Saturday, December 2, 2023

New Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrows Coming to Southlake Blvd.

New traffic lights with flashing yellow left-turn arrows will be coming to Southlake in 2014. TxDOT will install these new lights at various intersections along Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) as a way to improve safety and mobility.

The installation of these lights will bring some important changes:

  • During daytime hours, or “peak traffic times,” all traffic signals along Southlake Blvd will be protected left turn signals.
  • At night, during the “off-peak” hours, most traffic signals will have the flashing yellow turn signals.

The intersections that will NOT have flashing yellow arrows, and will remain protected left turns include:

  • Davis Blvd
  • White Chapel Blvd
  • Carroll Ave
  • Kimball Ave

Traffic signals at these four intersections will remain protected left-turns due to the high traffic volumes and the need to maintain motorist safety.

For questions about the project, call the Public Works department at 817-748-8098.