From the award-winning Bicentennial Park and gorgeous Bob Jones Nature Center to the tucked-away Liberty Park at Sheltonwood, there’s a park for everyone!

If you want to incorporate retail therapy into your walk, visit any of our four public parks in Town Square! Rustin, Family, Summit, and Cornish parks are all conveniently close to your favorite Southlake businesses! If you like a beautiful water feature during your walk, check out Chesapeake Park and walk around the pond. Liberty Park at Sheltonwood offers a peaceful trail that leads to a beautiful pavilion and footbridge!

Walking outside is an incredible wellness habit to incorporate into your daily routine. Going for a walk outdoors, especially in a beautiful public park, can help you relax, clear your mind, and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. Bring your family or friends along for a healthy alternative to going to a restaurant to catch up!

Make walking in the park a part of your wellness routine, and track every mile during the Fit City Challenge! Where are you going for a walk today?

Southlake Featured Park: Bob Jones Park

It’s almost the weekend, and it’s time to get outside and explore a new park! This week’s featured community park is Bob Jones Park!

Bob Jones Park is on the northeast side of town alongside N. White Chapel Boulevard. What began as a series of purchases from an underdeveloped small-lot mobile home park eventually became the nearly 500 acres of Cross Timbers habitat nature lovers enjoy today. Bob Jones Park boasts 13 soccer fields, a six-acre pond and fishing pavilion, equestrian trails, a softball complex, a cricket pitch, a playground, public art, and Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park. In addition, Bob Jones Park connects to the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, the premier destination for nature exploration in Southlake.

Bob Jones Park is another shining example of Southlake’s dedication to world-class community parks. Combined with the Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, this community investment truly has something for every interest. On any given day, you can see our local Dragons running the trails, nature- lovers exploring the preserve, or athletes perfecting their craft. Our beautiful bat-wing pavilion is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of fishing and enjoying a family picnic.

Those who enjoy art and history can check out the beautiful and interactive Bob and Almeady Jones statue installed last October. Visit the Bob Jones Nature Center to learn more about the local family that gave this gorgeous park its name.

Community parks are crucial to promoting healthy, happy, and active residents. We are proud to have many incredible community parks like Bob Jones Park in Southlake.

Visit Bob Jones Park before the year ends and make it a New Year’s Resolution to get outside and explore Southlake’s world-class parks system!

Southlake Featured Park: North Park

Maintaining green, clean, and safe public parks is our daily mission.

There’s nothing Parks professionals love more than seeing our community get outside and enjoy our world-class parks facilities. This week’s featured park is a beautiful space for outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts!

North Park is next to the Southlake DPS North Training Center and is Southlake’s newest community park. Completed in September 2012, the park serves as a fantastic amenity to the surrounding neighborhoods of Estes Park and Oak Pointe. Those who live around that area have surely noticed North Park’s distinctive Tuscan villa-inspired concession building, but that’s not the only feature that makes it outstanding!

This spacious community park is an asset to the community and a local example of superior park design. Complete with three lighted multi-purpose sports fields, various walking trails, a unique playground, a large pond, and generous open play space, North Park has it all! In addition, North Park hosts our recreation flag football games and the Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Association’s lacrosse games!

North Park is not just for the athletically gifted, however. Art and architecture admirers will find a hidden gem within the Italian tower of the North Park Villa. While its primary function is for concessions and restroom amenities, it’s also the home to one of our Public Art collection pieces. Next time you find yourself at North Park, be on the lookout for Janice Hart Melito’s gorgeous “Longhorn Bass Relief.”

Whether you’re a Lacrosse fan, enjoy the gnome-themed playground, are on the lookout for unique public art, or enjoy walking around outside, North Park is a world-class green space for the Southlake community,

Make sure to pencil in an outing to North Park this week!

The Parks Division Begins Annual Winter Rye Application

Did you walk around Town Square last weekend and think the grass looked abnormally short?

Don’t worry it’s not an optical illusion, and no, the landscaper did not make a mistake. What you’re witnessing is the Parks Division preparing for our winter rye application. The Parks Division uses rye in its Turf Management Program to preserve high-traffic grassy areas during the winter months when the warm weather grass is dormant. Think of popular public parks like the ones in Town Square.

When grass is dormant, it cannot repair itself if damaged. It’s, therefore, more suspectable to creating bare and dead spots during City events when coming out of its dormancy in the Spring. All athletics fields utilized during the cold months use this process to keep them looking sharp and minimize wear and tear.

On top of preserving the warm weather grass from severe damage, rye acts as an erosion-preventative technique. The rye grass provides an extra root system that grows and holds the soil together during the heavy downpours over the winter months.

The annual winter rye application is just one example of the Parks maintenance techniques the Parks Division utilizes to keep Southlake beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. Their goal is to ensure every park in the City is clean, green, and safe! We feel fortunate to live and work in a City that takes such good care of its green spaces.