Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Reminder: 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup

If you have received a warrant notice or any unpaid traffic or parking tickets that you may have forgotten about, you are urged to take care of it before the week of March 2nd – 10th. That’s when the 2013 Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins.  Numerous counties, justices of the peace, constables and municipalities of all sizes will be participating in the roundup.

The roundup targets thousands of defendants with outstanding warrants for traffic, parking, city ordinance, penal code violations and higher charges from participating jurisdictions.  It is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind.

The Southlake Department of Public Safety is joining other Texas law enforcement agencies in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, which begins March 2, 2013. Southlake Police Officers serve warrants year-round; however, this statewide effort is an attempt to get individuals to come in voluntarily to take care of overdue citations.

To avoid arrest, fines may be paid in person at the Southlake Municipal Court (located at 600 State Street in Southlake) or online at www.municipalonlinepayments.com/southlaketx.

Payments in-person can be made with cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Payments online can be made with Visa or MasterCard. There is an $8 convenience fee charged for credit card payments paid online.

For more information, call the Southlake Municipal Court at (817) 748-8188.