Friday, September 22, 2023

Proper Disposal of Glass and Needles

broken-glass-bottle2No one likes getting cut with broken glass or stuck with a needle. The City’s trash and recycling provider, Republic Services, has noticed an upsurge in injuries to trash collectors and landfill employees in the region related to exposed glass and needles. In order to better protect workers, Republic Services has provided a few tips on how to properly dispose of these hazardous items:

1)      Wrap any broken mirror glass in newspaper and tape before placing in a garbage bag, or, place the glass in a box marked “Broken Mirror.”

2)      Place any broken bottles or jars in a cardboard box labeled “Broken Glass.”

3)      Place any needles in an empty laundry detergent jug or other puncture-proof container before disposal.

These tips also protect residents taking their trash to the garbage can. Exposed glass or needles could potentially cause injury to individuals, as sharp objects may puncture garbage bags. If you have any questions about trash and recycling, or handling hazardous materials, please visit our website by clicking here, or calling the City at 817-748-8400.