Saturday, September 30, 2023

Student's Winning Essay Describes "Once In A Lifetime Teacher"

DIS Teacher Liz Herron (left) and student Jacqueline Hall (right)

Writing isn’t always fun for sixth graders but when one Carroll ISD student put pencil to paper, the words just came naturally.

When Durham Intermediate student Jacqueline Hall learned about the “My Favorite Teacher” essay contest hosted by local bookstore Barnes & Noble, she started making a list of all her teachers she’d write about.

“I started thinking how everyone wishes and looks for that once in a lifetime teacher, ” Hall said. “And I started listing reasons why she’s been so amazing.”

For Hall, that teacher is Liz Herron. Herron is the sixth grade Humanities ELA (English Language Arts) teacher at DIS.

“She’s such a great teacher. She knows what it’s like to be a sixth grader in Language Arts.” Hall wrote about Herron; and her entry was chosen as the winning essay.

“As teachers we have a very finite time with these guys and the world that they’re going in to, its so different than when I became an adult years ago,” Herron said.  “I want to make sure that I give them the ability to think, to be creative, and to believe in themselves and to problem solve and be able to face whatever challenges they’re going to have.”

Herron and Hall have a strong teacher-student bond that is evident when you meet them. Their friendship has lasted the past two school years, since Herron taught Hall in fifth grade last year.

“I was just so touched and so humbled by her words and it honestly inspired me to be better.” Herron said she read the winning essay and was overwhelmed by Hall’s words, “I thought oh my gosh, she’s expecting great things from me I’ve got to be better!”

The community will have an opportunity to listen to the winning essay. Hall will read her words during a reception for Herron at Barnes and Noble in Southlake Town Square at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 18.  Herron and Hall will both receive special awards during the event.  Click here for additional details about the reception.