The Community Services Department consists of various world-class employees that help us create world-class experiences for our residents. This year, the employee that shone above the rest is Director Award recipient Janie Ocampo!


Janie Ocampo is one of two Office Assistants in our department and brings over ten years of knowledge and experience to her position. Super kind, resourceful, and patient, Janie keeps the department afloat as the department’s purchasing liaison, Adopt-A-Street program manager, and customer service specialist. Janie knows this department inside and out, and it's apparent through her excellent internal and external customer service!


“Janie has a real positive attitude and demeanor that is contagious within our team,” stated Director Chris Tribble.


 “She has a genuine desire to serve our community, and she has a wealth of knowledge. Janie is the go-to person in our department for all different types of questions and bridges the gap across all the divisions in Community Services. Janie is the voice of the department. She’s the one that typically answers the phone and has all the answers for our customers. Janie understands every aspect of our operations, including all the policies and procedures that we need to follow, and she’s able to articulate that very well to all our customers.”


Janie keeps this department running with kindness and ease!


Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition, Janie!

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