Thursday, June 30, 2022

City Approves Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County for CARES Act Funding

The Southlake City Council approved an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Tarrant County during the June 2 session, to receive funding as part of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).

The CARES Act is designed to provide immediate economic assistance for industries and municipalities who have been impacted by COVID-19. Tarrant County received a direct allocation of an estimated $210 million and is in the process of providing grants to cities within the area.

The City of Southlake is estimated to be eligible for $1.6 million, or about $55 per capita. In order to receive the funds, the City has to enter into an interlocal cooperation agreement.

According to the grant guidelines, funds can be allocated for public health and unaccounted expenses that occurred between the time period of March 1, 2020 – December 30, 2020 and were not originally included within the City’s budget.

Terms of the agreement state the funds are only to be used on eligible expenses and cannot duplicate services. This means Tarrant County and the City cannot utilize the funds for the same service. The agreement also requires the City to submit a monthly report on how funds were allocated and for any unused funds be returned.

“We’re in the process of working the budget in detail, and that includes looking at our COVID expenses at this point and get reimbursement for what we spent, as well as project out for the remainder of what we think we will spend as it relates to fighting COVID-19,” City of Southlake CFO Sharen Jackson said during the meeting.

She said the funds will be used for local economic programs and expenses such as payroll, unemployment costs, telecommuting expenses, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing and disinfection supplies, customer service enhancements and legal fees.

City Partners with Tarrant County for Resurfacing of Crooked Lane

City Council approved an Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County for the joint resurfacing of Crooked Lane during the December 3 City Council meeting.

The joint roadway rehabilitation project includes resurfacing the pavement of Crooked Lane from Kimball Avenue to Nolen Drive.

The partnership will consist of shared responsibilities between Tarrant County and the City of Southlake. The county will provide labor resources, heavy equipment to pave the roadway and half of the fuel expenses. The City will mill the roadway, and make any necessary subgrade repairs, manage traffic controls and is responsible for striping.

“This partnership has been beneficial for both the City and county,” said Rob Cohen, Director of Public Works. “By delegating work across multiple projects, it allows the city to invest in maintaining Southlake’s public assets, save costs on capital improvement developments along with securing a network of partners.”

The budget for this project is $330,000 and will be funded through the General Fund of the FY 2020 Capital Improvement Program.

This project is scheduled for January 2020. For updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit

Council Renews Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County

Council recently approved an Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County for the joint resurfacing of Continental Boulevard after a Pavement Management Assessment was conducted by Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) in March of 2018. The assessment noted that the pavement quality along the road has experienced extensive wear and tear.

The partnership agreement consists of resurfacing the pavement. The resurfacing area is located at 600 feet east of Byron Nelson Parkway and 378 feet east of Crooked Lane.

As part of this partnership, Tarrant County will provide labor, heavy equipment to repave the roadway and go half on fuel expenses. The City will mill the roadway and make any necessary subgrade repairs, manage all traffic control and be responsible for striping.

In the past, the City has partnered with Tarrant County on multiple projects and has found it to be quite beneficial when executing developments. With the workload and costs being divided, the City can save money and time for making repairs.

Director of Public Works, Rob Cohen explains why this annual partnership is valuable. “There are two specific reasons; the first is a cost share in that there is a savings by working with the County. Secondly, this effort is the continuation of a longstanding partnership that promotes cooperation and collaboration with regional partners.  This is just one program of several that focuses on regional vice local solutions to improve roadway condition, which in turn, improves mobility within the City,” said Cohen.

The budget for this project is $300,000 and,  is available in the FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. Not only is this partnership a cost savings solutions to the City, but it also helps implement the City’s strategic plans to improve mobility and reach CIP goals.

“The Interlocal Agreement is just one method of reaching our CIP goals,” stated Cohen, “The partnership, specifically, meets our goals aimed at leveraging resources (monetary, manpower, equipment, etc) to obtain cooperative solutions.  Another goal is the timely execution of funds allocated within the budget, he continues, “and finally, this effort is aimed at improving mobility, which we know is the primary concern of our residents based on past citizen satisfaction surveys.”

To avoid having an impact on school traffic and to minimize the impact on commuters, this project is scheduled for Summer 2019.

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