Saturday, January 22, 2022

FM 1938 Update – Lovegrass Lane is Open (For Now)

Lovegrass Lane

Looking east to Lovegrass Lane

Lovegrass Lane is open and will remain open for approximately two weeks while TxDOT continues to work along FM 1938.

Earlier this week, TxDOT contractors opened Lovegrass Lane to traffic.  The road, which was closed mid-May, will be open for approximately two-weeks while TxDOT contractors focus on roadway construction in other areas along FM 1938.   The opening of Lovegrass Lane will provide a temporary relief point along northbound FM 1938, as well as access to and from Southlake Boulevard.

Motorists are encouraged to check traffic conditions before heading out and to plan trips accordingly.

For questions about the FM 1938 project, contact Stephen Ranft – TxDOT Mobility Coordinator – at 817-462-0520 or