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Make Your Yard Water Smart This Spring!

Being Water Smart simply means using only as much water as you need by being aware of your water usage. The following programs will help your yard flourish while you save water and money! For more watering tips, click here.


Texas SmartScape Month

March is Texas SmartScape Month! This spring, try out some water-efficient landscaping by using the regionally-developed Texas SmartScape Landscape Design Tools online. To discover nearby plant sales or learn more about native and adaptive plants, check out the Texas SmartScape website.





Weekly Watering Advice

Sign up for weekly water advice localized to your address based on weather patterns. You’ll receive an alert every week to tell you how much to water your yard based on how your sprinkler system is set up and the prior week’s rainfall! To sign up for weekly watering advice, click here.



Control water use from the palm of your hand with the EyeOnWater app! Every water meter in the City has technology installed that reads individual water use data wirelessly, giving you the ability to detect leaks in your home, ensure the sprinklers are operating as intended and more! To sign up for an EyeOnWater account, click here.


W.I.S.E. Guys Sprinkler Evaluation

Receive a free sprinkler evaluation and receive a rebate up to a $200 on your water bill for water-conserving repairs you make! Now is the time to fix up that irrigation system – you don’t want to wait until that high water bill hits in June to find out your system may have a leak. To learn more about the W.I.S.E. Guys program, click here.


Monitor Water Consumption this Summer with “EyeOnWater” App

The weather is warming up, encouraging new plant growth and green grass, as well as generating increased water use. With hot and dry days quickly approaching, remember that summer is the peak season for using water in Southlake. Monitor your water consumption with “EyeOnWater,” a new application that assists users in managing their water utilities accounts.

Did you know that customers on the Southlake Water Utilities system consume more than 2.8 billion gallons of water annually? In an effort to promote water conservation and provide customers with insight into their own water usage, the City of Southlake has partnered with Badger Meter to upgrade more than 10,000 Southlake water meters. All meters now have cellular endpoints that connect to “EyeOnWater,” giving customers 24/7 access to their water consumption. Benefits of the application include:

  • Control of water use, which translates into lower cost
  • Assurance that your meter is recording accurately
  • Detection of leaks in your household systems
  • Verification that your irrigation system is operating as you intend

Customers must first create an “EyeOnWater” account, and then click on the image of the smartphone application. “EyeOnWater” can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

Questions? Contact Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051.

Fix a Leak Week: March 19-25

March 19-25, 2018 is designated as national Fix a Leak Week, a week aimed at promoting water waste awareness and what you can do to save water and money.

Did you know that in Southlake, there is a 1 in 13 chance your home has a leak? Leaky faucets, running toilets, old and worn out plumbing fixtures and faulty irrigation controllers contribute to an average of 200 gallons of water waste a day. That much water waste can seriously impact your pocketbook.

Fix a Leak Week encourages you to take control of your water use by checking places where leaks typically occur. The premise is simple: Take ten minutes. Check the faucets, toilets, dishwasher and other sources for potential leaks, and then take the necessary steps to fix the leak:

  • Sign up for EyeOnWater EyeOnWater allows you to view your water usage by the hour, and you can even set up alerts to let you know if you might have a leak in your home.
  • Check your faucets: A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second wastes more than 3,000 gallons in a year. Replace worn washers and gaskets.
  • Check your bathroom: Check shower heads for age-related leaks. Look for decayed or broken “flappers” in toilets. Not sure what that is? It’s the rubber piece that opens up to let the water flow from the tank into the bowl when you pull down the toilet handle.

If you are near Southlake Town Hall the week of March 19, stop by the lobby on the second floor and enjoy informational displays, handouts and free items designed to reduce water consumption in your home.

For more information about other water conservation tips, call (817) 748-8638.

For general information about Public Works Operations, call (817) 748-8082.

Facts on Leaks Infographic

Keep Your “EyeOnWater”: Monitor Your Water Use

With the hot summer months coming, you’re going to be using more water. The “EyeOnWater” app puts the managing of your water use in your hands!

Last year the City partnered with Badger Meter to upgrade more than 10,000 Southlake water meters with cellular endpoints. Badger Meter offers through their advanced water meter systems the opportunity for you to monitor your water usage 24/7 through “EyeOnWater”.

What is “EyeOnWater”? It is a web portal that gives real time access to your water use. Having this access gives you control on how you manage your water use and can help in reducing your water bill!

How to sign up: First you have to register online. Clicking on the link will take you to a login portal, where you can create your account. In order to create an account, you must know your service address zip code, utility account number and customer number. Don’t know what your utility account or customer number is? No problem! Call Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051 for assistance.

Once you’ve gone through the steps to create an account, you will be sent an activation link to the e-mail address you signed up with. You must activate your account through that e-mail in order to be able to use your account. Now that your “EyeOnWater” account is activated, you are ready to log back in and start viewing your water consumption. Also, with your account being activated, you are ready to access the “EyeOnWater” portal on your fingertips.

Badger Meter offers the “EyeOnWater” app that can be downloaded on to your smartphone after your account is activated online. It is available on iTunes and Google Play. Downloading the app puts managing your water consumption in your hands!

Some of the benefits of “EyeOnWater” are that it allows you to see if your meters are recording accurately and can assist with detecting leaks in your home. It also lets you check if your irrigation system is operating as you intend.

Have questions about the “EyeOnWater” portal and managing your water use? Call Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051 or stop by Suite 200 on the 2nd floor of Town Hall.

“Wired for Water” Nears Completion

As Southlake Water Utilities nears completion of the “Wired for Water” project implemented this summer, staff is available to provide detailed benefits of the upgrade, including tips for lowering your water bill.

Starting May of this year, the Utility partnered with Badger Meter to upgrade water meters in Southlake with cellular endpoints. Badger Meter offers through their advanced water meter systems the opportunity for you to monitor your water usage 24/7 through  “EyeOnWater”. This is an online portal that provides real time access to your water consumption.

“By partnering with Badger Meter, and offering access to the “EyeOnWater” portal, we are providing residents with the ability to directly monitor and control their water consumption,” states Chief Financial Officer, Sharen Jackson, “A decrease in water consumption will lead to a lower water bill.  Who wouldn’t want to save money?  I use it myself.”

Residents have begun to receive notification through the mail about features of the enhanced system and step by step instructions on how to register in the “EyeOnWater” portal.  To date, there are less than 250 meters pending receipt of the upgrade.

How does this benefit me?

Through Badger Meter’s “EyeOnWater” software, you  are able to monitor your water usage by the hour. “EyeOnWater” provides you with the tools to be in control of your water consumption.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Control of water use
  • Monitor accuracy of meter readings
  • Timely detection of leaks in the household
  • Confirm irrigation system is operating as you intend

The smart system places control  in your hands!

What do you mean by “in your hands”?

With the touch of your fingertips, or a click of your mouse, you can access your meter information through “EyeOnWater.”  A link for “EyeOnWater” is available on the Southlake Water Utilities website or on your smartphone. The “EyeOnWater” app is available at Google Play and iTunes stores.

Want to Understand Your Water Bill?

That is a great starting point. Our website has a sample bill with highlighted sections to guide you through the document.  The bill displays your consumption over the past 18 months, as well as your current usage. An example bill is provided online on Southlake Water Utilities webpage.



A Real Example

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill recently posted on her personal Facebook account her water bill. Her goal was to reduce her water consumption this August and September from what it was last year. She took advantage of the ability to view her water usage over the past 18 months on her bill. Utilizing water conservation resources provided by the Water Smart, Southlake blog, she was able to reduce her consumption for this August and September.


Water Smart, Southlake

Water Smart, Southlake is a blog that offers residents of Southlake the best ways to be smart with your water. Subscribe to our blog to get the best practices in water efficiency.

If you have questions regarding your water bill, contact the Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051, or stop by Suite 200 on the 2nd floor of the Southlake Town Hall to talk to someone in person.