Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sobering Statistics for Don’t Drink and Drive Message

The Southlake Police Department is continually working to make our City streets and highways safe for our citizens. Patrol and Traffic Officers keep a watchful eye for dangerous and reckless drivers as well as drivers who may be impaired due to alcohol or drugs. With the holidays approaching, officers will be stepping up their efforts to keep drunk drivers off of the streets.

The statistics for ‘Drinking and Driving’ are staggering. Approximately one-in-three traffic deaths in the United States involve a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. A driver with BAC level of 0.08 or higher is considered alcohol impaired by law.

Officers are also seeing drivers who are taking more than the prescribed dose of their medications and oftentimes mixing those prescriptions with alcohol. The combination of drugs and alcohol can seriously impair judgment and lead to traffic accidents that cause serious injury or death.

To give you a better idea of the seriousness of driving impaired, here’s a look at the arrests Southlake Police Officers have made in the City since October 2014. From October 1, 2014 until September 1, 2015 a total of 140 DWI arrests were made with a total of 11 alcohol / drug related crashes during that same time frame.

DWI & Drug Impaired Driving

October 1, 2014 to September 1, 2015  

  • 140 DWI traffic arrests
  • 11 Alcohol/drug related crashes 

The Southlake Police Department is committed to being proactive in its “Anti-Drinking and Driving” messaging to residents and visitors to the City of Southlake. And that message is very clear, “If you Drink and Drive – You Will Go to Jail.”

The goal is to keep impaired drivers off of our City streets and highways and to remind individuals to plan ahead if they plan to drink. Get a designated driver or make arrangements for a taxi ahead of time.

Don’t Drink and Drive  

  • Arrange to have a designated driver
  • Plan ahead by arranging for a taxi to pick you up

SLPD cannot stress enough that the cost of drinking and driving is a high price to pay. Not only can it cause injury or death, but drivers can also expect to spend the night in jail, pay thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, hefty fines and court costs. Also, your driver’s license can be suspended which can impact your job and livelihood.

DWI statistics across the state show a similar trend and are very sobering as well. During last year’s holiday season (Dec. 1, 2013 – Jan. 1, 2014), there were 2,367 DWI and/or impaired traffic crashes in Texas resulting in 763 serious injuries and 92 fatalities.

 Statistics for the State of Texas  

(Dec. 1, 2013 – Jan. 1, 2014)

  • 2,367 DWI/drug impaired traffic crashes
  • 763 serious injuries
  • 92 fatalities

As the holiday season approaches, be mindful of these statistics and plan ahead so that you don’t become one. The holidays are most wonderful time of the year, but one poor decision to drink and drive could bring a devastating end to holiday celebrations and change lives forever. Texans can help make the holidays merry and bright all season long by giving the gift of a sober drive home.




Christmas is for Children Returns to Southlake

The Southlake Departments of Public Safety are again participating in this year’s Christmas is for Children program and you can participate too. CIFC prides itself on providing a complete Holiday memory for children and families who otherwise would not have a holiday celebration. The goal is to fulfill each child’s Christmas wish list with something that they want, something that they need and something educational. Children need your generosity this year more than ever. How can you help? Just bring a new unwrapped toy or clothing for any age group from infant to teen, boy or girl and/or non-perishable food items to the lobby of either one of these DPS locations; 600 State Street (Fire Lobby) or 2100 West Southlake Boulevard (Lobby). Look for the large donation box to drop off your items. Some suggested food donations: spaghetti and sauce, peanut butter and jelly, canned vegetables, pancake mix and syrup. You can also donate gift cards to stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Kroger. There are so many ways to help. To learn more go to ChristmasisForChildren.com.

The story behind “Christmas is for Children”
In 1991, two social workers answered letters to Santa Claus (found in New York’s “dead letter” box) from the children of four needy families and made their Christmas wishes come true. Since that time, Christmas is for Children have supported over 39,000 underprivileged children and their families. What makes Christmas is for Children unique is our approach to bestowing charity in a way that our beneficiaries retain their dignity, witnessing the true spirit of Christmas and the very best of humanity.

Christmas is for Children (CIFC) and the 12th Annual Food Drive form a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] dedicated to providing all children with the love, care and joy that are revealed in the spirit of Christmas.

If you need additional information please contact Community Initiatives Officer Renni Burt at (817) 748-8349.

Carroll Junior Wins Free Car Lease For A Year

Grubbs05.23 (1) Carroll ISD junior Lauren Dooley selected the winning car key to a brand new Infiniti sedan during the GrubbsInfiniti Drive2Excellence event at Carroll High School on Friday, May 23.

Grubbs05.23 (3)Dooley and nearly 20 classmates were randomly selected to participate in the event. The students names were drawn randomly from a large hopper filled with tickets they earned for academic achievements and performances. The better the student performed, the more chances they have to win the car. At today’s event, there were more than 20,000 tickets in the hopper. Carroll Senior High School Principal Shawn Duhon was pleased that striving for excellence in school gave his students something exciting to win like a new car from Grubbs Infiniti or one of 19 new computers donated by Dell Computers.Grubbs05.23 (2)

The Drive2Excellence event was held on the Carroll High School track with members of the Dragon Band. Grubbs05.23 (4)Carroll ISD administrators and representatives from GrubbsInfiniti including owner and General Manager George Grubbs III and the current Miss Texas emceed the event.

Click here to read previous posts about this event. For more information about GrubbsInfiniti and the Drive2Excellence program, click here.

EIS Golfer Bound for Augusta National


Eubanks fifth grader Emma Costa is headed to the Drive, Chip and Putt National Championship and a trip to Augusta National.

Eubanks Intermediate School fifth grader Emma Costa will soon experience a memory of a lifetime.

Costa qualified for the Drive, Chip and Putt National Championship and will visit Augusta National during Masters week. Costa won local and regional qualifiers to secure a spot in the finals. She is one of 88 finalists out of more than 17,000 golfers attempting to qualify. By reaching the finals, Costa won round-trip airfare, accommodations and four tickets to a Master’s practice round.

The event is similar to Punt, Pass and Kick – a national youth football competition. The Drive, Chip and Putt competition is a new program aimed at drawing more juniors to the sport and making it fun. The competition will be held Sunday, April 6. The Golf Channel will televise the event starting at 8 a.m. Costa will represent the North Texas Region.

Costa started playing golf at two years old and practices at Timarron Country Club. She hopes to one day play collegiate golf at Duke.






Carroll ISD, Grubbs Infiniti Offer Reward for Student Success

As Carroll Dragons returned to school this August, they were greeted by signage throughout their schools promoting the Grubbs Infiniti Drive2Excellencep program. Students at both Carroll High and Carroll Senior High have the opportunity to win a 2014 Infiniti Q50 for one year through good grades.

Each six weeks, report cards of students in grades 9-12 will be validated for excellence in academics, attendance and good behavior. At the end of this school year, 20 students will be awarded one vehicle key each. One of those keys will start their 2014 Infiniti Q50 and that student will have this all-new luxury vehicle for one full year. Better grades equal more tickets and more opportunities to win. The student who has the key that starts their new car will not be the only winner. The additional 19 students who also won an opportunity to win the Infiniti will all win excellent prizes as well— including a new computer and other prizes. 

An “A” on their report card awards three tickets, a “B” awards two tickets and a “C” earned awards one ticket. Tickets are also earned for perfect attendance. At the end of the school year, all awarded tickets would go into a drawing and 20 students will win a key that will allow them the opportunity to insert in to the ignition of the what could be their very own all-new Infiniti Q50 for one full year. Prizes for the other 19 contestants will also be awarded.

For Owner/General Manager George Grubbs III, it’s a total win/win situation. “Drive2Excellence was such a no-brainer for us. We are passionate about serving this community and encouraging kids to do better in school with a free car just made sense. When our kids hit high-school, it’s a critical time for them to dig in and focus on doing well. Better grades mean scholarships and more opportunities for a secondary education. Fewer absences help the school districts with their funding. If we can encourage them with an amazing incentive like one of our Infiniti vehicles, we are thrilled to be a part of that process”.

Teachers and students at Carroll High School have responded to the Drive2Excellence program with enthusiasm. One teacher said, “Of course we’re pushing them to strive for better grades and to really think about their future. When you have a company like Grubbs Infiniti donating a new car, it really helps us to make that happen for the entire school year when they’re hoping to win the car or another big prize.”

Be Safe this New Year's Weekend – Don’t Drink and Drive!

The Southlake Department of Public Safety is urging everyone to be safe this New Year’s Weekend.  We are encouraging everyone to not drink and drive or if you plan to have alcohol please plan ahead accordingly with a designated driver or arrange for a taxi cab.

Individuals arrested for DWI, or driving while intoxicated, face serious consequences including jail time and fines but more importantly, they risk taking a life or causing serious harm to themselves and others. The simple facts are that someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving alcohol almost every 20 minutes.

In Texas, a person is legally intoxicated and may be arrested and charged with DWI with a .08 BAC (blood or breath alcohol concentration). However, a person can also be intoxicated if impaired due to alcohol or drugs regardless of BAC. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, you can be fined up to $500 for having an open alcohol container in a vehicle. The penalties increase if you are arrested for DWI with a child passenger.  You can also face charges for child endangerment which is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to two years in a state prison.

The fines and punishment increases dramatically following a first offense. Please drive safely and don’t risk landing in jail with a DWI conviction on your record.

•             Don’t drink and drive.

•             Plan ahead and designate a driver.

•             Call a taxi cab.

•             Spend the night where you are, if possible.

Southlake Police Chief Stephen Mylett says, “The consequences of a DWI can affect your job and your personal life and a DWI conviction can follow you for a lifetime. More importantly, when you choose to drink and drive, you risk your life and the lives of others on the roadway. Don’t let one bad decision change your life forever.”

Southlake Police Officers will step up enforcement efforts continuing to keep the City streets and highways safe this New Year’s weekend.  For more information http://www.txdot.gov/safety/tips/intoxication.htm