Sunday, June 4, 2023

$40,000 Classroom Furniture Prize Awarded to George Dawson Middle School

During a student assembly at Dawson Middle School, bkm –  Total Office of Texas surprised students by announcing that the school has won their 2015 “Flip This Class/School” contest. The prize is a makeover for their library lounge areas valued at $40,000. The assembly was held in the gym at Dawson Middle School on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 at 3:10 p.m.

A jury of professionals from the DFW area chose Dawson from the 35 submitted video entries from the North TX/DFW area classrooms (grades 6-12) or library. The bkm – Total Office of Texas team and Steelcase, the leading global furniture manufacturer will transform the library into a dynamic space to inspire and activate learning for students and staff. Past winners of the award include Coppell Middle School North (2013) and James M. Steel Accelerated High School’s Career Technology Education (CTE) classroom in Northwest ISD (2014).


Dawson Band Students Advance in Region Auditions

Throughout the past week, over 1200 middle school band students from Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Lewisville ISD, and Carroll ISD auditioned for the Region 24 Middle School All Region Bands. Of the 400 students selected, 42 were from Dawson Middle School. Dawson had the second highest number of students make the bands out of the 21 schools in the Region.

Elizabeth File- 8th Chair Flute, Wind Ensemble
Camille Pardoe- 11th Chair Flute, Honor Band
Allison Semadeni- 4th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Sophia LeBlanc- 7th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Erin Fritz- Flute Alternate
Bill Kahn- 4th Chair Oboe, Honor Band
Andrew Kim- Oboe Alternate
Nolan Mikolasik- 2nd Chair Bassoon, Symphonic Band
Isabella Grice- 16th Chair Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Nick Walker- 16th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Isabella Miller- 17th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Jessica Creech- 3rd Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Emily Stalder- 7th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Steven Mediterraneo- 14th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band
Alexa Aponte- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Viraaj Kovela- 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Tori Thomas- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Honor Band
Allen Zhou- 2nd Chair Alto Sax, Honor Band
Alvin Zhang- 4th Chair Alto Sax, Concert Band
Ethan Budvitis- 1st Chair Tenor Sax, Symphonic Band
Ethan Kim- 2nd Chair Tenor Sax, Honor Band
Sarah Andrews- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Symphonic Band
Jenna Eads- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Wind Ensemble
Natalie Whalen- 2nd Chair Trumpet, Wind Ensemble
Kayla Nguyen- 4th Chair Trumpet, Honor Band
Cole Ragsdale- 6th Chair Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Christopher Ciccone- 9th Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Katherine Shofran- 5th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Sai Mahapatra- 10th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Cece Sutherland- 1st Chair Horn, Wind Ensemble
Sahaj Singh- 2nd Chair Horn, Symphonic Band
Caitlyn Hanlon- 4th Chair Horn, Concert Band
Eric Meyne- 8th Chair Trombone, Wind Ensemble
Gregory Salazar- 1st Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Asher Stevens- 4th Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Peter Adams- 7th Chair Trombone, Symphonic Band
Matt Hahn- 7th Chair Trombone, Concert Band
Jack Crump- Trombone Alternate
Destin Blanchard- 3rd Chair Euphonium, Symphonic Band
Ryan Seltzer- 2nd Chair Euphonium, Concert Band
Jacob Ammermann- 3rd Chair Tuba, Wind Ensemble
Naysan Sahba- 4th Chair Percussion, Wind Ensemble
Claire Casey- 4th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Spencer Foster- 5th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Desi West- 8th Chair Percussion, Symphonic Band
Chaya Hemanth- Percussion Alternate

Kimball Oaks Development Construction Update

New Village Center access to Dawson Middle School

New Village Center access to Dawson Middle School

Motorists, traveling from Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) heading south on Kimball Avenue, have no doubt noticed the construction currently happening along this stretch of roadway.

Since late-May 2014, contractors for the Kimball Oaks development have worked diligently constructing a number of improvements in preparation for this new retail site, such as wall removal and the construction of deceleration lanes at the intersection of Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) and South Kimball Avenue. Currently, work crews are busy with median reconstruction and concrete pouring near Dawson Middle School. And although the construction isn’t quite done, we greatly appreciate your co-operation during this process and we thank you for your patience as well.

With these two most recent projects, the median reconstruction and concrete pouring, in addition to the construction happening on Village Center Drive, there has been some concern how drivers will access Dawson Middle School when school starts on August 25th.   However, according to project engineers, all of the projects are scheduled to be complete before the start of school.

The Public Works department along with the Southlake Police department are working closely with the contractor to get the work completed as quickly as possible with minimal traffic impacts.

“The Southlake Police will be monitoring the situation so that traffic will continue to flow as smoothly as possible,” said Police Chief Steve Mylett.  “We will also be ready to step in if needed to expedite the safe flow of traffic.

Here is what drivers can anticipate the week of August 18th.

  • Early in the week, new concrete will be poured for the Village Center access.
  • By mid-week, the old entrance will be barricaded and signage will go up, including electronic message boards, directing school-related traffic onto the new Village Center access.

The City of Southlake is committed to providing residents with progress reports on the Kimball Oaks Development construction via the City’s Facebook, Twitter, and DPS webpages. So please check these sources periodically for updates.  If you have questions specific to the construction, please contact Steve Anderson, P.E. at 817-748-8101.

Dawson, Eubanks Change Campus Traffic Patterns

In an effort to address traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, Carroll Independent School District is announcing new traffic flow patterns for the 2013-2014 school year at Dawson Middle and Eubanks Intermediate schools.

The biggest change, according to school officials, is the relocation of school buses to the main front drive of both campuses at the afternoon dismissal time only. Parents will be asked to use a separate back loop to pick up students after school each day.

At Dawson Middle School, parents are encouraged to use the north entrance off of Kimball Avenue to drive around to the back of the campus to pick up students (no substantive change).

At Eubanks, parents will be asked to enter the farthest south driveway off of Kimball Avenue, follow the road to the back of the campus and then veer right into the lot nearest the EIS building to pick up car riders at the back. Parents will then follow the loop back out onto Kimball Avenue. EIS staff will help students safely to parent vehicles. Traffic cones and directional signage will assist parents until the new traffic pattern becomes routine and/or permanent.

Parents with students at both DMS and EIS may pick a parent loop of your choice (EIS or DMS) but be sure to communicate that with your student at DMS AND your student at EIS before pick-up time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CISD school buses will be utilizing the main front drive at afternoon dismissal time, and parent traffic will not be allowed through that part of the campus between 3 and 4 p.m. Parents or visitors to the two schools may enter the parking lot if they have an after-school appointment, but parents should not pull into that area expecting to pick up students because no car riders will be dismissed at the front of the campus.

“We’ve discussed the changes with our Transportation Department and believe that the front driveway is the best location to stack the 14 buses that serve Dawson and Eubanks,” said DMS Principal Ryan Wilson. “In the afternoons these buses load and leave at the same time. The campus School Resource Officers will assist with traffic flow at the front of the building. Parents will be asked to pick students up at the back of the building.”

Administrators for both DMS and EIS will be stationed at the back of the campus during dismissal time to help direct parent traffic in the afternoon. The overall goal of the new plan is to help ensure student safety and to eliminate afternoon congestion in parent lines.

The morning pick-up and drop-off routines will not change. Buses in the morning arrive at staggered times and will drive to the back of the campus to drop off students as they have in the past. Eubanks parents can use the front of the building to drop off students; but please utilize the back parent loop to pick students up at the end of the day.

Copies of maps are provided for parents and staff to understand the revised traffic flow. School officials will help communicate the changes and then will accept feedback from parents and staff before adding permanent changes or signage. Click here to download/ print the new morning drop off traffic pattern. Click here to download/ print the new afternoon traffic pattern.

“We are concerned about the volume of cars and parents who are trying to pick up students at the end of the day at Eubanks,” said Principal Deana Steeber. “We are asking for everyone’s cooperation as we make some changes for the safety of our students. We will evaluate the situation for any necessary adjustments as we progress through the first few weeks of school.”

To reiterate, Dawson parents should continue to utilize the north parent loop to the back of the building to drop off and pick up students. Please do not use the main front drive at dismissal time; buses will be occupying that area.

Eubanks parents may drop students off in the morning at the front of the campus but should use the far south entrance to the back of the campus loop to pick students up in the afternoon.

A safety hotline has been established to accept comments and suggestions about all CISD-related safety issues. Please be patient as everyone learns the new procedures and then feel free to share your input with us on the #SAFEdragon hotline 817-949-5190.

EIS Morning Arrival:

  • Parents drop off in driveway at the front of the building.
  • Buses drop off at the back of the building.

EIS Afternoon Dismissal (between 3 and 4 p.m.):

  • Parents pick up at the back of the building.
  • Buses pick up at the front of the building.
Visitors or those with appointments may utilize front parking lot/entrances at all times. Parents are free to use the front drive at the school EXCEPT during 3 and 4 p.m. on school days.

DMS Morning Arrival:

  • Parents drop off in back of the building.
  • Buses drop off at the back of the building.

DMS Afternoon Dismissal (between 3 and 4 p.m.):

  • Parents pick up at the back of the building.
  • Buses pick up at the front of the building.

CISD’s Sheryl Sides Wins Region XI Secondary Teacher of the Year

Pictured (L-R): DMS Principal Ryan Wilson, Sheryl Sides and Superintendent Dr. David Faltys

At the Euless Convention Center on July 30, Dawson Middle School Teacher Sheryl Sides was named the Region XI Secondary Teacher of the Year. Representing the Dragons, she is one of the 40 Regional Teachers of the Year who will continue on to the Texas Teachers of the Year competition.

Since 1969, the Texas State Teacher of the Year (TOY) Program has honored excellence in classroom education and provided an opportunity to showcase many outstanding educators whose efforts and example have inspired their students, their coworkers and the communities they serve. Texas Teacher of the Year is the highest honor that the State of Texas can bestow upon a teacher. Facilitated by the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), the Texas Teacher of the Year Program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching.

Every fall, the Texas State Teacher of the Year Program honors 40 Regional Teachers of the Year, among which are two State Teachers of the Year — one in elementary education and one in secondary education — and four state finalists. These regional teachers represent each of the 20 Education Service Center regions in Texas. The 2014 Texas Teachers of the Year Finalist will be announced on August 26 of this year. These finalists will continue onto the Texas Teachers of the Year Awards Ceremony on October 4 where the two State Teachers of the Year are announced.

Pictured (L-R): DMS Principal Ryan Wilson, Sheryl Sides, Superintendent Dr. David Faltys, Patty Willingham and CES Principal Stacy Wagnon

This year, Patty Willingham, 4th grade teacher at Carroll Elementary School, and Sheryl Sides, 7th grade science teacher at Dawson Middle School, represented Carroll at the Region XI Teacher of the Year Ceremony. Stacy Wagnon, Carroll Elementary School Principal, and Ryan Wilson, Dawson Middle School Principal, spoke of the impact both of these teachers have made not only on their students but on the community as a whole. On last night’s events, Principal Ryan Wilson said, “To be alongside Mrs. Sides last night when she was recognized by the Region is truly one of the highlights of my career.  Sheryl Sides is a shining example of educational innovation.”

After Sheryl Sides was announced Region XI Teacher of the Year, CISD Superintendent Dr. David J. Faltys gave his congratulations from the podium. “Sheryl’s commitment in the classroom is unparalleled, and as a Superintendent, having educators like her makes my job easy,” Dr. Faltys said later, “Carroll ISD could not be more proud to have Sheryl Sides representing the Dragons in as the Region XI Secondary Teacher of the Year.”

Sheryl Sides teaches 7th grade science, both regular and AP, at Dawson Middle School. Sheryl has been at DMS since 2003. Before that, she taught at middle and high schools in New Jersey for eight years. Sheryl is from the east coast and holds a B.A. in Biology and graduate coursework in Animal Psychology from Rowan University located in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Sheryl’s interest in nature started at a young age during walks with her grandmother. Although she comes from a family of educators, both of her parents were teachers, teaching was not her initial career choice. As a pre-med student, Sheryl began to re-evaluate her future and decided teaching others about the living world was really what she wanted to do. Since this decision, Sheryl said, “My mom, an elementary school teacher, and my dad, professor emeritus, along with my husband, teacher turned administrator who missed his students and returned to the classroom, have each influenced me to preserve and pass on that passion of educating kids!”

After coming to Carroll ISD, Sheryl became the Carroll Education Foundation 2011 grant recipient of $7,103.64. This past school year has been an unusually active one for Sheryl. She received national media attention for her involvement in the discovery of dinosaur footprints at Grapevine Lake. It was through this discovery that Sheryl also received the Southwest Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Teacher of the Year Award. She continues to pursue a dinosaur education center for Grapevine Lake in an effort to preserve the fossils and create a facility for students. Sheryl states, “To catch a glimpse of my students’ wonderment as they are in awe of their discoveries, motivates me. They inspire me to search for that next experience and excursion that will instill in each of them the desire to pursue a scientific career.”

As Sheryl Sides moves to the next level of the Texas Teacher of the Year Competition, she speaks to the incredible honor it has been to be chosen as the Region XI Secondary Teacher of the Year, saying, “Just knowing the teachers with whom I work every day deserve as much recognition for their expertise, innovativeness and dedication to their students causes me to feel extremely blessed!”

Dawson Dragons Learn the Art of Dueling

Cast away on the shores of a distant land, lost paramours and their unruly servants converge and conspire in William Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night. Four centuries after he wrote his plays, the works of Shakespeare continue to entertain and intrigue audiences of all ages.

As part of the Shakespearean experience, students at Dawson Middle School learned the history of fencing and the differences between stage combat and sport fencing. David Sierra, head coach at Cutting Edge Fencing Center in North Richland Hills, recently visited the campus to share the art of swordsmanship.  Students were able to participate in demonstrations that correlated to the study of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

DMS Principal Ryan Wilson said, “It was a wonderful opportunity to transport our students back to medieval times and encourage literacy at our campus. Shakespeare’s language may seem foreign, but a duel by the blade is universal language indeed!”

Dawson Bands Successful in Competitions

Dawson band students and directors are celebrating a recent round of successful competitions. On the morning of Monday, May 6, Members of the DMS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble competed at the Peak Performance Festival in Denton.  Both bands performed their contest programs. Symphonic Band played “St. Petersburg March”, “Knights of Dunvegan” and “Portsmouth Reflection”. The Wind Ensemble played “Prestissimo”, “Blue and Green Music” and “Elements”. All three judges gave both bands straight ones and outstanding comments.

Earlier this month, the DMS Concert Band competed at the Beach Within Reach Festival. The event was held on Friday, May 3 at Haltom High School.  With help from some members of the DMS Symphonic Band, DMS Wind Ensemble and even students from the EIS Beginner Band the DMS Concert Band performed “General Greene March” by John Edmondson, “Egyptique” by William Owens and “Ghost Dancing” by Brant Karrick. The program was the most difficult any DMS Concert Band has attempted.  According to the judges, the band performed marvelously and received straight ones . The students also finished fourth out of 15 sub non-varsity groups to compete at the festival.

DMS Theatre Hosts Performances

The Dawson Middle School Theatre Arts department will give two performances of The Yellow Boat this week.

Showtimes are 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2 inside the Dawson Middle School cafeteria located at 400 S. Kimball Avenue. Tickets are $6 for adults and $5 for students. Carroll ISD faculty receive free admission.

For more information call the DMS Box Office at 817-949-5556.

Art Judges Give Middle School Students High Marks

Dawson Middle School and Carroll Middle School art students recently competed in the Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event (Jr. VASE). The competition was held on Saturday, April 20 at Hillwood Middle School in Keller. Over 600 art students from across Region XI participated.

All DMS art students received 4 (superior) ratings. In total, Dawson students were awarded 10 metals for superior ratings. The proud art teacher is Emily Trammell.

4 (superior) Rating Winners

  • Eerika Aro
  • Shalon Forman
  • Soumya Kovela
  • Mandira Misra
  • Gavin Mullally
  • Sarah Mullally
  • Amelia Rusli (2 IVs)
  • Megan Yao (2 IVs)

CMS students also shined in the competition.   In total, CMS students were awarded 10 metals for superior ratings. CMS also boasts a Silver Medal winner.  Shang Wang was selected from all other 7th grade artworks that received a IV (superior) rating as part of the top 10% in that group! The proud art teacher is Bethany Acosta.

3 (excellent) Rating Winners

  • Claire Noorhasan
  • Olivia David

4 (superior)Rating Winners

  • Jared Deleon
  • Ian Mckinzey
  • Madison Talley
  • Shang Wang
  • Audrey Sloane
  • Audrey Gow
  • Vasu Polavarapu
  • Katie Paulsen
  • Meg Camele
  • Tilda Niemenen

Silver Medal Winner

  • Shang Wang

The Jr. VASE program is the only art event of its kind in the nation. Students are provided the opportunity to bring artworks created in their art classes to a regional event where they are interviewed by a certified juror who evaluates their work based on a standard based rubric and their understanding of the art processes involved in the development of their artwork. The jurors look for originally of concept, technical expertise, understanding of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the interpretation of the student’s stated intent.

Medals are awarded to those students receiving a superior (Rating 4) rating in each division at the regional event. These students’ artwork will be featured at the CISD K-12 Art Show during the 2013 Art in the Square event in Southlake Town Square April 26-28.