Residents or businesses may have received a letter in the mail regarding their alarm permit renewal or a letter requesting that they apply for an alarm permit for their unregistered alarm system. 

Letter regarding alarm permit renewalLetter regarding unregistered alarm




The City updated its alarm ordinance and collaborated with PM AM Corporation to implement and administer the False Alarm Reduction Program as of July 1, 2020to reduce false alarms in Southlake requiring a response by the Southlake Police Department. 

The City of Southlake Alarm Ordinance requires all homes and businesses to apply for an alarm permit either through the online application or by completing an application and mailing it to: City of Southlake False Alarm Program, P.O. Box 143276, Irving, TX 75014Please do not mail completed applications to any other address. 

Failure to register your alarm will result in additional fees or fines. 

Residents and businesses unable to complete the account setup can contact PM AM at 877-356-7879 for assistance.  

If you already have your alarm permit and just need to renew, you can renew online through the online portal, click “Pay Your Bill Now” and follow the instructions. 

Need to apply for an alarm permit? Here’s how: 

Step 1 – Click here to go to the online application. 


Step 2 – Click “Apply for Permit and Pay Online.” 


Step 3 – Enter the location type, last name and the location address with only the street number and street name. For example, for 1400 S. Main Street, enter 1400 Main. 

Screen view of alarm permit application


Step 4 – Click “Validate Location” and select the proper address. 


Step 5 – Complete prompts for application and payment. 


For questions about the City of Southlake Alarm Reduction Program, call PM AM at 877-356-7879, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 


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