Sunday, December 3, 2023

City Council Approves Ballistic Shields For All SROs

On August 17, 2022, the State of Texas Office of the Governor, Public Safety Office – Criminal Justice Division, announced that it was accepting immediate applications for the Bullet-Resistant Shield Grant Program, FY2023.

The Texas Rifle Shield Grant provides up to 50 million dollars in funding to eligible agencies specifically to purchase rifle-rated ballistic shields to respond to an active attacker scenario at schools.  The Southlake Police Department completed the applications and was awarded a grant for $156,000.

After receiving the grant, on February 7, 2023, the Southlake City Council approved the purchase of 26 bullet-resistant shields for all Southlake school resource officers.

“I am proud of the work our staff has put into procuring this grant,” Chief James Brandon said.  “The purchase of these shields is one more tool that our SROs and patrol officers have to increase safety.”

Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program Applications for Local Businesses are Now Open

Earlier this year, the state of Texas experienced one of the harshest and devastating winter storms in decades. The impact on businesses was significant as many were already struggling through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and was then compounded by a winter storm that resulted in further lost revenue.

To further support these local businesses in overcoming these challenges, the Southlake City Council adopted the Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program. This grant program is aimed at providing relief to local business owners whose landscaping was killed by the winter storm of February 2021. This grant will reimburse businesses the amount spent for the city required landscaping on their commercial property.

“This is a unique grant program but one that our local business property owners will appreciate,” Director of Economic Development and Tourism Daniel Cortez said. “Our main goal is to bring back the aesthetic beauty that landscaping brings to Southlake. It’s been difficult enough for businesses to manage through a pandemic, but the winter storm of February added to the hurt our businesses were facing.”

While most businesses have recovered from the winter storm and the economic impacts of the pandemic have mostly passed, there remains some visual impacts from the winter storm, specifically the landscaping on commercial properties. Many business properties throughout the city have needed to replace their landscape due to the extreme cold temperatures from the storm. While many business owners have already replaced most of the landscaping that was lost due to the low temperatures, the costs associated with acquiring the landscape materials were higher than normal due to the demand across the state.

To assist businesses that have already replaced their landscaping or are in the process to replace it, the City is offering a reimbursement grant for local business owners with commercial property in Southlake. Here is what business owners should know to apply for the grant:


  • Business owners should have a landscape plan for their commercial property.
  • If you don’t have a landscape plan, the City will likely have one on file. You can request one by emailing
  • Identify what landscaping was replaced due to the impacts of the February 2021 winter storm.
  • The landscaping that qualifies for the reimbursement will be only what is required by City ordinance.
  • Obtain a copy of your paid invoice for the landscaping material. The cost breakdown of material will need to be provided.
  • Read the eligibility requirements of the grant program at
  • Submit your application online once you have all your documentation.
  • The city will review your application and conduct an inspection of your new landscaping.
  • A check will be mailed at the address provided in your application.


The application period for this grant program is open from October 11, 2021 to December 31, 2021 until all funds for the grant are disbursed. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To find out more information about the grant program, visit the Southlake Landscape Reimbursement Grant Program webpage. For questions, please contact the Office of Economic and Development and Tourism at

Southlake Fire Department is Awarded Emergency Management Performance Grant

For the second year in a row, the Southlake Fire Department has received an Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This year’s grant, worth nearly thirty-six thousand dollars, will greatly assist the department’s emergency preparedness efforts.

The performance grant is awarded to agencies that adhere to a strict set of criterion. It also helps state and local agencies maintain a comprehensive emergency preparedness system, which plays a vital role in national preparedness.

Eligibility requirements for the grant are:

  • Conducting three exercises per year including; at least one exercise that involves staff members working through an emergency scenario
  • Conduct public outreach to a large portion of the City of Southlake
  • Meet certain professional development and training standards
  • Participate in three joint exercises per year involving other organizations. For example: Carroll ISD or Gateway Church
  • Produce financial, progress, and quarterly reports

In 2015, The Southlake Fire Department applied for the performance grant and was awarded $28,622. This year, the grant awarded was $35,977. Fire Chief Mike Starr says, “This grant money allows us the opportunity to be cost effective while enhancing programs in fire services and emergency management.”

A portion of the grant money has been used to hire a part-time planner and assistant for emergency management operations. “This person plays a key role in increasing the level of service we offer to the public and the City which is one of our top priorities,” adds Chief Starr.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact our Emergency Management Coordinator Ben Williamson at



SAGT, Carroll AP Boosters Present Annual Teacher Grants

Carroll ISD receives support in many ways. Two groups that support the district in maintaining academic excellence are the Carroll AP Booster Club and The Southlake Association of Gifted and Talented. Both of these non-profit organizations provide grants, donations and community support needed to advance teachers and students in their scholarly pursuits.

Recently, the Carroll AP Boosters and SAGT awarded grants to two dozen Carroll ISD faculty members. Board Members, Julie Doyle and Kelli Zenick presented SAGT grants to teachers during the Jan. 13 School Board Meeting.

“We are happy that we can partner with Carroll ISD and parents to support our GT teachers and students,” said SAGT President Julie Doyle. “In addition to the $5,388 we were able to award in teacher grants this year,  SAGT also partnered with schools and PTO’s and paid $1,750 to help 14 GT teachers attend the annual TAGT conference in December.”

The Carroll AP Boosters also awarded grants recently, fulfilling 17 teacher requests for enrichment grants. There was a 14% increase in grant funds this year, do to a successful membership drive and a grant from IBM. In addition, the Carroll AP Booster Club will be offering several $1,000.00 Senior Scholarships in the spring which are funded through local community sponsorships.  Details about the scholarship application process and due dates will be available next month.

“We are privileged to support our advanced academic teachers to enhance the educational opportunities of CISD students,” said AP Booster President Kelli Zenick. “We are proud to play a small role in providing our CISD teachers the additional resources needed for their classrooms and we appreciate the continued support of our membership and our community.”

This year SAGT will not only donate $7,500 in grants, the group will also host two Student Program events and six Parent Program events, as well as award a scholarship to a graduating senior. SAGT awarded partial or full grants to all teachers (8 total) who submitted grant applications. Grant requests totaled over $13,000.

Below is a list of all CISD AP and Quest teachers who received grants this year:

Elementary Schools

  • Judy Leddy, WGES – SAGT Grant: $719.00 for (2) Lego EV3 Robotics Core Set with chargers
  • Keri Lejeune, OUES- SAGT Grant: $559.85 for (1) Lego EV3 Robotics Core Set with charger and 2 Expansion Sets
  • Cindy Featherston, RES – SAGT Grant: $199.99 for LittleBits Deluxe Kit
  • Nancy Musgrave, JES – SAGT Grant: $822.00 for (2) iPad minis, AppleCare and cases

Durham Intermediate School

  • Melissa Bailey – AP Booster Grant: $750.00 for KIVA Loans
  • Patty Christensen  – SAGT Grant: $450.00 for a year-long VoiceThread teacher license
  • Lance Mangham – AP Booster Grant: $711.11 for Makerbot Digitizer Desktop

Eubanks Intermediate School

  • Cindi Arnold – AP Booster Grant: $260.00, buses for field trip
  • Lisa Gilbert – SAGT Grant: $1,237.00 for (1) iPad with AppleCare; 7 iPad cases and 7 wireless keyboards
  • Janay Hunt – AP Booster Grant: $3.077.61 for 3 Dell laptops, SAGT Grant: $1,025.87 for a Dell laptop

Carroll Middle School

  • Jenny Bowen – AP Booster Grant: $2,943.74 for T1 Calculators
  • Matthew Colvin – AP Booster Grant: $315.77 for 8 iPad cases

Carroll High School

  • Shane Bybee – SAGT Grant: $374.00 for registration fee and meals to attend the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference
  • Yuhsin Lee – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration
  • Keeley Lowery – AP Booster Grant: $1,471.87 for a Blue Dig. BioImaging, 4 calculator
  • Julie McCurley – AP Booster Grant: $1,216.08 for a lab oven
  • Karen Otto – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration

Carroll Senior High School

  • Kathryn Dobrow – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Rebecca Gould – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Reigstration
  • Karen Knight – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Linda Lacava – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Kim Lufkin, CSHS – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration
  • Paula Orr – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Linda Woessner – AP Booster Grant: $1,949.95 for 15 Sphero Robot

More information about both organizations are available online. Click here to visit the Carroll AP Boosters website, click here to visit the SAGT website.

The Southlake Fire Department Receives $4,500 Grant

The Southlake Fire Department received a $4,500 Grant from Koch Pipeline Company and Flint Hills Resources. Southlake was one of only a handful of agencies to receive grant money from Koch and Flint Hills. SFD is very grateful to receive this grant. Deputy Fire Chief Wade Carroll said, “The grant money will go towards purchasing multi-gas detectors that will be placed on Southlake Fire Engines. These detectors can help us locate and isolate various types of leaks quickly.” Grant Picture 2

In all, Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. and Flint Hills Resources presented three checks that totaled $12,000 to the City of Southlake, Edgecliff Village and Fort Worth Fire Departments as part of its Helping Heroes program. Besides the $4,500 grant to the City of Southlake Fire Department, the Edgecliff Village Fire Department received a $2,500 grant, and the Fort Worth Fire Department received a $5,000 grant.

Koch Pipeline Company and Flint Hills Resources, both subsidiaries of Koch Industries, began the Helping Heroes program in 2012 to honor local fire departments and emergency ­responders and to help with their training, education, equipment, and emergency notification needs.  The two companies have awarded nearly $340,000 in local grants since then, including $137,000 this year to 30 fire departments across 17 Texas counties.

“It’s important to us to be good neighbors,” said Yoalmo Salazar, operations supervisor, Koch Pipeline Company. “Through this donation for safety equipment and training, Koch Pipeline ­Company is pleased to provide the men and women of these Tarrant County Fire Departments with resources that help keep both them and our community safe.”

Nearly 70 departments throughout Texas applied during the 2014 grant cycle. Grants awarded ranged from $2,500 to $10,000, averaging $4,700 per unit, and were determined by a team of internal and external safety experts based on the specific needs submitted by applicants.

“I know I speak for the whole team when I say I’m proud to work for a company that wants to give back, especially to those that risk their lives for others,” said Brad Stubbe, Euless Terminal Manager, and Flint Hills Resources.

Nationwide, Koch companies have contributed nearly $543,000 in 2014 in grants and in-kind donations, to 107 fire departments in communities where the companies operate.

Board Meeting Included Grant Presentations for Teachers

The new year is off to a great start for Carroll ISD faculty. At the January 13 School Board Meeting, Trustees and Superintendent Dr. David Faltys accepted donations from two different district booster clubs to fund teacher grants.

The first check presentation was from the Southlake Association for the Gifted and Talented. SAGT, is a non-profit organization that partners with Carroll ISD to promote and encourage advanced academics in the district. The group presented Dr. Faltys with a check for $3, 851.90. The grants were requested from five Carroll ISD teachers including three elementary, one intermediate and one high school.

SAGT organizers say they are happy to partner with Carroll ISD and parents to support teachers and GT students in a number of ways including student and parent programs, helping to send teachers to TAGT conferences, student scholarships and teacher grants.

A second check presentation, this one from the Carroll AP Boosters, will fund a dozen teacher requests for enrichment grants. Some of the grants include participation in a STEM conference and iPads for art, psychology and science classes. The money will also pay for 5th and 6th grade social studies enrichment in history, cross-cultural, economics and geography.

A statement from the AP Boosters read, “We applaud our committed faculty for the passion and vision they have towards providing our children a true 21st Century education, and we, the AP Booster Club, are proud to play a small role in helping them provide the tools with which to do so.”

The booster club says they were able to raise 36% more money this year through a successful membership drive.

Regular Meetings of the Carroll ISD Board of Trustees are available to watch on demand through the district’s website. A video clip from the check presentation is below.

Grant To Provide Safety Radios to Carroll ISD Elementary Campuses

Carroll ISD Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, Matt Miller recently received on behalf of the school district, a grant to improve safety communications at elementary campuses.

The Serious Air Community Foundation Board of Directors approved a $5,000 grant from the SACF School Safety Fund to the Southlake Department of Public Safety and Carroll ISD. The grant money will be used to purchase and deliver 10 digital radios for each elementary school in the district. Carroll has five elementary campuses, each school will receive two radios. The radios will be used by playground supervisors to ensure direct communication with each of the campus offices and Southlake Department of Public Safety.

Jim Lonergan, President/Executive Director Serious Air Community Foundation said, “SACF is very glad to be able to give directly back to our community in such an important way. ”

The grant was presented to Mr. Miller and CISD elementary school principals during an event on Thursday, Nov. 14 at Grayson Allen Jewelers located in Southlake Town Square.

“It was a great event and we appreciate the foundation’s support of school safety for our district!”, Miller said. 

Click here for more information about Serious Air Community Foundation.



Education Foundation Presents Grants During Annual Prize Parade

Carroll Education Foundation of Southlake announces the awarding of the 2013 CISD Teacher Grants in their annual Prize Parade.  Grants were given on Tuesday, October 29 in the annual Carroll Education Foundation Prize Parade.

Led by the Carroll Dragon Band Drumline, members of the CEF Board, Carroll ISD Administrators and various sponsors traveled together to each of the schools to deliver grants.  Park Place Lexus of Grapevine, the 2013 Culinary Celebration title sponsor, has generously donated the use of cars for committee members to use.  The cars featured “Carroll Education Foundation Prize Parade” door magnets as the convoy traveled from school to school.

Carroll Education Foundation, a foundation formed by community leaders to support the teachers and students of CISD, chose to fund 20 innovative grants this year totaling $74,979.44.  Teachers apply for grants from CEF with innovative ideas that will enhance the learning experience of their students.  Awarded grants for this year include subjects focusing on science, math, reading, music education, and special education programs throughout the district.

In September of this year, CEF held their annual fundraiser, The Culinary Celebration, which brought in $179,000 for the district.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to fund teacher grants, scholarships for graduating CISD seniors and other CEF programs throughout the school year.

Since its inception in 1996, CEF has donated more than one million dollars in teacher grants and scholarships for graduating seniors.

AP Boosters Present Check to CISD

Superintendent Faltys Accepts Grant from Carroll AP Boosters

The Carroll ISD AP Boosters say the 2012-13 school year has been a success so far because of increased member support.

On Monday, Jan. 14, Carroll ISD Superintendent Dr. David Faltys received a grant from the AP Boosters in the amount of $13,650.03. The money will be distributed among many AP and Pre-AP teachers from six CISD campuses where the rigorous AP curriculum is being offered. Those schools include, Durham Intermediate, Eubanks Intermediate, Carroll Middle, Dawson Middle, Carroll High and Carroll Senior High Schools.

The AP Boosters extend their thanks to all booster members. The club says without member support, the AP Boosters would not be able to assist Carroll teachers enhance their teaching.

To learn more about the Carroll AP Boosters, click here.